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  1. 3 For 3

    Asked a few players today at Training Camp (IFL) who they thought would win SB 50....shockingly went 3/3. It is amazing how we truly are a favorite in a Superbowl a year after going 7-8-1 and losing KB (not to mention 17-1). What a time to be alive.       #KeepPounding  
  2. I wish I could go to SB50 for free, too

    the ammount of go fund me things I have seen from people who can afford to go to 2-3 others games or have psls is just laughable. The fact that people are actually giving to those people is even more laughable. Like poo, I'd love to go to the game - I'm even closer to it than most are but you don't see me begging for money. Kind of embarrassing to see some fans doing this honestly..
  3. Denver fans have officially pissed me off!

    They honestly are going to get the poo beat out of them. They gave up 23 points to the Browns and their offense against good defenses can't do crap. Even if we only score 21 points, we will still win by 2 scores.
  4. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    Go figure. I can watch about the first hour of it and the Broncos are up first. 
  5. Bronco buses crash

    Didn't this happen to us or some other team we played this year or last year?...
  6. Knew that title would grab your attention. Now watch this great segment about some other kids who got some footballs from Cam.  I still never understand why people hate him.   (Don't think you can Embed it since it's an NoFunLeague vid..)    
  7. The waaaaaaay too early Super Bowl 51 odds

    That Cowboy love is so strong...
  8. Appreciate it! I don't mind seeing all these hype videos coming out and stuff, but like you said - they just feel so similar and bland to me. When I make hype videos I try laying out a story, by using trailer music, quotes, timing with cuts, etc. while a lot of the hype vids with hundreds of thousands of views are just the most popular song played out with random Panther highlights. It's nice to see someone else that recognizes true top notch editing!  By the way, you have as much pie as you do posts. You should feel good about having a perfect PIE to POST ratio haha! #KeepPounding
  9. Trying to be positive though and thinking about it....I'm used to not watching the Panthers when the new year begins. When it's all said and done this year we will be like almost double digits into February. So that only means we have 1 and a half months less of an "offseason".  I like this winning thing..
  10. On a side note....I just got depressed because I realized this is the last time I am posting a pre-game "hype"/"trailer" this season....why does football have to end next Sunday....