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  1. Multi- colored pocket tee shirts

    Nordstrom Rack, search "threads for thought" J Crew Factory Both have crew or v neck pocket tees of various colors for $10 or less.
  2. Super Cereal Insider info inside

    True story: I have friends, a married couple,who couldn't decide on names for their two cats. A long standing argument over the best available dipping sauce at Bojangles resulting in an agreement to each name one of the cats in honorof their respective favortie dipping sauces. And so, they haveArtie (RD) and Aychum (HM) in honor of ranch dressing (RD) and honey mustard (HM). And it goes without saying that Aychum is the boss.
  3. Corn Hole Lighting

    There areall kinds of cute schit you can do with outdoor lighting that isn't too epxnsive, but most of those things (christmas lights, lanterns, candles, etc.) probably aren't going to provide enough light to play a game like cornhole. Assuming you arne't interested in installing flood light on the corners of your house,I'd just buy two portable flood lights/work lights with clamps and extension cords, clip them to a branch, fence, orwhatever is close, and point them to each board. *shrug*
  4. Advice plz...

    what Philly said
  5. At least nine different teams interviewed Ron and passed on him as their head coach over the course of his career.
  6. My sons robotics club competition shirt

    CAD on 'em?
  7. Sothe only connection I can think of that he may have in Charlotte is Tolbert. Maybehe's here to meet with Tolbert.And maybeit's not about Gates coming to the Panthers...
  8. The last 10 years of Superbowl Losers

    pimpin' ain't easy
  9. Poo

    schit like schmidt with a soft sch. soft schit. ewwww.
  10. One hour before kickoff, Broncos announce Osweiler QB

    Well, at least that would push Pete Carroll down to #2 on the list of dumbest coaching decisions in Super Bowl history.
  11. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    Bruce Arians postgame: Cam made some plays and Mike Shula was prepared.
  12. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    Greg Olsen: We hired Ron Rivera is 2011 and this was his vision thatwe exectued.
  13. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    quote of the season!
  14. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    Flying into New Orleans around 3:30 for a conference. Can't wait to get off that plane and waltz through the terminal covered in Panthers gear. If anyone has any sugegstions for good spots to watch the game in and around the hotel distrct/Harrah's/etc, let me know. The only suitable place that I've been to in the area is some bar owned by Archie Manning, I think.