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  1. Sounds like we better score a shtton of points per game..
  2. zzzzzzzz..... wheres my checkers board...
  3. Pimpdaddy

    Young offensive Weapons

    Im hoping CMC goes off under Norv..a la Edelman....or it might be another buttfk by Gman.
  4. Pimpdaddy

    Derek Anderson...update?

    Followed DA's career since he started in CLE...Ima closet Browns fan... he had the physical attributes to get the job done... but his decision making in certain big games broke down... He was good for us...but as Scot said...its time to find a another QB as insurance for whatever Cam does....and no Jeff Lewis' or Matt Moores!
  5. Ur talking about JR..dude.
  6. nice gesture .... which i assume is normal protocol..
  7. Pimpdaddy

    How would you rank D-lines?

    LOL bucs 8th...seriously? the one and only thing Foxy ever had right are stats are for losers...
  8. Yea...its time our top 2-3 rookies of every draft become contributors early...nothing i like more than a mouthy CB that can back it up tho...
  9. Pimpdaddy

    Beaston comes home

    Beaston is a lost hero in Panther history.... dude was the real deal.
  10. ...im all for cuttin SC out of the picture and making sht the Charlotte Panthers...no money for stadiums and such comes from SC but only from the good citizens of Meck Co...its Carolina not Carolinas.
  11. it gets real when you start talkin bout fkin wit da money.
  12. ...i feel like the protests are totally justified...but not at a football game...there are better avenues and venues to do this in. You need a bigger event than a football game to make your mark or statement.... all this is doing is telling me who the candy azz's are for a few seconds and then my thoughts go to whether the panthers are going to run or pass on the first play of the game.
  13. Hes still being investigated by the NFL...why, after the sale of the team. Tep gonna get a hammer smack down for JR?
  14. I love the anthem before every game...and the honor it bestows on extraordinary human beings that sacrificed. If anyone wants to kneel let them, it really doesnt change sht.. its a cheap grab for 'look at me' by most... they can put up their millions to make a difference if they're serious ...if that happened everyone would stand...what has actually come of someone kneeling...nothing but a new ***** rule by the NFL..