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  1. Luke is questionable. He was out against the Vikings, and was in limited practice. about 50/50 to play Sunday. Edit: According to the Pete Carroll news conference about an hour ago, Willson should be good to go
  2. So we meet again

  3. So we meet again

    I think Russell would enjoy it, more room to roam around. Good lookin' out Cam. Love that picture haha.... safe to say Ciara was an upgrade, dumped her ass at the right time.
  4. So we meet again

    There it is! haha, To be fair, it's probably pretty hard to fingerbang Ciara with his SB ring on his finger.
  5. So we meet again

    Well, I tried to insert a gif. But apparently i'm terrible at it.
  6. So we meet again

  7. So we meet again

    You sick, sick man....
  8. So we meet again

    Of course, he is everyones favorite Canadian, who wouldn't want Hawk?haha
  9. So we meet again

    Somebody needs to be doing it.
  10. So we meet again

    I have been on this board since around 2009, usually post whenever we play.... I usually like hearing the other side of the coin on our boards as long as they are reasonable. Didn't mean to "blow up your forum", hopefully the 10 seconds you spent reading this wasn't too much of a burden.
  11. So we meet again

    Hey all, been a while since I posted, but over the years I have loved coming over to the forums whenever we match up, some of the more level headed fans on the net.This little contest is turning into quite the rivalry and i'm beyond stoked for this Sunday. First off, hats off to you guys for a great regular season, some people are finally starting to give you the credit you deserve, but not nearly enough. Honestly, with the way you finished out the regular season last year, it didn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that you guys were going to be for real this year, and a crash course (again) in the playoffs was likely around the bend. True, the Seahawks are a much improved team over the last half of the season, and is definitely a different team with their entire offensive approach and defense finally being healthy. However, the Panthers have looked like a buzzsaw in the final half of the season, and not enough people are pointing out the fact that they have been playing unreal ball as well. I love Russell Wilson, and without him, we would not be in the position we are today, but Cam deserves the MVP for a reason, he has finally taken that step that people were waiting for him to take for so long and he is going to be in that elite tier for years to come. Carolina poses a very tough threat to the Hawks, because not only is their defense a legit top 5 defense, but your offense has been very tough to stop. Anyone that has watched Seahawk games with any frequency knows that the biggest threat when it comes to the passing game is a legit tight end that can run a proper seam. When the Seahawks get caught off balance and have to get away from their zone game and have to play man, which doesn't happen often, really good tight ends have a way of making us look silly. I heardGreg Olson cat is pretty dang good. That is one of my biggest concerns on offense. On defense, Josh Norman is a fuging freak, and he will be one of the best corners in the game for a long, long time. That guy does things that no other corner in the world can do. Of course with Kuechly anchoring that defense as well, our offense is going to have a tough time capitalizing in the redzone, and that is my biggest concern on defense in that, I think we will be able to have some opportunities in the redzone, but a bit concerned that you guys will hold us out when it matters, and thats what the game will boil down to. It's been awesome seeing the development of your team, especially your defense. The Panthers have always reminded me of the Seahawks with the way they ran their team, and what they wanted to do with the ball, and it's only fitting that we meet again in the same round we did last year, albeit a different venue. The Seahawks need this win to prove that we can also win on the road, and not just at home. But the winner of this game will come down to ball control. I don't see a 34-31 type shootout game, I see long drives and a lot of work from Gano and Hauschka (hopefully we won't have -7 degree temps) and it will probably come down to a couple redzone drives at the end of the game. No matter the result, both teams have a lot to be proud of and it's going to be a hell of a fight all the way to the end. Cheers, let's have a great one, and of course, thanks again for having me. Prediction - 17-13 Hawks
  12. Official Panthers - 49ers Gameday Thread

    Wow. Haven't seen a call that far fetched in a long, long time. Thats bullshit.
  13. The Braves

    At least you guys HAVE a world series championship.... hell, I would be happy if the M's even made it there. haha