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  1. Haters ain’t hatin today

    Look we all get you love Cam...but WHY can't you EVER acknowledge the good blocking
  2. What needs to happen isn't likely to

    Exactly. Do you think NO would have beaten us tonight with the browns defense?
  3. Eagles vs Seahawks

    Yeah we need Philly to win this one guys.
  4. Don't quote Brady and allude to Cam. Brady is the best QB to ever play the game. And I've been around long enough to see Montana.
  5. What needs to happen isn't likely to

    Just wanted to quote my post because every one of the people that poo'd it weren't here in the beginning when I was. Go root for the Patriots you sad fugs. And when Belichek retires don't come back.
  6. What needs to happen isn't likely to

    poo happens. He had the talent to expose us and he did it. If he had the Browns defense do you think the outcome would have been the same?
  7. What needs to happen isn't likely to

    Do you think that might have been because however slight the other team may just have more talent? Not just that but getting the right calls at the right time.
  8. What needs to happen isn't likely to

    Well Daevorn, toolbox and UNCfan can eat a dick. I've been watching this franchise since the franchise's birth and this is the best we've had it.
  9. Neutral Zone Infraction

    This is the one play that ultimately defined the whole game. That non call was huge. If we'd have scored anything the playcalling on both sides of the ball for both teams would have been different. We're not built to come from behind 2 scores so it ultimately affected us more.
  10. What needs to happen isn't likely to

    Mr. Scot...can I call you that? I'm assuming that you've been watching sports for as long as I have, but in your experience of watching sports does every team have the best coach? Can we somehow wrest Belicheat away from New England? No? Of course not. Then again, even Belicheat couldn't get Cleveland going. Speaking of Cleveland, don't you think our franchise is better than they've been? We're one of the youngest franchises and yet "fans" bemoan the fact that we haven't won a superbowl...despite the fact that there are many franchises that haven't even been to a superbowl. We've been to two, we've not won yet but at least we've been there. That in itself is a feat I would say. All that said, let me clue you guys in...great head coaches are not beating down our door trying to get in. We've got a good one now, not great, but good. Maybe one day we'll build this franchise up to where those great head coaches are beating down our door but until then, live in the now and enjoy every win, every divisional title, every NFC championship, until we do win the big one. Because if you don't you're going to be a sour sports fan that beats his wife. Let's not be that guy. Unless she makes shitty lasagna.
  11. Yeah but you gotta admit...in that circumstance given our offense, it's just not going to happen. Unless we were playing the Browns or something.
  12. The Saints were better today but my god that non call for the neutral zone infraction was HUGE, considering the context of the game at the time.
  13. So we don't have a good defense or offense...and you're surprised that we lost today? Why?
  14. Absolutely not. I would have let Montana throw it up to Rice a few times and see what happens.