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  1. Cam said "It felt like a hostile environment"

    I don't think we were as loud as the previous two games, but no way Packers fans were louder. In our section, people mocked Packers " go pack go" by screaming "go back home". Besides, many Packer fans left when they fell behind by 3 scores...
  2. Panthers OTA Notes - Week 2

    Always wondered why KK didn't play DE some...
  3. Did you know? Cam Newton the pescatarian.

    I thought that meant he just sat in the same pew at church every week....
  4. Panthers NFL Draft Prospect - Justin Coleman

    Since we're probably looking at "B" at 25, it would be great if he could trade back and get 2 "Bs"
  5. Shaq Thompson In The First?

    Always hoped he'd drop to 25, but I was less excited after combine.