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  1. Gentlemans plans seem to assume he can....

    We just went to the Superb Owl after a 15-1 season and managed to keep the vast majority of our team together, minus on big name cornerback. How much of an impact do we expect any rookie player to have on that record? We're drafting for long term continuity now. It won't be sexy, but impact players go to desperate, sucky teams. We're at the "will he be a good fit for the team" level and not "will he save my job" level. It's a good place to be, even if draft day is a bit boring.
  2. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    We went into this draft as one of the strongest teams in the league. We could have been contenders for the coming season without ever drafting a single player. This draft did us no harm at all, and could net us some big returns because we bet on guys who would fit our team. We're going to be fine and I believe DG knows more about what he's doing than any of us do.
  3. 7th rnd: TE: Beau Sandland

    The kid gets to learn from one of the best tight ends to play the game, gets additional solid teaching from ED and a great coaching staff, plus will be on a team that features a TE heavy offense. He just landed in the best place he could have imagined. If he makes the most of all of these opportunities, he'll be a steal as a 7th rounder.
  4. Edmund Kugbila making a comeback

    Won't hurt to have him at a couple of mini-camps. Should be an easy read to determine whether they should save him an official camp spot or not. If he looks like there's a good drive and he's recovered from injury, couldn't hurt to have him in summer training camp. Still, he's got a lot to work against. He'd have to make one of those "ask for nothing, give everything" efforts to earn his way back onto the regular roster.
  5. Gettleman and Rivera have developed an identity for this team and now they draft to fit that mold. A lot of other teams draft differently because they have to. They don't have a solid design for their overall team or are at the dire beckoned call of an meddling ownership. Those teams are perennial losers or are middle of the pack teams that never seem to quite make it because they always feel they are just one player shy... New England's drafts didn't make sense for a while, now they just look at the picks and say, "Belichik knows what he's doing." Luckily, so does DG.
  6. Panthers Tango with Cash

    The kid is a guided missile. You can never go wrong with picking a great tackler.
  7. Anyone Dislike This Draft,

    It's not that I don't like the draft, but I'm just not familiar with either of our second or third round draft picks to say much about them. But it doesn't matter if they were good enough to catch my eye, they must have been something special for DG and RR to pull them out of the pile of guys left. I can't say much about the draft so far simply because of my lack of knowledge. I do, however, have a lot of faith in our system that at least one, if not both, are going to be darned good players.
  8. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    In the books, if I recall correctly, Thoros said that each time he brings Dondarion back, there's a price to pay. The assumption is that it's Dondarion that pays it, but it would make sense that Thoros loses some of his life, too. I think he even said something along the lines of "I'm not the man I used to be" when the Hound brought up his exploits with the flaming sword.
  9. Thanks for the kick in the nuts again Nintendo

    My kid loves the Wii U. Good system, but I'm always at a loss to find good games for him.
  10. You know, I don't think they did it on purpose. I think that this was the first time the Superb Owl was held in that stadium and the folks setting up the media area just did not think it through. The little curtains they had up just weren't going to create any sound barriers and the tightly packed quarters combined with a lot of non-professional journalists really screwed the whole thing up. I don't think it was malice, just plain old incompetence. But yeah, let the victors have that night.
  11. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    I'd really like to see this be the pick. We'd see benefits immediately and for the long term.
  12. Huddle Running Slow for Anyone else?

    It was definitely the Flash ads that were killing me. I thought they were killing Flash off for programming.
  13. Huddle Running Slow for Anyone else?

    Worked like a charm. Hate that Jeremy loses the ad revenues, though. Any better way?