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    Huddler pokes fun at Falcons, gets free BOSE
    So yesterday while watching what was a rather boring draft, the Falcons were "on the clock" and I decided to have some fun. I got on twitter and decided to make a post, which you can see below:

    While I hardly ever tweet, my phone started blowing up with Twitter notifications and in my own way, this kind of went "viral" and fast. And then all of a sudden after hundreds of retweets, I got one comment that grabbed my attention...

    I checked out their profile for a verified check, and sure enough it was verified! So I messaged them, they gave me a link and instructions to follow, and now long story short, here I am waiting for a FREE custom pair of Q25 headphones that were modeled at the NFL draft. I will be receiving one of these, in panther colors:

    So...I make fun of the Falcons, and end up with a free customized $300 pair of headphones.

    How do I feel about you ask?

    Thanks Atlanta!
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