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  1. It's getting borderline unprofessional with some commentators on ESPN. But that's what I get for watching ESPN.
  2. Brian Urlacher....he mad

    Anyone remember in 05 when he was smiling the first offensive series then Steve was in the end zone 2 plays later.   Fun fact, Urlacher nearly got the sh1t beat out of him by Bas Rutten.
  3. Thank you for posting this.  I was at the game and couldn't even really enjoy the victory because of Thomas. 
  4. I Miss Shaq Thompson

    I love Shaq, his ceiling and what he will bring this team for many years to come, but the thought of him trying to cover Fitzgerald horrifies me.  
  5. Cam Just Said Coaches Were Conservative

    Yep just saw that. 
  6. Panthers United will be banned pie....

  7. Just wanted to update you. I was in an argument with my fiance over the guest list at our wedding.  I made an emphatic point and farted as I walked out of the room.  She didn't talk to me for like 6 hours.  
  8. Welp.....

     "I'd take RG3 over Cam by a wide margin"
  9. Welp.....

    From what I read about RG3 more than anything, his biggest weakness was his lack of accountability which was often reflected in his passive aggressive press conferences. If you're not humble you will never have the work ethic to reach your potential. 
  10. All anyone is doing when the sport a jersey of a non competing team is asking for attention.  It comes down to a personal desire for attention at an event that isn't about you and nurturing your low self esteem.
  11. Don't forget Williams.  He could be the best of the 2015 class. 
  12. Oh, my bad.  That helps then. 
  13. If I'm reading it right, his contract appears to be 19 and 16 million for 2016-2017....   No thank you. 
  14. I've been rewatching the games and have to disagree with you.  CJ has been acting like a child but the worst DE on this team is Allen by far. 
  15. Should we bench Mike Remmers?

    He nearly cost us the Seattle game and has been a liability all season.  I would normally say no but with the way Darryl looked in pre season yes. On a side note, when was the last time Allen got pressure? 6 weeks?