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  1. Gotta find a playmaker that can score some points far from the redzone. This is how they will score most of their points. Worth a 2nd rounder...and a 3rd...and 4th?
  2. Wonder what would've happened if the Saints didn't leap frog us.
  3. No matter what, these guys will look like superstars behind our line and Lb's.
  4. Gentleman will have a gold statue in a year if this pick turns out.
  5. Gettleman sets us up so that we can take the best player available. He didn't know who would be there to pick, but had Kyle Love to fulfill depth. In comes Butler...the rest gets worked out after the draft, including filling positions of needs that weren't implemented, and purging positions that are overflowing.
  6. That first quote should be taken as face value. After William Jackson was drafted, the tvs were muted. Meaning...our pick is coming up, time to discuss what we have.
  7. Not seeing it. They also state that they weren't sure why Butler fell so far. As, if they were shocked they had the opportunity to draft him.
  8. I think this is more likely in the second. Best Dline available in the first (Butler/Ogbah). Then trade up in the 2nd for one of the Henry's.
  9. I really can't imagine the multitude of next generations Panther fans.
  10. It's sad to see Josh go. He worked well in our schemeAND was a highly talented cornerback. Anyone who says he was only a product of a system must've missed the Saints game last year. I do believe he has the potential to be exposed. I keep recalling one play with OBJ where he completely got smoked. If he wasn't in his head, the play would've resulted inan easy touchdown. And I know that was just one instance. Good for him for making his money. I know deep down he wanted to be here.But, we aretalking at least $20 million more thrown at you from another team a few hours down the road. Not to mention a longer contract andguaranteed money. If you were in the same scenario, it would be a tough call. It's easy to say from your couch that you would easily pickthe hometown team and say screw $20 million extra. But, everyone of you need to think rationally and put yourself in his shoes. Good luck to you Josh.
  11. Gettleman loves big players that defy the measurements of that position. This would make our offense monstrous and our redzone offense unstoppable.I think he would pull the trigger, and we all would have to trust his judgement based on his track record. Simple answer: yes
  12. The fact that the OP thinks Josh Norman became known because of OBJ, shows ignorance. And it wasn't because of a few pick sixes. Josh Norman became known because of EVERY receiver he faced. Why? Because he shut them down. He was the top corner in the league last year, which was obvious before OBJ even became the media frenziedrelevant topic.
  13. Boykin Visiting

    Do I really have to read through two grown men going back and forth on the Internet, just to find good football conversation. Please get on instant messenger and have your pissing match there.