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  1. Marty Speaks...

    Dude I'm normally with you but KB is "bad" is disingenuous at best.
  2. Marty Speaks...

    I wasn't alone in predicting doom with the return of Hurney. I did think we had a year of success in front of us despite him. I was wrong. Winter is here.
  3. TY Hilton available..

    Correct. I like KB but Hilton is on another level. Doesn't matter not gonna happen.
  4. Stats - Cam and CMC

    I think you guys are missing that Cam's YPA being lower than Bortles is as clear an indictment of Shula as anything I've seen. I don't think you have to be a homer to recognize that Cam is an elite talent, while Bortles wouldn't make the 53 on most teams.
  5. Just some facts here. I don't think 1 speaks to Cam's talent, rather his evident misuse and other well documented problems. 2 speaks to the much discussed promise (or lack thereof to some) of our #8 pick: 1. In the past two seasons, Cam's 5.32 yards per attempt is worse than Bortles (5.49). 2. McCaffrey is on pace to tie Anquan Boldin's record for most receptions by a rookie in NFL history (101).
  6. Yea maybe. Teams like USC had pretty damn good athletes that he made look silly. Look I'm a fan but could I be wrong? Absolutely.
  7. Pure speculation: while understanding NFL defenses are another level of speed, I just don't see the burst he showed in college. Maybe some kind of nagging injury?
  8. Ron has a schtick that has gotten old. Kind of like Gallagher.
  9. Curtis Samuel is a bust

    Oh I agree. That's my point. It is clear CMC is contributing. It usually takes WRs longer.
  10. Fair enough. But still, his always limited lateral quickness is even more amplified with age. Could he run effectively behind Dallas's line? You bet. He's just not a great fit for what we've got on the other hand.
  11. Curtis Samuel is a bust

    It's not hard to understand: you draft a running back in the first two rounds and they don't contribute right away you have a problem. Wide receivers have limited expectations until year 2 or 3. This is Funchess's 3rd year for example.
  12. Generally speaking, the more public the crime, the more time. P.o.s. has successfully ruined his life. Well done trash.
  13. Start Funchess or Evans FF

    You don't sit Evans.
  14. As someone who has had the misfortune of visiting Philadelphia too many times I can attest that SCP is correct in his characterizations. For me it is a glimpse into a post apocalyptic future of burned out buildings and the angry, morbidly obese farting in the general direction of each other.