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  1. There was a great deal of draft talk about the DL prospects being the best in a decade but according to Steelers GM Kevin Colbert (on Sirius) who has been in scouting since 1984, this was the best CB class in 30 years. He said there will be solid starters from round 1 thru 5. Seems fairly obvious to me that Gman saw the same thing and triple dipped, not from a position of weakness, but of strength. He wasn't just filling a need, he was drafting future starters.
  2. Panthers UDFA RB/FB Devon "Rockhead" Johnson

    The new NFL values flexibilty due to the increasing use of no huddle offense which limit substitutions. RR has said that the basic idea of play calling is to take advantage of mismatches. Essentially, if you get a defense in base, you throw, in nickel you run. If you can get a player who can line up at RB, TE, or in the slot, you can shift from 11, 12, or 21 personnel without suubstituting. This forces the defense to change assignments on the fly and can lead to mistakes and big plays. From a defensive perspective, the above is why we took Shaq last year and why we want as many three down DL(Butler) a possible.
  3. Generally when a player signs with a year left on his contract, the team can negotiate a discount. The player gets money sooner and gives up a bigger contrat in lieu of a possible injury or reduced level of play. Gman is probably offering top 10 but not top 5. If KK wants that he'll have to get it next year. There's always a tradeoff between risk and reward.
  4. Team: ....if you're undrafted, we'd be interested in signing you.... Player: ...... If you want me that bad...pick me
  5. PFF Draft Board: Carolina Panthers

    Same size as Troy Palomalo, Bob Sanders, Earl Thomas, etc.. I guess you would pass on these player too. KJ is the highest rated safety on most boards despite the ACL ( non- contact practice like KB) and may have been a top 15 pick w/o the injury. PFF had him rated the fifth best defensive player in the country before the injury, which should be ready by TC. He is the exact profile of player the Panthers like. A 4 year starter , two year captain, who came back for his senior year to get his degree for his mom. 42 of the 44 sacks last year came from the front seven. Adding someone who can get pressure from the backend can be as important as another DE. I wouldn't be shocked if Gman has a 1st round grade .
  6. Why not a Sign and Trade with J.No

    Gman didn't need to give Norman permission to seek a trade because he was not under contract. What he probably said was the we would negotiate compensation less than the two no.1s. If Josh had signed the tender, then we could have traded him.
  7. Gettlemens Negotiation with Norman

    It really seem fairly simple to me. We wanted to keep Josh for one more,year to keep the team together for another run at the SB. When he refused to sign the tender and threatened a holdout out, we didn't want the distraction. My guess is that we told his agent if he could find a trade we would be willing to negotiate less than the two 1s, and nothing came of it. Finally we needed to do something before the draft to replace him.
  8. Panthers rescind Norman's franchise tag...

    The next time Gman tags a player, it will be signed in about a minute and a half, if they want to stay.
  9. Panthers trading out of Round 1 more likely

    There's a value to the fifth year option, but that value goes down for RBs, TEs and Ss who are the lowest paid. If the Panthers pick a DT or DE, I would expect them to stay put, but if they are looking at the former, I could see them trading back since that's where the value is for those positions and it would give them the ability to trade up later.
  10. Gil Brandt's top 100, for what it's worth.

    I've followed the godfather's top 100 for a number of years and he's unbelievably accurate. While they may not come off the board exactly, he got 96 of the 100 last year and has averaged around 94/95.
  11. Are people trolling with this Derrick Henry stuff?

    On Henry's pro day he only did receiving drills. I'm good with running anything to catch the ball," Henry said. "Anything to make myself more versatile, more useful, I'm all for it." Gman values versatility and could think that he could be used as a RB,HB, and even TE. Our offense is being built more around the no huddle and having players that can line up in different formations w/o substituting is important. An Aaron Hernadez type to complement Olsen would be impressive.
  12. The Panther use BPA like many other teams, they take about 5 players who they think will be at their pick, rate them 1-5 and take the BPA when pick. Gman said so much last year when explaining the trade up for Funchess said they had 5 players they were looking at and when they started to quickly go off the board , they made a move up. If it happens that a player that is rated well ahead of their 5 falls, like Ealy, they will take them regardless of position need. The theme of last year's draft was versatility, for no huddle offenses. Shaq for staying in base or nickel w/o substituting and Funchess for moving around the los depending on what the defense was in. With KBs injury they couldn't do much of this, but I would expect much more often this year. In fact, i still think that we are looking at him as a Aaron Hernandez complement to Olsen. From lining him up at TE (he played at Mich), in the slot , or even in the backfield. If this happens, I doubt we look for a first round TE.
  13. Panthers ink Boykin

    The icing on the cake is that Boykins salary/bonus is a 4 yr veteran minimum, which means that it will count only $600k against he cap.
  14. Saints have $1.298M million in cap space (updated)

    The Saints have more than 30million in dead money this year for players who are no longer on the team. That's almost 20% of the cap. Combine that with a bottom feeder defense and another. 30 million in cap dedicated to Brees (before his extention) and you have a team in turmoil, scrambling to grab anything that hasn't started to completely smell. If Payton hadn't sold his soul for $45 million, he'd be gone too. This team is on the ropes and the division isn't getting any easier. The bags are on getting stacked by the door and it won't be long before their back
  15. Derrick Henry to visit Panthers

    We had a chance to draft Henry's "twin" 20 years ago and took Tim B instead. What a colossal mistake. Eddie George (6'3" 240) won the heisman and was ROY in 1996. He finished with 10,000+ yds and 78 TDs. He definitely deserves a hard look.