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  1. I remember this. Urlacher opened his mouth about 89 leading up to the game because he didn't do much against them during the regular season that year. People around here called Tillman Roasted Peanut for a while after.
  2. Number being retired, cool. Statue? No way. Next one to get a statue is TD.
  3. Worley didn't mess that up. Granted he's not played will. But that was not an example of bad play.
  4. Mass shooting in Las Vegas

    Your post insinuated that 2nd amendment advocates are culpable for some of what happened. The logic is the same.
  5. Mass shooting in Las Vegas

    Next time some Syrian, Afghan, or Iraqi refugee yells Allahu Akbar while blowing people up in a crowded European subway, that the people who let refugees from those countries into their borders are partially responsible? Because that's the same logic you used to make that statement.
  6. Protesting from a veteran’s perspective

    Colin kneeling didn't affect me, as a combat veteran. Good on him for listening to someone to find a middle ground. Wish more people could. Colin wearing a Fidel Castro shirt after speaking about against injustice irritated me. People freaking out over Jay Cutler being signed in Miami over Kaep irritated me.
  7. Pissing Excellence Gets Cam Drug Tested

    James Harrison was randomly tested 7 times last season.
  8. He expressed a personal view during a rally. That doesn't qualify telling people what to do.
  9. I personally don't care about the protests. They don't deprecate the memory of the people I served with who never came home, it doesn't disrespect their families, and it doesn't change the meaning of that anthem to me. I gladly serve for people's right to freedom. All people. Whether I agree with you or not. Whether you choose to make a statement or not. I don't demand anything from anyone. JR, @Cookie Lyon, or anyone else.
  10. This is the first exchange we've ever had and it took two posts for you to resort to this childish crap. You've got nothing of substance to say and it's honestly disappointing. I was hoping for more from you. Oh well. It's funny that you told me to cry in a corner. You're the one that can't hold rational discussion.
  11. What makes it ridiculous? Seriously. If he doesn't want to get involved with that respect his stance. I'm sure the players do.
  12. Who are we to say what he should or shouldn't do? If the man felt like he needed to respond, he would. It's all reactionary BS. His statements are not the worst thing government has done in the sports world. It's not like there's Congressional hearings going on.
  13. Shula has to get fired

    I put this in the game day thread. First drive out of the half was delayed handoff from shotgun to CMC, wildcat option, and then a smoke screen to Samuels. Seriously what the hell is he trying to accomplish with this series?
  14. Our first drive of the half was a HB delay handoff, wildcat, and smoke screen. With plays like that, it's no wonder they have teed of on us.
  15. This guy is priceless. By the way I like to spell it Billlls. Gotta give you credit for the other two.
  16. Polian says BOA will be "50% Bills Fans"

    i only noticed bills fans in the stadium when spiller, Watkins, or spikes was on their team. the entire spikes family from Shelby would show up. and that's a huge family.
  17. Some trash talk from 49ers fans

    Sugar in the tank? Tough talk from someone who bleeds Crisco. Not to mention their team is from of all places ... San Fran.
  18. Well?

  19. Panthers Claim QB Brad Kaaya

    How many people will get this?