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  1. Lilsmitty09 added a post in a topic Kuechly Officially OUT for Third Straight Week. We Need Answers.   

    good lord people...why would you want him to play against a subpar offense when he can rest up and get "fresh" 100 percent for the toughest slate of the season?!
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  2. Lilsmitty09 added a post in a topic Dave Dameshek At It Again..   

    Furthermore proving his low IQ....

    I love Cam but just wow haha
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  3. Lilsmitty09 added a post in a topic Dave Dameshek At It Again..   

    I love the other guys 

    "I'd want my daughter to marry Andrew Luck...but I don't want Cam even knocking on my door"
    smh. You really want a fuggin caveman with the most annoying voice in the world at your door but not Cam?
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  4. Lilsmitty09 added a post in a topic Dave Dameshek At It Again..   

    Don't know why it's not embedding..

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  5. Lilsmitty09 added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Dave Dameshek At It Again..
    Just go to 16:25 into the video. Good lord I don't even know what to say about this..

    Also, Dameshek says Cam so far this NFL season is the MVP...
    I'm sorry but how do these guys have their own show within the friggin' NFL?!
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  6. Lilsmitty09 added a post in a topic Is it a two horse race or will Atlanta fold?   

    If they didn't have Julio then I would feel so comfortable...we lost KB...and that sucks
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  7. Lilsmitty09 added a post in a topic Could we be going into Tampa next week without Luke, Davis and Johnson?   

    Just by reading this thread you'd think this team lost bad today and are 0-3...we are 3-0 and had a nice victory today...

    Only on the huddle will people start arguments and find many things to complain about with an undefeated team
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  8. Lilsmitty09 added a post in a topic Along the Sidelines - Saints at Panthers   

    Still amazed that Bersin got "cut". His only flaw is slipping on the field. But he catches everything. And I mean EVERYTHING.
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  9. Lilsmitty09 added a post in a topic My Trip To Carolina (With Pics)   

    Jesus christ bro. Too sensitive like the rest of the world.
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  10. Lilsmitty09 added a post in a topic The "Keep Pounding" chant in BofA yesterday   

    The first time we did it - it was bad ass and loud!

    the next time, not so much because they never warned us and it was for a split second before a play.

    Still though super bad ass
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  11. Lilsmitty09 added a post in a topic My Trip To Carolina (With Pics)   

    Meeting a huddler at the early beginning of my day was a great, was great meeting you too! I just got in, so yeah, that was a LONG day of traveling across the country haha!

    I sure plan on being back eventually!
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  12. Lilsmitty09 added a post in a topic My Trip To Carolina (With Pics)   

    Have a great time man. The weather is beautiful compared to here out west. You can probably still wear shorts and be hot or warm over there unlike here.
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  13. Lilsmitty09 added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    My Trip To Carolina (With Pics)
    In about 10 hours I will be jumping on a plane and will fly back to Seattle where the Panthers are 2-0 and the Seahawks are 0-2 (in other words will see a lot less "12s" until next Sunday when they beat Chicago with pickles at QB). Again, I grew up in Washington state, have lived their my whole life and am currently finishing up college there. Most of you know this, but some may not so I am setting the scene for you. In 2013 I saved up some money and flew out to Charlotte for the first time in my life for the Rams game. During that trip I got Steve Smith, Cam Newton, Luke Kuechly, Greg Olsen, and many others' autographs. I also tried a beautiful thing called Bojangles and Cookout, saw a beautiful city and witnessed a great Panther game - including a pick 6 on the very first play which then proceeded into a great show by 89 and those Panthers. It was the definition of a PERFECT trip. I didn't know when I would come back, and didn't know if I could top it....but I somehow did it again.
    This trip I decided to bring my girl with me and show her the beautiful Charlotte area. Last year we went to the Vikings game which ended up being a god awful decision, and I promised her at the end of it - we will never go to a game that cold (-20 W/ wind chill) again. As most of you know, this weekend was the complete opposite. I also wanted her to see what the South was like, because in a quick couple of years I will hopefully be heading up here permanently.
    So here's how it went...with pictures.

    After an entire day of flying thousands of miles from the Northwest of the United States to East "Coast", Charlotte treated us with a beautiful view...

    We held off as much as we could from buying airport food, or in other words, paying 15 dollars for a sandwich that cost no more than 2 dollars to make, so we made a quick pit stop at a familiar place...

    There is no Chic-Fil-A, Bojangles, Popeyes, etc out in Washington...KFC is the closest thing to it. Don't ever move out here if you're like me and love food. Don't even get me started about the BBQ.

    The following day we decided to walk around Charlotte's city center and the stadium, of course. Seeing things like Sam Mills' statue...

    The big ol' Panther statue...

    And even found a way to get into the Panthers stadium and snap a pic...

    Of course this couldn't be completed without a trip to the team store, where I spent more money than I should've and rather quickly...but with socks like these, can you blame me?

    The following day we had the stadium tour, which was only 5 dollars per person. You learn some interesting facts but the best part about it is being on the field and just taking in the views from the Panthers stadium. I didn't take many pictures for whatever the reason was, but did snap this one of the Panthers logo half-painted on the field. I REALLY like or black...without it we would have one strange logo...

    We also ended up swinging by the Hornets arena and shop. It's great to see such excitment with the hornets back. Last time I was here in 2013 I went to a preseason Bobcats game and there wasn't a lot of "hype" around the stadium. This year I saw a lot of "Hype" just out front of the stadium and in the store. It's like a whole new team...

    We then rented a car and drove to the South Park Mall, Lake Norman, Davidson and Concord Mills. Saw a lot of beautiful places and homes, making me realize how beautiful Charlotte really is and NC. I must say however the drivers here are very aggressive. Blinkers are never used and granted yes I was driving maybe 5 under if not at the speed limit, I did get honked and and literally had a large dark colored woman zoom by me and pass me while sticking half of her body out of the window and flipping me off. That was fun to see.

    Speaking of large, I will probably get that way if I move here with food like this...

    The following day we got up early and traveled down to South Carolina just to explore some more...

    We saw the Gamecocks campus and stadium...

    Visited Charleston which is a beautiful place....

    And even saw the South Carolina Aquarium, which is a pretty cool place...

    Then GAMEDAY came...the excitement built up like crazy, and the wait was long...but well worth it...

    Seeing Panther fans gathered around me made me feel like I died from all of that Bojangles and Cookout grease and was in heaven...

    Seeing all the tailgating, including the Roaring Riots which was awesome. If you aren't a member you are truly missing out. They are a great group and deserve so much credit for the hard work and great times they produce for us fans and the Panthers...

    Lots of sight to see and things to do during pre-game, but when you're having fun - time flies and before we knew it we were in our seats and ready for the game...

    The players coming out of the tunnel was amazing. I was so hot and sweating like crazy throughout the entire day, but I felt literally the chills running through my body because I was so pumped up. I know lots of you love my videos and say I should be making them for Panthers, but whoever is making them now is doing a great job. The pregame intro was SICK leading up to this:

    I saw a post from a huddler who said that our fanbase was sad this game because of "empty seats" and not a lot of cheering. Whoever made that post clearly was not at the game or was just having a bad day because the Bank was rocking and only the silver seats were empty because of the heat. The Keep Pounding chant was awesome and shook the stadium, along with Cam getting us all fired up with his flips and celebrations - including pumping up the defense.

    Just like that, the game ended. Because as I said before time flies when you're having fun. 2-0 for BOA games for me, and just like the Panthers this season. I love this team, and I love this organization and it's fans. I also found out why the Panthers wear white so often at home early in the year. WOW.

    And then today, on my final day, I took in the city one last time, took in the beauty, and saw the Panthers one more time...

    And towards the end of it all, won a raffle with a Ryan Kalil signed mini helmet...

    If this was TL:DR I get it, but I just want all of you to know that I envy those who live in this beautiful place. I cannot wait until college is done and I move out here. The city, the nature, the people - it's all beautiful. Southern hospitality is real, people down here seem more happy, and this place is amazing. Every night there was a beautiful sunset, every morning a beautiful sunrise. Where I come from it is grey 90 percent of the time. The food is half as good if that, and the a lot of people hardly understand what "hospitality" is.

    Until next time, Carolina. #KeepPounding

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  14. Lilsmitty09 added a post in a topic Seattle Game   

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to go...if you guys are getting tickets let me know, because I just don't know if I can pay 250 plus for a nosebleed seat probably all alone.
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  15. Lilsmitty09 added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Sitting In The Houston Airport
    So I'm sitting here in the Houston airport (wearing some Panther gear and getting stares) about to catch a flight to Charlotte and at this restaurant/bar (if you can even call it that) NFL Live broke the news of Mallett starting. A few fans here wearing Texans stuff started going nuts and looked at me and told me that "we better watch out and to pass it along to people in Charlotte". So here I am, telling you all we better "watch out".
    After reading some of their this one of the most delusional fan bases you've seen? Literally saying we are a cake walk. Does anyone here actually fear the Texans let alone Mallett? Without Watt that organization is a bottom dweller. Wait a minute, they stlll are - aren't they?
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