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  1. Residents of the Winston-Salem area

    No. For 100k you won't find a nice house within 5-10 minutes of Miller,  but there's tons within 30. Something to consider: in 2017, they're closing all lanes of Business 40 for construction. If you can find a fixer upper closer to work,  might be the best plan. 
  2. One of the craziest dinners I just had....

    Just a guess due to taking pictures of your food. My deepest apologies. 
  3. One of the craziest dinners I just had....

    I hope you were sure to immediately post that to instagram along with the other high school girls. 
  4. Damn. Not news to us but what a dude.  That's a hell of a thing to do for someone. 
  5. Josh Norman vs Dez Bryant

    Dez isn't 100%. So yea, I'll take Norman. 
  6. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    That makes no sense but I'm pleased you can spell. Keep on keeping on. 
  7. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    Well you are. Maybe consider the possibility you're a pussy. 
  8. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    Don't worry pal. You'll never stand alongside me. My friends are men. Men don't beat women or apologize for those that do.   Thus ends the lesson.  
  9. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    One more post from me so I can quote it in the next 2 months to 2 years. At some point Hardy will be permanently suspended from the league. At some point later he will go to jail. Then he will be broke.  That's when you terrific dudes somehow still finding excuses for him are free to help get him a job right alongside you,  making magic with french fries. 
  10. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    Congrats on being a crap person. You own it at least. I guess. 
  11. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    Look. He's a horrible human being. Good football player?  Yeah. So what?   You apologists should feel a deep level of shame. But if it took a photo to make you realize you were wrong,  well, you're probably a lot like good ol Greg. 
  12. I think I'm the most weak-willed person on the planet.

    I'm the exact same way with sleep and had the same reaction to chantix. Doesn't work for people like us. I've cut down a bunch. I only let myself smoke at exact certain times every 3 hours. Limits me to 4 or 5 cigarettes a day. 
  13. First and last time replying to a pu thread only to make a point: stop replying and it will end. He wants attention. But he's not a puppy therefore I have no sympathy. The end. I beg you people. He's damaging the forum. 
  14. Fix Job Gone Bad

    The non call on the Johnson touchdown with the clear push off was the worst since there was no obstruction of the view,  therefore no excuse.  That one may cost a job or two.