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  1. tondi added a post in a topic David Newton: Wegher still longshot   

    I suppose theres a chance he makes it on to the PS, but as RB's around the league start to drop the odds of him not eventually getting plucked off there are pretty low, IMO.  The current regime certainly loves it veterans so its always a safe bet to predict the young guys who are producing are going to get the shaft over the coaches favorite when cuts are made around here.
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  2. tondi added a post in a topic The Panthers just posted a video in Spanish and the dumbassery was unleashed   

    I agree with this however it would also be in poor taste for a few million Americans to sneak into Spain and then demand Spain cater to the fact they didn't speak the native language and then call anyone who had a problem with their ignorance of the native language a racist.  Wonder why people who horrified at a bunch of Ugly Americans doing that in another country are OK with people doing just that in this country.
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  3. tondi added a post in a topic Ben Carson just blasted "Black Lives Matter"   

    As long as he doesn't make the mistake of asserting that "all lives matter" and then be forced to apologize like Martin OMalley had to do recently he will be fine. 
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  4. tondi added a post in a topic Virginia TV reporter, photographer shot to death during live interview this morning   

    Someone should compare the gun murder rates of US citizens of a European or Asian ancestry with those other countries.  That would be a more relevant comparison.  Or they could compare our rates with Central American and African countries.  Wonder how those charts would look?  Or is there some other reason we are only ever compared with primarily lily white/asian countries?  Perhaps the makers of these types of biased charts would secretly prefer we look like the other countries listed and are upset with all violent murdering nonwhites who live here.  Seems like they could just come out and say they wish the US racial makeup was more like Norway or Sweden instead of pretending like their problem is actually with guns instead of all those pesky non aryans who insist on living here.
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  5. tondi added a post in a topic Mike Shula not worried about slow starts   

    Unfortunately he's also not worried about slow middles or slow finishes either.  He's the three toed sloth of NFL offensive coordinators.
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  6. tondi added a post in a topic Cam, Stew, OL, and Olsen   

    I would say average at best.  Now if Stew stays healthy all season, Cam takes the next step and our Oline comes together in real games and performs like we all hope they can then maybe you could argue we would be above average.  Lots of things still have to happen however.
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  7. tondi added a post in a topic Corey "Philly" Brown's 'Endzone Drop'   

    Tip or no tip an elite WR goes up and gets that ball before the defender even has a shot at making a play on it.  That way they either have the only chance to catch it or they draw the PI call because the defender will be forced into them.   I know thats easier said than done but, ideally, thats what would have happened on that ball instead of CB just waiting for it to float into his fingertips.  SS was one of the best at doing that despite being smaller/shorter than just about everybody he was going up against.  
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  8. tondi added a post in a topic An Alternative Roster Projection - The Youth Movement   

    I know that roster scenario is meant to be a bit of an extreme example of going all in on youth but, looking over it, it really makes the most sense from a "what they've done so far this year" perspective.  It also sets us up nicely for the future with guys we can plan on being here long term.  All this without really giving up anything, at least from a performance perspective thus far this year.  I doubt we see all those moves happen but hopefully most of them will.  I think it would be for both the long and short term benefit to the team.
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  9. tondi added a post in a topic Panthers, Pack, & the difference in reactions to the injury of a WR1   

    A guy that couldn't get on the field for them last season looked like possibly our best WR last night.  That pretty much sums up the difference in reaction, IMO.
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  10. tondi added a post in a topic Wegher and Ward, Ward and Wegher   

    Whats the point of inviting UDFA's to training camp if it isn't to find guys who play their guts out and produce every time they are given a chance to do so?  If we are going to follow recent history and keep the nonproducing veterans we are going to get our ass kicked for half the season just like last year.  Hopefully somebody has learned their lesson.
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  11. tondi added a post in a topic Our offense is piss poor, time to cough up something for a WR, Gettleman   

    I don't know that we need to trade for another WR but I DO know that Corey Brown shouldn't be starting again next week.  Dude looked totally in over his head. 
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  12. tondi added a post in a topic The GOP will not win another election.   

    Its the same left wing racism that asserts that black kids can't learn unless they are sitting beside white kids.  God forbid anyone mention neighborhood schools or the left wing kooks scream racism and start hyperventilating.  Don't even think about affirmative action which is left wing racists constantly insisting blacks can't compete with other races for pretty much anything without being given an "advantage" due to their race. If they already think that about blacks the idea of them being able to get an ID (free or otherwise) scares the poo out of them.  its really quite a paternalistic attitude to take towards a group of people.
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  13. tondi added a post in a topic In case there are any other Kerrick protesters in or around the stadium tomorrow...   

    They are trying to intimidate the next jury into finding him guilty so the city doesn't get burned down.  That's what some equate with "justice" these days.  

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  14. tondi added a post in a topic 2015 Training Camp Awards   

    Yeah but if they all blow out their knees tonight it will prove DG didn't do enough dammit!!
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  15. tondi added a post in a topic In case there are any other Kerrick protesters in or around the stadium tomorrow...   

    It's also a chance to tear stuff up and get free poo since the apologsists  excuse your behavior and the police are too cowed to stop you.
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