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    Yesterday you would have thought the Panthers were playing a home game in Charlotte with all of the car flags and people with their Panthers jersey's on.
  2. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Ok....I'm up on a Saturday morning drinking coffee.....where's the little prick Tarheels?  I love being entertained from    butt hurt fans that try to sound intelligent    :)
  3. It's only wednesday

    Stock  :)
  4. It's only wednesday

    The Sock Market is crashing and my 401k disintegrating....that's always fun :)
  5. todays practice tweets

    You would be surprised; I've actually seen people try to start the Wave while we are on offense.
  6. The TWO times that the Panthers beat the Cowboys here in Charlotte in the playoffs were spectacular but yeah, this game Sunday, if the Panthers are victorious then the city as well as the media will explode!
  7. Snow on Sunday?

    I think earlier the call was for freezing rain Sunday evening but that's been called off.  You guys will have to make bread and milk sammiches some other time. 
  8. Fare thee well, JakeR6

    Saw that one in a theater 5 years after the original Star Wars  ;)
  9. Panthers fanbase is growing (online!)

    What gets me about those groups is that every week, one or two days before a game, someone will post 'What time/Who do we play?'   That just pisses me
  10. Fare thee well, JakeR6

    As an old fart who watched the original Star Wars in a theater as a child, and who has seen every episode since, to hell with anyone who spoils the new Episode before I can view it.     Glad I missed this picks post  :)
  11. Rejuvenated Giants Target Panthers

    Glad to see that this isn't just my computers; my laptop and desktop freeze up on this site but it's where I get most of my Panther-related news from.  Hopefully it's just traffic-related.
  12. Rejuvenated Giants Target Panthers

    Any chance that this game would get flexed to the 4:25 slot or is it too late for that?
  13. They wore all black this year in the preseason at Buffalo.
  14. The window has passed to flex the game to 8:30 but they can still move it to 4:00