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  1. Anybody ever think that maybe...just maybe...we're not as talented on the offensive side of the ball as we think we are? We have some pieces but with the godawful play of our offensive line it's hard to get anything done.
  2. ZOMG! CMC iz uh BUZT!!

    What I see in that play is 6 blockers trying to block 7 people. Why not audible there?
  3. Batted passes have nothing to do with play calling.
  4. Now we pretty much have to pass.
  5. Now we kind of see why we didn't really throw to the backs until CMC came along.
  6. Oops. Time to put the beer down i think. Or drink more...I can't decide.
  7. We should have still had 1 second left on the clock after the batted pass. Am I the only one that saw that?
  8. why did the clock keep running after the batted pass?
  9. If we get a big lead look for Ron to reign in both the offense and defense.
  10. Those runs on first down early paid off on this drive...pay attention morons.
  11. It's confusing because you won't acknowledge that had Dickson blocked his man Stewart would have gotten to the corner instead of taking a 5 yard loss.
  12. All those runs on first down set up that pass to Dickson.
  13. So this excuses Dickson from blocking? Had he got his block Stewart would have at least been able to get to the corner.
  14. BTW...how can they have 4 or 5 guys around Stewart so quickly? Do we not block anybody?
  15. Ok now the Eagles are all in on the run on first down...