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  1. Big city politicians love fleecing taxpayers to further enrich their cities elites. Of course they have to pretend like they don't or they wouldn't get reelected, hence the dance thats described in an above post. The final result is a shiny new stadium that the politicians will have free access to whenever they want, while they are still able to make the owner look like the bad guy when the cameras are rolling. Its so utterly predictable.
  2. Don't think he'd be a good fit in the locker room.
  3. tondi

    A Gettleman legacy

    Good GMs have bad drafts. Take a look at some of the stinker Patriots drafts over the years.
  4. tondi

    david hogg

    North has name recognition but its for all the wrong reasons. Not a gun owner or NRA member so I guess thet couldn't care less what I think, but North has always seemed pretty self serving in everything he's done.
  5. What a quaint point of view. Of course that POV makes you a racist these days. Just letting you know before the kooks get here.
  6. tondi

    Houston school shooting, at least 8 dead

    I'm not a fan of most gun laws but I've got no problem with gun owners being held liable if their guns used to commit a crime. With freedom comes responsibility.
  7. tondi


    Repent or die mother fugger!!
  8. tondi

    Tepper speaks at Carnegie Mellon

    That may be but there's nothing particularly progressive, at least not as it was meant in the earlier post, about building giant revenge houses or flying his kids around like royalty.
  9. Wonder what percentage of Dems would have looked more favorably towards a candidate that Obama endorsed? Or is this a game the usual idiots like to pretend only happens with the bad guys on the other team?
  10. tondi

    Dear city of Charlotte

    I'm sure Wal-Marts hiring if they feel disrespected.
  11. tondi

    Thank you Big Cat!

    And all of these self righteous fuggers probably voted for Bill Clinton and then again for his enabling slut shaming wife Hillary. Talk about a couple of models of progressive behavior towards womens right not to be sexually assaulted. Yet somehow these morals ARE super important for some crusty old man who just so happens to own the local football team. All I'd request is a little fuggin consistency in their supposed outrage.
  12. Wonder what kind of pie chart he will whip out for the next collective bargaining negotiations?
  13. I just wish these guys could practice without names or numbers on their jerseys so that whoever performed the best got the starting job. Instead it will almost certainly be based on preconceived favorites, contract situation, or some other BS reason. Remember, the only reason Norwell ever even got in a game was because the piece of crap starting ahead of him got hurt. Our coaching staff had no idea a top 3 guard in the league was sitting on the bench behind him, nor would any of the rest of us if the injury didnt occur. Not exactly reassuring is it?
  14. The city will almost certainly do whatever it takes, and give him whatever he wants, in order to keep the team here. I'm sure he knows that so why not squeeze them for every penny. The rest of us can expect another $50 a night in hotel fees, along with a slew of other new taxes to pay for this giveaway to the uber rich. And here we were thinking only Republicans were in the pocket of the evil big business.