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  1. We're seriously going to make of this guy for being white and having red hair?  
  2. Arthur Blank.... Prostate Cancer

    I always thought it was cool how he watches his team from the sidelines.  
  3. This isn't really supposed to be a "Fire Shula" thread.  I just wanted to present two reasons why I think he'll be here for sure next season.  I don't think he'll be getting any calls for head coaching gigs, and of course the Panthers won't be releasing him.  I wanted to know what people thought of him coming back.  Personally, I'm more worried than hopeful.  
  4. You didn't even make an attempt at answering my last two questions.  Did you quote me by accident?
  5. I don't want this thread to come off as reactionary hate-mongering, so I went back and looked at the play-by-play.  We ran 13 (yes, 13...) first down running plays that netted us 3 or fewer yards.  Thirteen second-and-long situations in a game that was at most a 2-possession game throughout. If this is all because of execution, at what point should an offensive coordinator realize that the players aren't executing the plays that are "supposed" to work and instead make adjustments?  Are lack of adjustments not the fault of the OC?
  6. When is Gettlemans end of season Press conf?

    He's shopping for the perfect hoodie to wear to the press conference.  
  7. He's going to be here for at least another season.  Thoughts?  Hopes?  Prayers?
  8. What do 17 wins matter?  Are we going to put up a "Super Bowl Finalist" banner in BoA next season?
  9. Big congrats to the Broncos

    We deserved to lose more than they deserved to win.  We lost so bad, we deserve to lose some draft picks.  
  10. Is anyone legitimately surprised?

    Yeah, typical loser Panthers.  I thought it would be different this year.  I know it's not healthy to keep hoping.  
  11. Good season, folks

    Next year's motto:  Start Pounding
  12. The Panthers players made me proud

    You're crazy if you think I'm going to be proud of these offensive players. 
  13. Post Super Bowl thoughts

    This offense is the reason Thomas Davis won't get a Super Bowl ring.  The man tore his ACL 3 times, and he started in the Super Bowl with a broken arm.  I hope all the offensive personnel think hard about what they did today.  I hope they leave Remmers in California. 
  14. Been a special Season

    It took us an extra month to lose the season and we got a worse position in the draft.  #special
  15. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    This is the kind of performance that makes me stop being a fan.  I waited 12 years for them to get back into the Super Bowl.  This team is a joke.  fug all of them.  I hope they leave Remmers in California.