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  1. Post a pic, any pic.

    Eh, Just googled it out of curiousity-it's a fake.
  2. Post a pic, any pic.

    Soada lol
  3. Post a pic, any pic.

    history fail.
  4. Post a pic, any pic.

    TheRealDeal has left
  5. Post a pic, any pic.

    The joy of American soccer:
  6. Post a pic, any pic.

    Now that I check reddit every so often to see these pictures for myself....this thread has lost it's usefulness..
  7. Post a pic, any pic.

    Meh, I've been tinkering with trying to make one but it becomes more trouble than it's worth. Or I'm just too lazy.
  8. Growing up, I was a pretty big card collector, my dad got me into it. He had a massive box of them dating back to the 70's. He got out of it, but once I found that box I got us both back in for a while. We slipped out of it eventually, but every year I get at least one pack of cards before the season starts to kind of keep up with the tradition. I just bought a pack form the Wal mart down the road about 10 minutes ago, it was an Upper Deck pack and came with a bunch of HD updated photographed cards featuring older players like Tim Brown and George Rogers. It came with only one rookie from this year's draft class. Care to take a guess who it was? Might get back into card collecting. Already have a pretty decent collection with some cards from Panthers players I got autographed myself.
  9. Post a pic, any pic.

    I hate you.
  10. That last one is actually pretty awesome.
  11. Post a pic, any pic.

    It's Flag Day!
  12. Post a pic, any pic.