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  1. Black Panther the movie

    I saw it and thought it was an above average Marvel movie. Not the best of them but definitely a fun movie. Didn't seem particularly political to me, which was a relief.
  2. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    Shula got this job because nobody else worth a damn would sign up to be an offense coordinator with no play calling abilities.
  3. Black Panther the movie

    Ive seen all the Marvel movies and I'm certainly not going to stop now. I've got no idea about the origin story of Black Panther so itll be nice to see a movie where I literally have no idea what to expect.
  4. Unfortunately, it seems like the reality is that there will be a ton of FA money available this offseason so whatever few difference makers at WR there may be in play, they are gonna get overpaid. This means we aren't going to be in the running for most, if any, of them unless someones just dying to make less to play with Cam.
  5. Black Panther the movie

    The Blade trilogy never happened silly. That is what the left wing morons want you to believe anyway so they can continue to spout off about how they finally have a black superhero movie. LOL What a bunch of morons.
  6. Can you imagine what would happen if the media hyperventilated every time an illegal murdered a US citizen? Which happens, BTW, far more often than school shootings and kills far more innocent people. Of course you can't, because the media doesn't consider those murders useful to its agenda or convenient to its worldview. Lets just say if it did then the wall would have been build 30 years ago and we would have armed borders agents manning it every 100 yards. No media agenda here at all folks. LOL Just the typical right down the middle coverage every left wing kook goes to sleep at night honest to God believing.
  7. So Marty Hurney is the Michael Scott of NFL GMs? Sounds about right. At least Michael Scott was funny.
  8. I think it would be moronic but I'd not going into meltdown mode until I saw what we got for him.
  9. Jesus Christ you're a fuging moron. You literally have no concept of anything from a global or historic perspective and are God Damned proud of your ignorance.
  10. She will only be his wife until he retires just like most players wives. Lol. He will be able to replace her with a younger model then though.
  11. Mock Draft Charley Casserly

    I know its fun to focus on skill position picks but if we lose Norwell and Star I've got no problem with focusing on replenishing both lines early in this draft. Then we can hopefully shore up WR in free agency.
  12. He should be banned for life and anyone who says otherwise is a woman hating Trump lover.
  13. A fine mess

    Not to quibble but all teams do half hearted Rooney rule interviews. Nobody in their right mind likes being required to interview people you have no interest in hiring just to appease the perpetually aggrieved among us.
  14. Those defending this clown are morons. He clearly broke team rules that everyone else appears to have followed. If they lost because of it, it's his fault not the coach.
  15. We beat NE and should've beaten the Eagles honestly. So that's a positive going forward.