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  1. Kyle82 added a post in a topic Does ANYONE have a video of the late hit on Cam?   

    Yeah it was shown a couple of times yesterday on the big screens and the boos were dominating.....but they always are when Hochuli is reffing   
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  2. Kyle82 added a post in a topic Panthers - Patriots: 5 things I am looking for   

    Oh true.  There is no other team in the NFL with more bandwagon fans as the Pats. I remember the week before the Super Bowl seeing the 'shiny new' Patriot car magnets and 'brand new' New England car tags on peoples trucks and cars with SC and NC license plates....sickening.
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  3. Kyle82 added a post in a topic Who is going to the game Friday night?   

    Section 323
    Row 7   11,12,13
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  4. Kyle82 added a post in a topic Analyzing Sports Illustrated - the WORST NFC South Preview Ever   

    One of the biggest reasons that I quit subscribing to SI....just so sick of the biased reporting and virtually ignoring Carolina. 
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  5. Kyle82 added a post in a topic Watching a NFL Preseason Game   

    Excellent advice....but I will still have my # 59 jersey on, my Panther flag displayed proudly on my front porch and the fridge stocked with cold ones  
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  6. Kyle82 added a post in a topic Reminder - This is now a Panthers only forum   

    NOW I know that the season is finally upon us :)
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  7. Kyle82 added a post in a topic That moment when you know the season is here   

    Sweet Caro-line bum bum bum :)

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