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  1. Pimpdaddy

    Hope y'all are ready to win.

    ....Tep might want to light sht up but end up like Daniel Snyder... I want to see smart calculated moves.
  2. Pimpdaddy

    Fire Mick Mixon

    his broadcasts sound like discussion at a book reading club...***** putrid...
  3. Pimpdaddy

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    I tip 15% for standard good service...I tip 10% for shtty service...and heres another tip...don't move to Haiti..
  4. Pimpdaddy

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    BronBron....and i thought Smitty too.
  5. Pimpdaddy

    It's a boy!!!!!!!!

    good enough to bone but not to marry...Congrats I guess...
  6. Typical millennial .... made it to the Bowl without ur azz...bye btch....fade off...
  7. Pimpdaddy

    Julio Jones holding out

    ...why, wise ass?
  8. Pimpdaddy

    Julio Jones holding out

    ....this could get really good.
  9. LOL...how many of those all stars were concussed or had an injury when it mattered... and don't call me Jesus....and i didnt bring Jordan into this...he had an amazing supporting cast.
  10. maybe two years in Miami but hes been surrounded by inferior talent most of his career... the real comparison would be Cam going to the Browns and taking them to the superbowl..
  11. Lebron like Cam doesn't have a supporting cast...
  12. Shewwww.... glad they didnt steal Mixon from the Panthers..