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  1. Lords0fPain

    Steve Smith....lets put this to a end

    loved me some Smitty attitude every Sunday...didn't he retire a raven, tho. hard to get onboard with putting a statue of someone who did not retire as a PANTHER in a Panthers stadium...no matter how good they were or how much I like them.
  2. Lords0fPain

    Possible changes to anthem guidelines

    Wow, i am a Desert Storm vet.... If only YOU were so passionate about people of color mistreating and killing each other. Chicago ring any bells? The time to fight police is not at the time of arrest, do it in court. Get video, push for mandatory body cams. Hey something player fines could go to. Abusive cops abuse everyone and everything. 3 times more whites are shot by cops every year. Feel free to ignore facts and solutions to continue your race based agenda... tho.
  3. Lords0fPain

    Possible changes to anthem guidelines

    Then fine the players and send the money to the players projects. The players don't seem to mind the league losing money. Then they could put some money in the agenda. They are on the job. They are being paid to play a game for the paying customer. It is not a platform for political agendas. It alienates have the customer base, who just want a few hours of peace and relaxation.
  4. Lords0fPain

    Possible changes to anthem guidelines

    Do whatever they want, just not on the job....do not care how it is fixed, as long as it is fixed.
  5. and with all that said (and not disputing), he is the reason the Carolinas have a team...still need to give credit where credit is due.
  6. Hey, I was POed too. Cursed CAP and Cam...then I had to think...if the shoe was on the other foot and the other team put a 5th round guy, who was inactive most Sundays...I would have laughed my ass off and called the coach a complete idiot (got what he deserved) for doing that...been happy for a give me win in the playoffs...
  7. you get better by practicing and playing IN GAMES, a HC should not throw a 5th round guy (who was inactive most Sundays) in a playoff game without have preparing him in the season...
  8. then why put him in playoff game with such limited playing time...RR is just as much at fault when something like that goes wrong given the circumstances. is that not why, RR and JF always had to have vets in (even regular season games)?
  9. that is why, I have anointed him Fox 2.0...lol
  10. btw that is a playoff team (not a scrub team) and putting a guy they had inactive most sundays...again, who can share in the fault? RR has to share in that one...
  11. is that not how you get better, know what to expect in game situations (vs. practice), how you learn? guess, you could walk on and do better, as you have never played a game at all...seems to be the logic here.
  12. so, it is the guys fault that was not getting enough playing time, and it happens in the playoffs? so, really who's fault is that?
  13. lol, funny the arguing over 1 fumble from a guy the HC wished he would have played more. Meanwhile the guy he was playing in front of him had a lot more fumbles (and yes, even one in the playoffs 2014)....never a dull moment
  14. You realize, one of those years we got in with a losing record, right? again, there is the Cam (Luke) factor, more than the Ron factor...
  15. I liked RR when he earned Riverboat Ron...then he became John Fox 2.0 playing not to lose and still not able to post back to back winning seasons. Take out the lame duck year for Fox and they are the same coach...at this point. Only Fox never had a Cam...but he did have a Manning for 3 back to back winning seasons in Denver....again, just an observation. But, to be fair Manning was calling his own plays...not Fox or his choice for OC.