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  1. We need a DE... so whom?

    If we've learned anything this year, it's that speed kills along the defensive line. KK is quick and fast at his position, and Ealy has decent speed. We need our Von Miller type. A guy who is just flat out fast with the strength to not get shoved around in the run. Gone are the days of having just big strong bull-rushing DEs. They can still be effective, but you gotta have speed.
  2. Deadpool

    Just got back from Hickory. Saw Deadpool on Carmike's "big D screen", which was awesome.   Just a great fuging movie. My favorite of the comic character origin movies. Paced great, amazing humor, 4th wall breaking, romance without the painful cliches and humor behind it to keep you from being bored by it. Just well done. Everybody needs to see the movie.   For once, the best parts were not in the trailers. Also, there is a post-credits scene. Stick around for it.
  3. NFL Turning Point: The Clete Blakeman Effect

    When people I personally know that hate the Panthers are texting me DURING the game saying things like "something doesn't feel right", " you're getting screwed over", and "they seriously missed that? It happened directly in front of where he was looking".... Yeah.   Everybody that wasn't blinded by their absolute hatred for Cam knew the fix was in. Don't expect the NFL to say anything. They're the ones behind it.
  4. Ted Ginn Jr. Running Out of Bounds

    He might've been able to dive quickly, but I think he probably was trying to track the bounce a bit and scoop and score rather than simply recover. He didn't sense the defender RIGHT behind him who dove by his leg to recover it. That was costly. He recovers that fumble, then you just KNOW Cam is getting a designed run up the gut. Honestly, I was waiting for it all game. We ran a veer out of a trips set where Cam, I believe, got 10 or 11 yards on a keep there. Then we never ran that type of play again. Same with a triple option where Cam honestly missed/disregarded the read, kept it even though the end stayed home, and pitched it to Fozzy for a first down. That's how you combat the blitz. Stretch the option plays wide, let those blitzers take those backside gaps because they won't get back to playside in time, at worst you get a one on one. I'll take Cam or Stew one on one 9 times out of 10.
  5. Ted Ginn Jr. Running Out of Bounds

    Between Talib being a demonstrably dirty player in that game, the pursuit to him as he was running, his previous injury, and the fact that the entire Broncos defense was trying to strip the ball from EVERYBODY who touched it on every tackle, Ginn did the smart thing. Give that ball to Funch or Olsen and he likely puts his hand through Talib's helmet and reaches that ball as far upfield as possible as he goes down. I'm still mad we didn't try something crossing in the direction of Talib or a crack block on him. I wanted to see him get thumped a couple of times.
  6. Cam Newton and the Hero's Journey

    I sense a duel of pregame story-telling next season....
  7. Mike Shula's EGO

    Cam seemed frustrated the entire game. The entire game. The only slight bit of happiness and enjoyment shown was after Stew scored. Now, do you think he was just that focused? Why would you think that, since he didn't have that body language during either of the other playoff games. I firmly believe Cam was under orders to not change up plays much. When he checked off, plays were there. Sometimes he got sacked because of inept OL play, but when you saw us check off, the play he called was there. Why else would he look frustrated and bummed? Why else would he look like he just wasn't having fun for the entire game? In tight games all year, he looked focused and happy. Whole game yesterday? Just down. Shula is no good for Cam. Sure, he has implemented a killer system. But Shula, for all the good he has done with this offense, he is the thing holding it back at times. Get an OC that will let Cam run the show. An OC that can design some good plays, some creative stuff to take advantage of our skill guys individual skills, and who doesn't mind taking a step back and letting Cam run it.   Non-Panther fans keep asking me what happened. They have seen some games and all said a version of the same thing: "from all I've seen this season...that didn't look like the same Panthers team. Something just felt off all game. Like, bad off". I asked most what they meant, and they said "the offense. Just seemed like it was night and day different from what you ran the past two games and most of the season".    
  8. Big Daryl Williams....

    I believe he came in for one jumbo package, and I'm mostly certain that was Stew's big first down run late. I seem to remember at least one, maybe two plays of heavily unbalanced line and olsen motioned over to the unbalanced side. Could be wrong, it's all a little hazy. On the Shula front, Cam needs to learn to tune him out in big games when what we're doing isn't working. Be insubordinate, win the game, deal with Shula's tantrum after the game. It's better than losing because you're running iso and power every first down into a front that is expecting iso and power. We need to run a no huddle attack. It would benefit this offense the most. It gives Cam a chance to wear defenses out and force them into making adjustments on the fly, which he can counter. Run out with two receivers and Greg, pick up a few first downs, make some quick subs, pick up some more, then slow it down in the redzone. Not saying for EVERY game, but we need to run it often, especially early in the first and third quarter. Get the defenses frustrated. And if Shula can ever learn that formation can create misdirection in itself, we'll be OK. There's a reason bootlegs work so well.
  9. The Fall of Cam Newton

    We need to start saying pressure be damned and run guys on quick routes under our downfield stuff. Having no outlet spells disaster.    Why no rb screens though? Why no slants to combat the blitzes? Why no designed runs between guard and tackle? Those things would have likely worked and softened up the defense, forcing them to back off or at least pick their spots at blitzing. They rained hell on our OL and Cam the majority of passes.
  10. So where does Carolina finish next year?

    We win the division. I'm thinking 12-4 at best, 10-6 at worst. With our contracts currently and assuming we stay mostly healthy, we should be fine. How far we go is anybody's guess 
  11. Hate to say it but.......

    Honestly, against a fast defense that likes being aggressive, we should have come out in no huddle from the start. Wear their legs out early, get them on their heels.   Runs from under center don't work for us. Toss those out.
  12. This game showed it. No blocking anywhere.
  13. Getting Annoyed

    I'll show you why. I took this watching First take.    
  14. Fallout from Norman vs Beckham

    You just distinguish between regular personal fouls and flagrant ones. Two flagrant fouls means ejection.    This solves the issue of accidental personal fouls, like facemasks. Add a sentence to the in-game explanation.    "Personal foul, Facemask, 53 defense. 15 yard penalty from the end of the run, first down".   " personal foul, hit to the head of a defenseless player. 53 defense. This is his first flagrant foul. 15 yard penalty, first down".   Obviously, in my explanation, the hit to the head wasn't accidental. It was like Burfict.
  15. What position did you play?

    I feel that way every time, but those were some great years. Plus, I used to be really into nostalgia....