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  1. Josh Norman vs Dez Bryant

    Biggest thing is Dez is so big and can high point the ball as well as anyone.  Romo will often just throw it up to Dez and see if he can go up and get it.  
  2. Stewart Plants a Redskin into the Field

    Stew was a beast yesterday at least 5-6 times should have gone down for loss and turn it into gains, sometimes big gains.  
  3. Very nervous.  Worried about next three games.  Washington and Dallas both fighting for possible playoffs spots.  Hard not to over look Washington with Dallas on Thursday.  Dallas is used to playing on Thanksgiving and Romo will be back.  Finally taints in the dome can be tough and Panthers will be their super bowl
  4. Official Panthers - Titans Gameday Thread

    With all the nonsense over Cam's celebration.  Lost is the great drive by Cam and The O ran it down their throats burned clock and scored. That is way to close game
  5. 2015 NBA Draft Thread

    Steve Reed ‏@SteveReedAP  59m59 minutes ago@tradestreetpost @hornets Hearing chatter of trading down, but nothing official.
  6. Feeling kinda of bad for Ridnour getting bounced around everywhere
  7. 2015 Hornets Draft Watch

    Hornets, trade back with intention of taking Hunter, but someone , takes him a spot ahead of Hornets.
  8. NBA Trade Deadline Thread

    Seems like every team made a move with so much activity. Experts who said deadline would be slow should hang head.
  9. no worries

  10. Yeah, sorry; Presser pissed me off and I was being snippy.