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  1. New DOOM

    Kind of hate the mulitplayer now because you can't tell who is hacking with the hack modules being in play.
  2. Best Hair Band songs

    I loved Ozzy back then too. But that Pantera song was absolute garbage lol. I had no idea they had glam roots. Thank God they went in another direction.
  3. New DOOM

    Yeah I got it. It's good for some mindless fun.
  4. new Radiohead new Radiohead new Radiohead

    Not sure what other band I was shitting on. I'm assuming you're referring to Pink Floyd since that is the only other band I've mentioned in this thread I think. For the record The Wall is one of the best albums of all time so not sure why you think I'm shitting on that album. Also, I'm not shitting on Radiohead, I just don't like either of the songs posted in here.
  5. new Radiohead new Radiohead new Radiohead

    You can eat poo...nobody cares about you or your opinion.
  6. new Radiohead new Radiohead new Radiohead

    Meh you have a point. Apologies, I sometimes revert back to the old stan.
  7. new Radiohead new Radiohead new Radiohead

    I enter whatever thread I please. So save your fug offs. This song is another god awful song. Look I get what he is trying to do with his "pushing boundaries". There was another band that did this, but much better...Pink Floyd. Check that out and leave this poo in the garbage.
  8. Glad you could narrow that down

    Used to love that show with Art Bell. Never believed a word of it, but it was interesting.
  9. Electronic Music

    I have no idea if this video fits but I'm posting it anyway. Imagine Ricky Gervais as a Korean rapper and you get Psy.
  10. Civilization VI just announced!

    And let's be honest here, it isn't about the graphics.
  11. Civilization VI just announced!

    Yeah 5 was great all around. I think I actually started playing on Civ 3 also and it does seem to get better and better. Not sure how much more they can add to it to be honest but I'm hoping they come up with some new ideas but keep a lot of the old concepts in place.
  12. 360 View Of Toronado

    I was hoping it was from the inside of a tornado.
  13. The Quarter Life Crisis

    Just try not to be one of those people who at the end of their life wonders where it all went wrong.
  14. Metal Music favorites

    Anybody remember this one?
  15. Overwatch

    I'm definitely thinking of picking this up on release for PC. Haven't really decided yet.