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  1. Such a god awful person. Just wow. He didn't even acknowledge all 60 thousand of the other kids in the stadium. Just unbelievable. Classless. - Facebook moron in the comment section of a Cam Newton post
  2. and so it begins

      Sniff...that's my quarterback...kinda. God I forgot about this.
  3. To all the haters and doubters..

    Also, why not.    
  4.   Had to make this.   10-0!!!!!! KEEP POUNDING!
  5. Redskins social media is trolling Panthers fans

    I love how after beating up on THE SAINTS they act like they are Super Bowl bound. Can't wait to bring them back to reality tomorrow.
  6. Panthers/Redskins Hype Video

    You're right....maybe I should just throw random highlights on a timeline and put the most popular rap song on it and let it play out for 5 minutes. That sounds much better.       
  7. Panthers/Redskins Hype Video

    Appreciate it!
  8. Panthers/Redskins Hype Video

        Enjoy.  I posted the first bit of it on Instagram and Ed Dickson seemed to really like it. Asked me to email it to him. Pretty neat stuff how awesome our team is with the fans through social media. Let's get to 10-0! #KeepPounding
  9. Ed Dickson TD vs Titans - EPIC.mp4 To help make the time go a little faster...
  10. Memories of Rosemary

    This doesn't make US look any better...IJS
  11. Panthers highlight video.

    'Twas awesome.
  12. What is a "Catch?" I No Longer Know

    Ginn had his ass down which counts as being down before the ball came out. Still confused. The league will have to really come up with a good definition of the rule this offseason. Lets just hope no huge outcomes are affected by the current catch rule
  13. I'd like an order of 4 or 5 more turnovers in January from you Winston. Please and thank you
  14. About that Newton vs Wilson debate

    Your lucky you don't live out in Washington. I ask people here all the time who they'd rather have Cam or Wilson and without even thinking about it they say Wilson. Pretty crazy...