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  1. stankowalski

    More misconduct in panthers

    Meh. I met my current girlfriend at work. We flirted back and forth and I'm sure I said or did some poo that would have been frowned upon if I was in a position of power, or rich, or both. Sometimes it's good to be just a regular joe.
  2. stankowalski

    More misconduct in panthers

    It's kind of funny how much society has changed in my lifetime. This kind of thing has been going on for quite a while but it wasn't considered that big of a deal in the past. You can really see how widespread this problem has been just by looking at all the different industries this has been going on in. Everybody from Charlie Rose to Jerry Richardson to Harvey Weinstein. And it goes in the regular joe job's too. I've seen it everywhere. Of course there are varying degrees to how bad it is from person to person but to some degree it happens everywhere. The odd thing to me is that there are women I've known that have went to job interviews dressed in tight clothes leaving little to the imagination. They probably thought it would give them a leg up in getting hired. I believe some women need to be held accountable in that regard. Why not call them out on social media? By the way I'm not defending what any of these guys did but in the end we're just animals and men are hard wired to be attracted to women. The difference between me and those guys is that I know when to keep my mouth shut as far as that kind talk goes. Some men just feel like they can say whatever they want when they get in those positions of power though.
  3. Christ this place is ridiculous. Everybody complaining about his size probably poo their pants when we drafted Smitty back in the day. There's been plenty of "small" players in the NFL having good careers. And I'm not even saying this guy will but let's let it play out before slitting our wrists.
  4. stankowalski

    NCAA Tournament

    Carolina's loss didn't surprise me at all. I've watched them all year and Luke Maye just isn't a center and never will be. We need Manley to improve so he can be the starting 5 next year and slide Maye back to the 4 where he belongs.
  5. stankowalski

    NCAA Tournament

    This is crazy. A 16 seed beating a 1 seed had to happen one day i guess.
  6. All of that is just supposition. Nothing in that statement is based in fact. I'll take Smith and his 5 million thanks.
  7. You guys do understand one of the main reasons we wanted Smith right? Ron wanted an EXPERIENCED WR...we got youth everywhere at that position.
  8. stankowalski

    Panthers trade Worley for Torrey Smith

    LOL. So right. These guys assume that if he were released he'd automatically become a Panther by default? How's that work?
  9. Or could this be Gettleman trying to make Hurney do something silly.
  10. stankowalski

    Post a pic, any pic.

  11. stankowalski

    Post a pic, any pic.