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  1. Philly Brown had shoulder surgery

    There were some big plays against Houston, GB, Arizona and Tampa Bay and one in the Super Bowl. I'm not saying he's a great deep threat, just the best one besides Ginn that I'm aware of, I've never seen Hill play but if you're excited about him that's encouraging.
  2. Philly Brown had shoulder surgery

    The thing about Philly, if we let him walk and Ted gets hurt, we have no speed to blow the top off.
  3. Cam 2 Luke 11 Norman 33 Kawann 39 Greg 47 Thomas 78 Kalil 91 Trai 96
  4. Trading up with the Titans

  5. Swole Bones to the Seahawks

    Miss him. He was always a force in fights and would take out at least 2 people.
  6. This part I disagree with when you think of the 2014 draft class coming up. Would love to have KB, Trai and Kony if he performs to his potential.
  7. Super Bowl loss stil sting for others?

    I'm okay with losing if I feel like it was the best effort the team was capable of. So this loss will hurt forever.
  8. Anyone just see DeAngelo Williams on SC?

    D Will's career: 2006: Hit the hole? Nah dude go for homerun every time 2007: Hey I played good down the stretch but my cardio was meh so a 40 year old QB told me to get in shape 2008: Hay guys I'm in shape and one of the best players in the league. No need for another RB see? 2009: Still good but w/e 2010: Skip 2011: Meh I kind of will work 2012. Same 2013: I'll try against the Saints 2014: We have momentum? Time to fumble. 2015: Look you guys, I'm in shape again! F U Gettleman.
  9. Chuck goes into why he came back, reflects on his career and thoughts on the future. Good interview from Charlotte Vibe. If posted before, please delete. I performed a search but could not find this video.
  10. Darryl was very impressive last year in pre season with about 50/50 of his reps against the 1's and 2's.
  11. Kuechly a bust? One Bucs fan thought so

    I remember the 2012 season opener at TB when they beat us. Luke didn't play that good, said it himself that he was trying to do too much. With that being said, calling someone's career so soon was Saints fan level dumb. I expect better from them.
  12. Wait, so you have to initialize 5th year extensiongoing into player's 4th year?
  13. RG3 in Carolina?

    He's not a good person. We don't need him in our locker room.
  14. D-Will vs Pete Prisco

    2010 Jimmy is a bit harsh. Peyton could snap the ball.