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  1. NCAA Tournament

    This is crazy. A 16 seed beating a 1 seed had to happen one day i guess.
  2. All of that is just supposition. Nothing in that statement is based in fact. I'll take Smith and his 5 million thanks.
  3. You guys do understand one of the main reasons we wanted Smith right? Ron wanted an EXPERIENCED WR...we got youth everywhere at that position.
  4. Panthers trade Worley for Torrey Smith

    LOL. So right. These guys assume that if he were released he'd automatically become a Panther by default? How's that work?
  5. Or could this be Gettleman trying to make Hurney do something silly.
  6. Ok from what I've read there, which seems to me to be basic water cooler talk, is that Hurney had some ideas that weren't good and people had to talk him out of it. Let's say I choose to believe that he did want to trade up to get Clausen, which obviously would have been one of the worst draft moves I could imagine. He didn't. Whether someone had to talk him out of it or not is irrelevant to me. In fact I am somewhat glad to hear that he isn't one of those guys that doesn't take input and just does what he wants. In any case, as I've stated before the only real problem I had with Hurney was the mismanagement of the cap and crazy contracts. If he does the same thing then this will be a terrible hire. If he does learn from his past mistakes, as people do believe it or not, then he might actually turn into a good GM.
  7. The problem I have with posts like this is that you're spinning hyperbole without much context. Give some context if you believe in what you're saying and want to sway the undecided, like me. I don't think Hurney was either great or awful the last time he was here. He had some solid draft picks and some head scratchers...which most GM's do by the way. His problem to me was managing the cap. If he can somehow improve that aspect of being a GM then I think he'll do ok.
  8. If Norv can get consistency with the blocking from the O-line, stop Cam from throwing off of his back foot, and apply generous amounts of stick'um to the receivers hands...we just might see some improvement.
  9. Haters ain’t hatin today

    Look we all get you love Cam...but WHY can't you EVER acknowledge the good blocking
  10. What needs to happen isn't likely to

    Exactly. Do you think NO would have beaten us tonight with the browns defense?
  11. Eagles vs Seahawks

    Yeah we need Philly to win this one guys.
  12. Don't quote Brady and allude to Cam. Brady is the best QB to ever play the game. And I've been around long enough to see Montana.
  13. What needs to happen isn't likely to

    Just wanted to quote my post because every one of the people that poo'd it weren't here in the beginning when I was. Go root for the Patriots you sad fugs. And when Belichek retires don't come back.
  14. What needs to happen isn't likely to

    poo happens. He had the talent to expose us and he did it. If he had the Browns defense do you think the outcome would have been the same?
  15. What needs to happen isn't likely to

    Do you think that might have been because however slight the other team may just have more talent? Not just that but getting the right calls at the right time.