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  1. 95% of Cowboy fans have never set foot in the state of Texas. That's really all I need to know.
  2. ClawOn

    5 years, 95 Million for OBJ

    Very talented guy. I suspect he will have his effort questioned in coming years.
  3. Perfect summary. The whole thing made KB look softer than he already did. Cam looked like the bigger man.
  4. ClawOn


    Not mentioned... Heinicke was intense. Looked like he was considering murdering somebody. I like it. Fearlessness helps at QB.
  5. ClawOn

    Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    That makes no sense but I'm pleased you can spell. Keep on keeping on.
  6. ClawOn

    Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    Well you are. Maybe consider the possibility you're a pussy.
  7. ClawOn

    Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    Don't worry pal. You'll never stand alongside me. My friends are men. Men don't beat women or apologize for those that do. Thus ends the lesson.
  8. ClawOn

    Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    Actually it does make me better. Bruh. And we now know which side of the decent human being line you stand on. Bruh.
  9. ClawOn

    Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    One more post from me so I can quote it in the next 2 months to 2 years. At some point Hardy will be permanently suspended from the league. At some point later he will go to jail. Then he will be broke. That's when you terrific dudes somehow still finding excuses for him are free to help get him a job right alongside you, making magic with french fries.
  10. ClawOn

    Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    Congrats on being a crap person. You own it at least. I guess.
  11. ClawOn

    Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    Look. He's a horrible human being. Good football player? Yeah. So what? You apologists should feel a deep level of shame. But if it took a photo to make you realize you were wrong, well, you're probably a lot like good ol Greg.
  12. Checking in as a lifetime fan. I don't begrudge others for being different but I'm fiercely loyal to my home state. I was 18 in 95 and didn't even watch football until then. I just innately couldn't care about a team in Atlanta or DC.
  13. Thanks to Jarrod for pointing out the hypocrisy related to the Panthers steroid use. If we won that game, no one, myself included, would care. The NFL wants a draft pick? Sure, here you go. If the Patriots are found to have knowingly cheated, the consequence is a fine or other penalties. Those are the rules. Stripping them of the victory is ridiculous.
  14. ClawOn

    Greg Hardy Arrested

    It's not difficult; correction, it's remarkably easy, to avoid getting arrested for anything. Getting arrested for domestic violence generally takes a special effort at being a complete idiot.