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  1. my messy desk and the view from my window
  2. credit card problem

    my credit card company texts me every time the card is swiped. it is quite convenient to see when your card is being used as the text is instantaneous. you may want to ask your card provider if that is an option. btw, my card is a CITI double cash.
  3. Dave Gettleman...Thug Life...Enjoy

    every time i see nippleshorts, i see de niro. tell me you don't see it...
  4. Butler selection Presser, 7 teams tried to trade

    31 would be my guess

    why not just eat chinese pasta? lo mein FTW!
  6. Huddle Workout Warriors Part deux

    i do 5 bootcamp workouts per week using strictly body weight. been doing it for 2.5 years now and am in the best shape of my life. you won't get huge, but you will get stronger and leaner. our workouts are free and peer-led. i came for the workout and kept coming for the camaraderie. check for more information. we have chapters all over the country.
  7. i wouldn't want my wife to do crossfit at any time. poor form coupled with encouragement from under-qualified instructors sounds like a recipe for injury. no thanks.
  8. Don't get me started on the "Euro Step" or as I like to call it, the "Travel-Carry Combo."
  9. Official Huddle 2016 Cargo Short Pledge

    Dad Life - Level 9 (Cargo Shorts, Kiddie Car, Grill)
  10. Kayak Fishing Once Again

    i have 2 yaks that i put in at the lake wylie dam. you can float down to riverwalk (3.6 miles) or river park (6.5 miles). the next take out is 18 miles away at landsford canal. a few years ago we launched from the dam fished all day and hammock camped on an island about 12 miles down river. got up the next morning and fished until we reached landsford. best catching is the top portion of the trip and around landsford at the south. i'm not opposed to doing this trip again. i've seen some big bass pulled from the catawba. also seen plenty of bream and gar.
  11. Are there any players on The Huddle?

    Nah, Mr. Scot is a much better writer.
  12. Is WFNZ in trouble?

    I listen to the Mac Attack on my drive in when I get tired of Mike and Mike on ESPN 730. Bobby and Chris onESPN 730 do a good job for the drive home. I like Kroeger, butQCB and Hitman drive me away from WFNZ.
  13. What about Charles?

    he isn't worth the salary he's scheduled to make. if he does come back, it will have to be at a steep discount. someone will pay him if we let him walk (atlanta, maybe).
  14. Panther Pride Week at the Office

    my company put this sign up monday. considering our history with the team and that we are directly next to BOA stadium, it just makes sense.
  15. i had a situation at a mexican place near our house. we were taking my in-laws out to dinner on a friday night because we rarely do that.we sat down, waited 10 minutes and the server came to get our drink order. we ordered and waiting another 10 minutes for the drinks. when he brought the drinks, we placed our order. we waited for 30 minutes on our food. at this point, we had seen people who came in after us eat and leave. the server brought out one dish - and it was cold. the other dishes came out 10 minutes later, were cold, and not the right order (beef instead of chicken - easy to mess up). since we had been there for over an hour, we ate it anyway. the server came back 20 minutes after the meal was delivered, apologized for the delay and brought a receipt with just the drinks and appetizer on it. after his apology and the way he delivered the ticket, i assumed that meant the food portion was comped. i paid for what was on the receipt andtipped himbecause i always tip. as we were leaving the restaurant, he ran to the door and yelled, "they didn't pay." of course that caused everyone in the restaurant to turn and look at me like i was stealing. i very calmly told my wife to take her parents to the car and i would handle it. i asked for the manager. i explained the situation and told him i didn't appreciate being called a thief in front of the entire restaurant. he told me that the server was new and that he was having issues keeping up. he said that the server would have to pay for the meal out of his own pocket.since the server insinuated the meal was comped and the fact that he basically called me a liar and a thief, i didn't feel it warranted me volunteering to pay the $25 bill. considering i tipped $10 on the 3 teas, 1 beer, and queso dip, i didn't care that he had to come up with the other $15 to pay for our cold food and poor service. i have never been back.