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  1. Well not really, giving a man 12/14 million upfront pretty much says the opposite. What it does say though is, we are unsure if you can keep that up for 5/6 years at 14 million a year with 30 million guaranteed. At age 28. Norman wants to be paid like one of the best, that is clear, so that is 6 years 84 mil.... Again, age 28... Go Hurney!!
  2. Futures Contracts

      Yep, everyone not on a active rosters by the end of week 17 can sign a furture contract. Other than that I belive normal contract rules  applies.
  3. Wegher next week?

    He could go off for 150 yds and two TD. Ron love his vets and Wegher will be sitting in the PO if Stew and Fozzy can go.
  4. This football thing is crazy and with lots of upsets this week. At the end of the day, it might have been a OK day for the Panthers after all.   Sure poo we did not go 16-0 and all BUT   Losing the game today will actually make the Cards play hard next week(though they play later than us) fighting for homefield. They will be at home against the Hawks who with their L today could lose the 5th seed. Why is is this important? If Seattle end up only getting the 6th seed, they will likely be heading to Lambeau in January with the Vikings going to Redskins. Going into Lambeau in freezing weather is tough. I know I know, you have to beat the best bla bla I would much rather want Vikings or Redskins than Hawks.   In short.. Our way to 50 might just have got a little easier today, and our loss might have helped.    
  5. Falcons LB Says We Were "Sore Losers"

    Let me get this, the dude says he dont care about not being in the PO? I am no GM in the making but that seems rather stupid and maybe that is why he in fact will not be in the PO.   Moron.
  6. Atleast Allen is giving his everything and is fine against the run. CJ is just sad. No effort at all if you are not counting is twittering.    Kill me if you want... But Hardy back to replace CJ... He wont be as expensive this year than last and clearly we know what we get and the other way around. Hardy and Ealy would do the trick. We need to fix the pass rush this offeason.
  7. I am not really sure you have a clue about the judicial system in Qatar. First of all, yes there is a Sharia court in Qatar but there also is a "normal" court called Adlia. So there is a form of dualism in the judicial system making Qatar a whole other World than Saudi Arabia and not at all something you can compare.    In fact the Sharia Court these days moster handle family mathers. Everything else is handled by the Adlia Court that being criminal, civil and labor laws. Calling Qatar a Sharia country is far from the truth.   Now about that Manning dude...
  8. Beckham's suspension overturned

    Great timing there NFL
  9. Funny Cam and Greg Gatorade Commercial

  10. What Titans Fans Are Saying

    They signed him to play G but he is actually playing RT 
  11. Official Panthers - Seahawks Gameday Thread

    Per @ESPNStatsInfo, the Seahawks had not allowed four scoring drives of 80 yards at home in the last 15 years before today.
  12. Why So Serious?

    Do you know why I have these scares?  Because you just got punched in the mouth old man.
  13. Greg Hardy Arrested

        Rambo,  you should get some help.
  14. You have a QB playing like poo and an O-line ding the same... Maybe 7 step drops is not the way to gou Shula... Help the O-line and QB you moron.
  15. Cool beans, Danish Military. Do they feed you guys those sweet little pastries? J/K I think it's cool when countries have their citizens perform service. All military deserves respect unless it's the Alabama National Guard, :lol: