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  1. I am more concerned about the coaching staff being happy with a 3 point lead and a craptastic call (intentional or not) changing momentum or cost us late in a game. This is the history of bad calls in the Carolinas.
  2. Cam saves the sorry ass coaches...again...
  3. Alright Cam, way to get over our dumbass coaching staff's playing not to lose...
  4. well time for the cherry on top of our crap cream..
  5. time for make up call..
  6. wow, do they never know where the 1st down mark is?
  7. gotta go for it 2 TDs down
  8. how much was that worthless Kalil paid?
  9. Cam is going to have to throw the offense on his legs....again
  10. Fat lady about to walk out on this pitiful showing...
  11. team is so ill prepared...
  12. not enough defense and certainly do not have enough offense,,,