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  1. Thomas Davis practiced today...

    From his Facebook page...
  2. It's NOT about race!

    For the record, a thug would never rock a beanie like that, especially to an interview. 
  3. Benjamin, Olsen, Ginn with hands, and young Super Bowl Champion experienced wide receivers in Funchess and Corey Brown. Hello dynasty. 
  4. Am I the only one that sees the flawed logic in the statement 'TD retires'?  He is immortal and will not retire. 
  5. Anyone else going to watch the SB alone?

    Yes!  Finally. I'm screenshoting this. My wife, huge fan, but was asking if I wanted to go hang out with people. These were my thoughts, just not so clearly stated. 
  6. Rawr Rawr Rawr. He's back!

    The Panthers going to the Super Bowl, I got my bowl of Cheerios   I spit diarreah, my momma wants to meet ya   Davis broke an arm, now he'll break your face  But, just in case Luke's CPI will show up with mace. Awkward pause...turns head for a filler (Rawr Rawr Rawr).  I think that's it guys, let me roll it back. 
  7. Was Jerry in Shock?

    An owner that happily bangs the Keep Pounding drum to start the game.  He's still got a little gas left in the tank. 
  8. If the Broncos can gameplan to double Olsen and contain Newton, they win.
  9. He's going to Jason Pierre-Paul it with a cast.  No way he misses this opportunity to lead his team to victory.  Now if they put him in on the hands team for onsides kicks, I'll start to worry.
  10. I <3 the Panthers and I <3 the CarolinaHuddle
  11. Hawks Fans are mad RW isn't MVP

    The real question is...who's bird is that?  That's Russel Wilsons bird. 
  12. Arthur Blank Dabbing.

    That's not even how you dab.
  13. So we would have the Greatest team of all time...along with the Greatest Uniform of All Time???
  14. An Ode to Odell

    I've actually never been so angry with a player and the media after a game, that I'm thinking about it a couple days later. So, bare with me while I rant.  There are two types of crazy. The good kind, that's competitive… And the bad kind, that needs psychiatric evaluation. And we saw those on display on Sunday.  Odell Beckham Jr. expressed his anger and frustration by trying to physically harm someone else. His antics on the field and on the sidelines showed that he was disassociated from reality. Josh Norman showed some retaliation, but in a defensive stance. And if you knew Josh Norman, you would know that he kept his composure.   In the NFL, a great athlete not only relies on physical strength, but also mental strength. Luke Kuechly isn't the most athletic linebacker in the league. But, he studies, and uses his mind to dominate his opponent. Josh Norman did something similar and used it to his advantage. He got into the head of a weak minded, physically gifted player.    To the media. The Panthers will always be the worst 14-0 team ever to play the game. As well as 15-0, 16-0, and undefeated champs. We as fans know that we will always be the supposed underdogs. We get it. We aren't the talk of the town that gets the high volume of attention that you so desire. Until one day you realize that we are. And then it's too late, because you've already made a fool of yourself.    But, defending such an obvious act of destruction on a professional ground is appalling. Spewing idiocy, like the Panthers pointed bats at him, called him names, and made fun of his hair. Let's not mention Odell dabbing at Cam during warm-ups.  But, even if that was true, which we all know it's not...this isn't a game where you get participation trophies when you finish. It's a mans game and you are only making Odell look like the child that he is.   So, to the media, Odell is not the victim here. Odell, you got owned by a superior athlete at his position. You had to overcompensate this by playing dirty.  You can try to play the villain. But, we all know that good always overcomes evil. And you are not the Joker, you are only the joke.