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  1. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    Unless we work some magic in rounds 2 and 3....I'm not loving this pick. I see it's purpose, and perhaps I'll love the pick by week 4, but for now....meh.
  2. "We just need players"

    Let's talk about the importance of the OP's initial statement though. This isn't an organization. There are plenty are plenty of organizations in this league. There are very few teams. That's what we are. A team involves everybody and everybody is on the same page. An organization is just a collection of people who happen to be working in the same place. The fact that our GM and coach seem so in sync with each other is great. We know JR gets along with everybody well. We know our locker room is tight and our guys trust and respect our coaches. We're competitors in this league for as long as we keep on the same path we are as a team. If we become just another NFL organization, we'll fall from this success we're having pretty hard. So I'm glad that we are what we are. Also, I am all for Huddle's Famous Nippleshorts Pale Ale.
  3. State of the Canes

    David Perron and Jakub Voracek. Please and thank you. Rounds out our top 6 nicely, really. EDIT: Only want Perron if he can return to his Edmonton form of scoring at will.
  4. State of the Canes

    I don't know. Riley Nash had a decent year and he is a good locker room guy apparently. He'll take a friendly deal because he doesn't exactly command money by being a tremendous player. Gerbe and Terry are both gone most likely, unless they get sent down, which is unlikely. Need a couple pure scoring wingers. Guys who can go out and get us 30+ goals a year. We have big bodies in the middle, so there should be room cleared to shoot, and there has been. Just can't bury it when we need it. Who is there to really go after in net? I can't think of anybody who can come in and get it done consistently for us.
  5. Cam shirtless

    Read somewhere once that be keeps all of his workouts to simple, 30-45 minute sessions that are crazy intense circuit training. Based on that video, that seems right. Explosiveness, core strength, and endurance seem to be in high order for him. That explains him being a freak on the field, especially late in games when you expect him to be less efficient due to the first 3 quarters.
  6. Norman was not a production of a system

    Norman is really good. But we'll be fine without him. Quit losing your minds, people. He is not worth the money that he is now getting, unless you want to lose Star and Short and have NO DL to really speak of.
  7. State of the Canes

    Back on our goalie situation, which honestly terrifies me, I think John Muse gets a chance in pre-season with us. Give him some quality starts against good shooters and see what he does, because he has played WELL within our system. Spent some time checking him out and...yeah. He may be somebody we can depend on.
  8. State of the Canes

    Draft wise, we're looking at 4 picks in the first two rounds. Keep all 4 of those. 3 picks in the 3rd. No 7th rounder.Maybetrade two thirds and a 5th or something and try to get anotherpick in the first two rounds. Need as much top level talent as we can get. I think we get a winger with both first round picks, and a center/defenseman in each of our 2nd rounders. After that, BPA and hope.
  9. State of the Canes

    Another thing to remember, apart from how young we are, is how little time they've had together as a team. Just look at our forwards. 5 guys were on the roster before 2014. That means5 forwards got here in 2014, and two just came in this past season.I think that's part of the reason they finished the year pushing for the playoffs. They finally built that chemistry, and Eric leaving definitely helped in building that chemistry further (even if just out of necessity). Another off-season together and a more clear idea of each other on the ice is going to help start the year better I think. Di Giuseppe: 2015 Lindholm 2013 Malone: 2014 Gerbe: 2013 McClement: 2014 Nash: 2013(first year he got meaningful ice time with the Canes) Nestrasil: 2014 (picked up over a month into the season, played in 41 games) Nordstrom: 2015 (got here last September) Rask: 2014 Skinner: 2010 Staal: 2012 Terry: 2014 (first year he got meaningful ice time with the Canes) Defensemen have a similar story Faulk: 2011 Hainsey: 2013 Hanifin: 2015 Jordan: 2014 (first year he got real NHL time) Pesce: 2015 Slavin: 2015 Wisniewski: 2015....yet to play a full game for us. So there ya have it. Not just young, but only JUST NOW coming out of the awkward "hi guys" stage.
  10. State of the Canes

    Well, decision time with Ward. UFA now, and even though Cam played better this season (2.41 GAA), his record still isn't looking like a reliable starting option (23-17-10). His save % was .909. Put in perspective, of goalies with at least 35 starts, only 7 had worse save percentages. However, Cam is 20th in wins. He had 7 games with a save percentage under 85%. The league-wide average save% comes to .915, so he's not TOO far off....but he only had 23 out of 51 games started where he had a save percentage better than the league average. The Canes rank second to last in the league in team save%, only edge out Calgary (who won as many games as us, though we went into OT more, thus how we finished with 9 more points). Basically, Cam is NOT getting a big contract IF he wants to stay in Raleigh. If Ron gives him big money, then Ron is an idiot. Lack isn't a starter either, but he's a reliable backup who is 3 years younger and cheaper. Key will be finding a guy who can get a save% around .915-.920 and keep his GAA close to 2. I really hope we find somebody in the draft to put in net, honestly. Petr Mrazek worked out well for Detroit this season taking most of the starts away from Jimmy Howard, and I am pretty sure he was among the youngest goalies in the league. Here's what we're looking at as far as players entering the market. UFA Cam ward Nathan Gerbe Riley Nash Chris Terry RFA Michal Jordan Victor Rask Ryan Murphy Danny Biega Justin Shugg Anthony Camara Dane Fox Brody Sutter Zach Boychuk I listed some of the more "big" names from Charlotte as well.Truly, Rask is the only one absolutely safe that is currently on the Hurricanes roster. I think we'll get back everybody in CLT except Boychuk, unless it's a short-term deal. Nash is probably safetoo. Terry and Malone are both bottom 6 guys and they may be too old for the youth movement. Not good enough to really keep them IF their role is just being veteran guys on the team. Expendable, at least. Brad Malone turns 27 in late May, so we JUST miss the window to qualify him as a RFA, which sucks. Jordan may see the boot as well, though I think he may get offers and if he does, it wouldn't surprise me to see him move, depending on what compensation we would get. He's a 7th d-man, so no big loss. One other thing on the FAs we have...Dane Fox COULD be big to get back. He's a point per game kind of guy, and I think he could probably move to wing even though he's a center (he's 6' and weighs 188). After the Nordstrom signing, I'm interested to see where we're left in cap space. Has the cap for next season been set yet?
  11. Hunter Henry will literally allow Greg Olsen to retire and us not lose a step. Yes please. If not him, then I'm good with any DL pick. And if not delivery, then DiGiorno.
  12. Josh Norman is NOT going to do Offseason Workouts

    I assume we have very few business management types on this forum. Josh is looking out for his best interest. He'll be there in TC. He respects too many guys in the locker room to become a cancer. He may not be as happy go lucky, but oh well. He'll show up when he has to and he'll be in shape and healthy, barring something crazy like him falling down a flight of stairs or meeting Pacman Jones in a club. All that matters.
  13. Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2

    This show is just.....ugh. Skip this post if you're not caught up. I want to like it. I do. And I do at times. However, as some have said, the stupid is killing me. Just a lot of bad choices. The second you find out that daddy has poison pills and you know the wife is already pretty insistent on saving the two youngest, you know you have two options: pull up anchor and get out of dodge, or go in with guns, TAKE the kids, pull up anchor and get out of dodge. Instead, they went all lukewarm and decided to go in and try to reason the dad into it, then one of the kids dies from stupid. Then mommy dies from stupid. THEN, you allow an idiot to come onto the boat and take the kid off. Which, from a writing perspective, was an odd choice. I'm guessing it was solely to have that closing shot. But let's back up to Dumb Girl A giving a pretty good approximation of their location at seaover a radio to some strangerbecause she hasn't learned from the National Guard that you can't trust people, apparently. This brings me to the Good Guy Dad who wants to do the "right thing" and simultaneously do NOTHING AT ALL when it comes down to crunch time...and when he DOES do something, it's the exact opposite of what he SHOULD have done (example: the soldier situation in the finale of last season). Let's not mention the teen angst morons that continue to try to get themselves killed. Daniel knows what's up. Can't hate on the guy. Strand knows what's up, but he's also very shady.
  14. Playstation Vue

    AT&T uverse is here, but I hear bad things in terms of online gaming. I'd pay the same price for slightly slower internet (I think it's 20 mps as compared to the 30 mps Charter provides). Unless it won't present a noticeable change in gaming, I'll probably just stick with Charter, because I game more than I watch TV anyway. However, if it won't cause a difference in gaming and it'll let me use Vue, then i'll take it, because Charter's cable prices are outright ridiculous unless you get the barebones package.
  15. Playstation Vue

    Resetting did nothing to help. Charter flatout said that there's no way they can help me (and that trying to set my own IP would lead to the Internet not working). Vue flat out said "if charter can't or won't help, try another ISP. Otherwise, can't use Vue". This poo is ridiculous. Will try the link you provided though. Little pissy about it because this is the last month of my 12 month offer price with charter, so my bill is about to double.