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  1. I hate the recognition

    We're in the Super Bowl for the first time in a bit over a decade. We've had some pretty rough years in between appearances. We play in a small market. We're in the NFC South, which is made up of small market teams. With the exception of Cam Newton, we've pretty much made our reputation on no names and retreads. We haven't been title winners like the Patriots, Packers or Steelers. We don't have overpaid stars all over the roster like Dallas. We also haven't been dumpster fire organizations like Cleveland or Detroit. So yeah, no one really knows much about us. Big deal. We haven't been attracting that much media attention until recently, for better or for worse. But honestly, why does the media attention matter? Real football fans already have a team allegiance. Media hype just brings on board bandwagoneers and those newly acquainted with the sport. We aren't exactly going to get lifelong Packers fans to give up the green and gold, yanno? Let's just revel in the moment and not really care about getting the respect of other folks. This is our team's time.
  2. Does Cam Newton stay in the pocket for too long?

    17-1 at this point. Not sure there's a darn thing wrong with what he's doing. 
  3. Coach Braylon Beam is Superbowl Bound!

    Could he pound the drum for us before the game?
  4. Brad Hoover: "The Patriots Cheated"

    Our punter did... the frikkin' punter.
  5. Brad Hoover: "The Patriots Cheated"

    He's certainly had his balls deflated a time or two during the season.
  6. Brad Hoover: "The Patriots Cheated"

    Playing the Patriots in the Super B owl is a lot like trying to take out Triple H for the WWE world title. You don't have to take out just Triple H, but you're up against management, the ref, all their buddies who can jump into the ring, the time limit, the announcers and sometimes even your own team that will turncoat on you. Oh yeah, and you can't lose the title by disqualification, so even if they get busted, there's no real punishment.  Whether it is taping practices, deflating balls or getting hit upside the head with a folding metal chair, Triple B (Bad Bill Belichick) has it stacked in his favor. 
  7. Barnwell: Carolina isn't a good matchup for Denver

    Excellent article, thanks for sharing it. So many of the articles out there seem to have been done by folks who watched the playoff games and skimmed through a couple of our wins this season. Barnwell did a thorough job for sure.
  8. Final Score Super Bowl Prediction Thread

    42-10 Carolina. Nobody really wants to be the guy to predict a blowout, but someone ought to do it.
  9. Mzee Peyton Manning

    Step away from the bong... set the keyboard on the ground...
  10. There's always someone who sees a star sitting on the bench. They like to take potshots at lunchpail players who are out there doing their jobs. 
  11. Rand is out

    In the end, Rand wasn't Ron and Ron wasn't really all that much.  Iowa usually shakes the dingalings out of the race. New Hampshire finishes shaking out those that never really had a chance.  
  12. Panther fans who HATE Cam Newton

    Look hard enough and you can find someone who has a problem even in the best of times. QBs are polarizing anyway. Heck, there were some folks that hated Jake in 2003.  Just enjoy the moment, enjoy the game and enjoy this moment in time. The other people are punished by their own desire to always crap on their own moments of joy. Feel sorry for them, but don't pay them much attention.
  13. Iowa Caucus Pick your winners

    Actually Bernie nearly stole Iowa from Hillary. Hillary is giving it the nervous smile treatment and trying to only reference the "win" and not her opponent in any way. She has the look of someone who just walked away unscathed in a car accident, but knowing how close to the end she just came. I think she's about to see history repeat itself. And that's fine by me. Just like we don't need any more Bushes, we need no more Clintons.
  14. Cam has the voice of an Angel

    Good thing he can play football.
  15. Sounds like someone after a bad break-up doing their best not to trash the ex while other people are asking questions and digging. Just let it go. He's trying to move on with the new and the hosts were picking at his scabs trying to see if they could get something out of him based on that bad break up. I hope he does well in Pittsburgh. He was mighty good here but it didn't work out in the end -- money, egos, whatever. Best of luck to him, we're doing fine, he's doing fine.