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  1. Breaking the huddle with 8 seconds left on your most important snap of the season lmao
  2. Enjoy the defensive mastermind that is Ron Rivera for another 3 seasons lol
  3. Hope you're ready for the "missed opportunities" quote after losing by 2 possessions.
  4. This team is gonna extend Rivera and the rest of his staff after a 10-6 & no PO season lmao
  5. Hope you're ready for the "missed opportunities" quote even tho the pussy ass coach will forget Minny has left at least 13 pts on the field by dumb mistakes
  6. Soft team led by a pussy ass coach.
  7. Do Panthers have go-to plays on 3rd and short? it's pathetic how many chances this team gives to opponents because they just don't know how to keep the ball for a little while.
  8. It's funny every time Carolina is in this situation they're thinking about room for the punt from the 1st down lol
  9. Not a chance a coach gets fired after a 10-6 & no PO season either so...
  10. When so many different players fug up in trivial football situations... it's on the coaches man.
  11. NFL players don't care about keeping the fans happy or doing the job that a GM & owner should do. They care about job security and keeping feeeding their families and they have exactly that in this team being "good enough" just like they see in the front office from top to bottom.
  12. You know what sucks about all this? nothing is gonna change after this season. Same HC, same OC, same old overpaid defensive starters paying because their coaches think they're better than they really are.
  13. Watch the Panthers spend 4 minutes for a FG and Saints scoring another TD before the half.