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  1. If he can keep himself in check and not do some crazy poo, I could pull for him again.
  2. I think everyone in life at some point, to some degree, gets depressed. I did, and I know others that have too. Thankfully I've not known anyone that's committed suicide because of it but I realize there are many that do. I feel bad for anyone that has to get to that point obviously. Mental illness has always had a stigma attached to it and as a society I think we've made strides bringing this whole issue to light. But on my way to work I'll see the same homeless people wandering around getting no help. At least people like Steve Smith have support and the money to deal with it. I feel worse for those people don't have the resources or family to deal with it.
  3. stankowalski


    I usually just jump out as soon as I can and go for the nearest spot. But even though I feel like I'm dropping out as soon as I can I hardly ever reach the ground first. I aim for the lowest part that I can see and go straight down as much as I can, but inevitably by the time I land other people have already landed and are armed. I think another thing I'm having a hard time getting adjusted to are the weapons. Talking about recoil, fire rate, etc. I just don't know the weapons well enough.
  4. stankowalski


    Gave this game a try and what a PITA. I've been trying it out solo and I can't tell you how many times I've died because I didn't have a weapon (talking about when you first land). And forget about winning this game. I've stayed and watched til the end of the match a few times and I have a hard time believing I could learn this game well enough to do that poo.
  5. stankowalski


    My 13 year old son plays this all the fuging time. He wants me to play more but I can't be bothered building poo. Like I tell him...when I was growing up they already had poo built for you. Love me some Warframe though.
  6. stankowalski

    Should Jerry's statue stay?

    Man the ultra PC crowd nowadays really makes me sick. Do I think what Jerry has been accused of of is ok? Of course not. But he's been convicted of nothing. He didn't rape anybody, he didn't kill anybody. He made some people uncomfortable. Boo fuging hoo. As a wise man once said, "let he who be without sin cast the first stone." Whether you're religious or not that's the kind of philosophy that everybody should adhere to.
  7. stankowalski

    More misconduct in panthers

    Meh. I met my current girlfriend at work. We flirted back and forth and I'm sure I said or did some poo that would have been frowned upon if I was in a position of power, or rich, or both. Sometimes it's good to be just a regular joe.
  8. stankowalski

    More misconduct in panthers

    It's kind of funny how much society has changed in my lifetime. This kind of thing has been going on for quite a while but it wasn't considered that big of a deal in the past. You can really see how widespread this problem has been just by looking at all the different industries this has been going on in. Everybody from Charlie Rose to Jerry Richardson to Harvey Weinstein. And it goes in the regular joe job's too. I've seen it everywhere. Of course there are varying degrees to how bad it is from person to person but to some degree it happens everywhere. The odd thing to me is that there are women I've known that have went to job interviews dressed in tight clothes leaving little to the imagination. They probably thought it would give them a leg up in getting hired. I believe some women need to be held accountable in that regard. Why not call them out on social media? By the way I'm not defending what any of these guys did but in the end we're just animals and men are hard wired to be attracted to women. The difference between me and those guys is that I know when to keep my mouth shut as far as that kind talk goes. Some men just feel like they can say whatever they want when they get in those positions of power though.
  9. Christ this place is ridiculous. Everybody complaining about his size probably poo their pants when we drafted Smitty back in the day. There's been plenty of "small" players in the NFL having good careers. And I'm not even saying this guy will but let's let it play out before slitting our wrists.
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    Post a pic, any pic.

  11. stankowalski

    Post a pic, any pic.