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  1. tondi

    Where is the Catholic Backlash?

    Well it may be news to some of you but most of us have known Catholic priests enjoy fugging little boys for years. Not exactly a revelation.
  2. Poor people good rich people bad. There you happy?
  3. tondi


    You should ask if he will let you blow him. Don't be shy.
  4. tondi

    Sean Smith released from jail.

    Pretty sure it will be proof of collusion when nobody signs him.
  5. tondi

    Well, that was discouraging

    Wonder what his tinderbox handle is? Plenty of pissed off crazy ass people on here.
  6. tondi

    FBI Agent Peter Strzok has been fired

    Meh. He's obviously got issues and shouldn't be in a position of authority over anyone. Im sure the left will pay him off for his troubles. You should go contribute to his gofundme site which he's already got up and running begging for handouts.
  7. I think all that has to happen is for the Dems to run a real candidate. Not a Clinton, not a socialist and ideally someone who also isn't a liar or scumbag. The question is whether they can find someone like that in their entire party willing to run.
  8. Somebody needs to find out where this nazi lives and off him and his entire family. Which masked left wing hero will step up to the plate and do society a favor?
  9. tondi

    Unite The Right 2 March in DC

    Didn't you get the memo? Roughly half the voting population of this country is a nazi according to the board lefties.
  10. tondi

    Wages falling

    Lol. Your own link says we shouldn't pay too much attention to that graph. I'm sure I can find some right wing sponsored graph somewhere that shows things are amazing but I'd not be dumb enough to breathlessly rush here to post it.
  11. At the rate we are losing guys to injury in an already unimpressive secondary can you blame him?
  12. tondi

    tre boston

    While there may be some validity to the idea Reid is getting blackballed, his assertion that the majority of the FA safety class is going unsigned just to provide cover for owner collusion sounds pretty ridiculous. Seems far more likely they just dont want to play for what they are being offered and are upset about it. I mean Tre Boston should be thrilled anyone will pay him anything to play football for a living. He's a journeyman player who is the last person who should be demanding top dollar or floating conspiracy theories about why he's not on a roster somewhere.
  13. tondi

    tre boston

    Safeties need to realize they will never get CB money and either sign for what the market will pay or move on to another profession. Sitting around crying about ridiculous conspiracy theories isn't going to do anything but decrease you're already limited value.
  14. I was worried there was a serious injury that commercial break was so long. It was one of our guys who went down but don't remember which it was now.
  15. tondi


    You may not care but the left despises Chicago references. In fact it basically makes you a racist to even mention it so you should probably stick to hating cops, America, most white people and Trump unless you're prepared to be called names. Welcome to the era of informed discourse.