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  1. In another couple of generations the overcredentialed class will have managed to convince everyone that we were the true war criminals in the Pacific theater and the poor Japanese freedom fighters were just tring to defend hearth and home when the evil imperialist Americans arbitrarily and without reason decided to start eliminating them from existence, one city at a time.
  2. An Inexcusable, Willful Disregard for the Rules

    I know a woman who was serving overseas in a combat zone. She accidently sent one single classified email over the wrong (yet still secure) server and was summarily demoted, imprisoned, and then eventually left the service in disgrace. Her life and career ruined over a single mistake that ultimately hurt nobody. This was somebody willing to put themselves in harms way for jack squat in return, so seeing people trying to minimize Queen Hillary doing literally whatever the fug she wanted for years with far more sensitive and life or death information really makes me wonder what's fuggin wrong with them.
  3. Bet Ron sends him a fruit basket.
  4. Carolina Panthers OTA Notes and Photos

    Odds are at least one of these guys gets hurt before the season so it's nice to have some quality depth
  5. Obama kills...

    Better out than in.
  6. Any woman or little girl that has a problem using the restroom with men is a closed minded inbred moron who should be taken out back and shot before they destroy what's left of what makes America great.
  7. Of course this stuff has been in the works for years but due to its expense it has been rolling out at a relatively slow pace. Now that businesses see a rapidly increasing minimum wage staring them in the face the math is much easier to justify paying for massive expedited rollouts. If somebody thinks Wendy's being forced to pay some moron 30K a year to take people's orders has nothing to do with any of this then they are mistaken.
  8. I'm with Hillary, I'm with her

    Yeah but Trump thinks we should enforce our borders like every other civilized country in the world so he's much worse, at least that's what the news told me.
  9. Woman shames man for using Food Stamps...

    I once worked at a grocery store and we had a woman buy steaks to feed her dogs with food stamps because we told her she couldn't buy pet food with them. We had the common decency to wait until she left to talk about what a piece of worthless poo she was. Telling someone they are a piece of crap to their face is bad for business, not to mention your well being.
  10. Should #89 be Replaced?

    Whether we were a SB contender or the laughingstock of the NFL, the guy always left everything he had on the field and was legitimately the best in the league at his position for a number of years. His highlight reel compares favorably to any WR who has ever played. Yeah he got a little salty when he got cut but that just proves how much he loved it here, as has all of the great things he continues to do in the community to this day. No way he doesn't get his number retired someday.
  11. The New One Percent

    The Democrat party leadership thinks it's members are too stupid to know what's going on and will line up to vote against the Trump boogeyman regardless of who runs against him. In November we will find out if they were right.
  12. Of course you are right but I'm not really referring to us, more of a league wide thing.
  13. The biggest problem with Cash may simply he where he went to college. He has the same career at FSU and see where he gets drafted
  14. SB not included, the offensive line played pretty well last year, at least in part because we managed to avoid any major injuries. My concern this year is that we lose a guy or two for a big part of the season and that since we have a pretty sharp drop off after the first 6 guys it would really mess up our entire offense. Other than that, it would be all the youth and new guys in our defensive backfield. Going to be a lot of young new faces this year and who knows how long it will take them to gel.
  15. I stopped listening to anything the experts say about the draft after hearing them praise us for getting the most NFL ready QB in the draft a few years ago. That guys name was Jimmy Clausen and we all know how that turned out.