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  1. Our fanbase is the most flip floppy ever. We win we think we are super bowl bound. We lose you'd think we were 0-15. smh
  2. Did we let Tre Boston go early?

    Have you seen who the INTs were against though? 2 of them were from Bortles and 1 from the Bills QB who threw 5 that day. I love Tre, but this is silly. He gave up too many big plays and had too many missed tackles.
  3. Shouldn't Bene be worried about not getting burned for 200 yards again instead of this?
  4. Okay but why trade him away midway through a playoff looking season? Also he was the only player who has really made any kind of plays this season on offense (even it they were limited). Fire GM before TC, Trade away #1 WR halfway through a 5-3 season for two draft picks that will waste away on the bench
  5. Marty Speaks...

    So a few runs, go routes and punts?
  6. Week 5 - Panthers at Lions Highlight

    Not seen in the above highlight is a guy in a 69 jersey having the time of his life up in the stands (presumably) in his cargos with the Roaring Riot (@SCP)
  7. Hey dude,

    Where can I find that 15 Panthers hype video with the interstellar audio? Can you upload to Vimeo and share me the link? Love it.


    Also, Love to collab. fortitudecreative.com

  8. Something tells me you can expect much more throughout the season as well... #KeepPounding
  9. So let me get this straight. He is concerned about our pass rush despite us leading the NFL in sacks last year and losing nobody but adding Peppers? How can I apply to make articles with no research?
  10. Didn't think a preseason game could look so hype. Let's hope what we saw in the one drive in Jacksonville is what the drives all season will look like. #KeepPounding