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  1. eh, whatevs. prostitution should be legal and regulated, and players have earned a right to enjoy themselves literally on their day off. I'd love for this and the emmanuel sanders video to actually be signs that the broncos are going to get rolled but it's almost certainly not.
  2. It's Happening Dot Gif

  3. it'd probably be 'cue' in this instance. wait why I am even getting involved in this *vanishes in a puff of smoke*
  4. never again will I say that word. gets you off your bean there
  5. Panthers Roster Projection Update

    I see you've got Chris Houston as a goner, which honestly I am a little surprised by. he's got veteran bonafides, and has been doing some work on special teams in camp.
  6. CB Teddy Williams Signs With Panthers

    2 year 2.3M contract, very little guaranteed.   year 1 900k year 2 1.4M prove it contract   either he becomes a huge asset on 4-phase ST and doesn't bring the game to a crashing halt in other phases or he's gone. low first year salary so there is no risk at all in carrying him through camp and preseason. if he earns next year's salary there will be no complaints about paying him.   remember at post-season presser both rivera and gettleman talked about possibility of full-time ST aces. here is a ST prospect with tools. there will be others, including some UDFA and guys who are brought in closer to camp. the best players will be rostered.
  7. Hardy 911 call

    maybe let's chill with the "crazy bitch on drugs" talk. all you've got is Hardy's 911 call and he has a lot of motivation to exaggerate her state. nothing concrete says that he wasn't a "crazy SOB on drugs" himself at the time. I hope Hardy is cleared just like you guys but it really looks skeezy to see everyone getting their confirmation bias all over the place in a domestic violence situation.
  8. Hardy 911 call

    i'm sure there's still lots of juicy details to come out. i wouldn't exonerate Hardy just yet. but it's clear this is a complicated situation that will require professionals to unravel.
  9. Official Panthers Cuts Thread...

    i want to give a big big ups to nate chandler who made the squad as a tackle. talk about stepping up, changing positions, and gaining competency in training camp. that's a solid football player.
  10. Official Panthers Cuts Thread...

    refreshing to see dead weight and old hurney experiments trickle off the roster. improving the bottom 3rd of the roster is improving the roster.  somehow i knew horton was going to make it. he was doing everything right.  i liked how steady melvin white was in the run game. folkerts looked great in training camp practice videos FWIW.   my guess at practice squad from this crop of cut players: roh DE lester S shaw WR walker DT  maybe mobley T.     rest will probably come from other cut lists.  really think all of the waived/injured guys will be injury settlement/out of here.  the team is moving on. players like brandon williams and folkerts prove new GM isn't afraid to pick up guys off the street for specific roles.  i think this is an exciting time to watch the roster fill with more skill and production.  fewer "hail mary" roster spots means more consistency week to week IMO.