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  1. Huddle Workout Warriors

    There is no doubt that an unhealthy day will do stuff to your head.
  2. Huddle Workout Warriors

    One bad day every once in a while won't kill you just like one day every once in a while of eating healthy and exercise won't make you better
  3. Huddle Workout Warriors

    I expect butterflies too,
  4. Huddle Workout Warriors

  5. Huddle Workout Warriors

    This place simultaneously scares and arouses me.
  6. Huddle Workout Warriors

    Jovial chortling is all I have after that.
  7. Huddle Workout Warriors

    I do 5 x 10 squats, 4 x 10 45 degree leg presses, 4 x 10 Romanian dead lifts, 3 x 10 seated calf raises, 3 x 15 standing calf raises, and then hit shoulders. I love leg day because it is fuging brutal and satisfying.
  8. Huddle Workout Warriors

    I'm still sore from leg day. I almost face-planted as I got out of bed this morning.
  9. Huddle Workout Warriors

    My gym's AC stops working about three times a year and the building owner is a dick about getting it fixed.
  10. Huddle Workout Warriors

    Hydrate hydrate hydrate.
  11. Huddle Workout Warriors

    I made it through leg day and no epic headaches! It might help that I wrote my final college paper last week.
  12. Huddle Workout Warriors

    It has its benefits, but I suck at sleeping during the day unless I self medicate which isn't good sleep and leads to a plethora of other problems
  13. Huddle Workout Warriors

    I work a rotating shift.
  14. Huddle Workout Warriors

    The neurologist said that my headaches are likely caused by stress, caffeine, and lack of good quality sleep.
  15. Huddle Workout Warriors

    Well I haven't been to the gym since the migraine. I had another one after work last night so I went to the ER. The didn't find anything wrong with me so they are saying it might be cluster headaches and I have an appointment with a neurologist Tuesday. This blows.