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  1. The Panthers need a tall WR on the PS to back up Funchess in case of injury and to groom for next year If we can’t resign. I don’t know if Howard is that player, but Hurney has to plan for someone.
  2. You must be crazy....this is an internet message board. Apparently the whole idea is to be disagreeable, sprew venom, and be otherwise small mnded.
  3. JR built his business one hamburger and grand slam at a time. Tepper makes or loses hundreds of millions on a financial bet. It’s two totally different mindsets in building and operating business models. While Tepper says he’ll take the long view, people in his industry have a thirst for “calculated “risk and always think they are the smartest one in the room. If he doesn’t have someone with football knowledge he trusts that can tell him no, he could eventually become a meddling owner.
  4. Not so fast.....Today’s SCOTUS ruling legalizing state betting is said to possibly have a substantial positive effect on team value. It would fiscally irresponsible for the sellers agent not to consider this new info in its valuation. If there has been no signature it aint a done deal.
  5. As I’ve said before, not all billionaires are created equal and it appears that the final price has been determined by only one qualified bidder when auctions need two or more to drive the price up. However, if he wanted, JR could sell his 48% stake for 1.3 billion or more since other bidders would then qualify. The minority owners would then be “stuck” with more valuable stock but no way to cash out, because Tepper have have no incentive to buy them out. As such JR is taking the high road of integrity and taking less himself while allowing his partners to have a way to monetize their investment.
  6. He’s doing this for the limited partners as much as for himself since they actually own a higher % than him.
  7. sml1950

    The team under Tepper

    JR made a strategic decision when he opted to sell the entire franchise rather than his 48%. This allowed his limited partners to cash out and reduced the number of qualified bidders. Not all billionaires are created equal and this weeded out the rift raft. Nararro now seems to fit into that category where the difference between one and two billion in cash is the gatekeeper allowing you into Club NFL.
  8. For all of you in the Charlotte market who go to the games, you may want to root for the lowest bid winning. The higher the eventual bid , the higher the ticket prices, parking and concessions and yes the more likely a new stadium requirement.
  9. Heard DJack on Sirius yesterday and he is a slightly lower level Josh Norman mouth..for now. RR has told him he will play on the outside and he can’t wait to go against Moore everyday in practice. Should be very competitive and vocal early on. Said it should make both of them better going against each other. Also wants to just line everyone up at one time who thinks they’re faster, so he can beat them all at once.
  10. It’s not so much the total amount of net worth...it’s the liquity. Cash has to be paid for the franchise as the debt amount is limited by the league . If the purchaser’s net worth consists of ill liquid or private market securities, they must either be sold(creating tax consequences) or borrowed against( creating debt obligations). The purchaser also will need cash to operate the club. As an example, Matt Ryan’s latest contact includes about $50 million at signing and another $ 45 million fully guaranteed which had to be escrowed at signing per the CBA agreement. So Blank had to have access to $95 million for one contract.
  11. sml1950

    Elijah Hood claimed off waivers

    I think Norv may be looking for a Lagarrete Blount type that he can use in short yardage and goal line situations, rather than having Cam continue to go over the top and expose himself to injury.
  12. sml1950

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    Can’t help being a little scared when the Huddle is so uniformly support of Hurney.
  13. sml1950

    Voth on DB coach options

    The good thing about having a long term coach is continuity of scheme. The bad thing about having a long term coach is continuity of scheme. RR says he has always makes it a point to self scout so we don’t fall into to many predictable patterns. The best way to do this for coaches is to bring in new talent who looks through glasses differently. New coaches are not invested in players and scheme and might see things that the current group can’t. The NFC South has seen this defense for too long and has learned how to defeat it. We need new “eyes” and the fact that no internal promotion has yet been made, gives me hope that we may go outside.
  14. “Franchise” QBs have traditionally signed between 16-18% of the cap and the numbers will continue to go up as long as the cap increases. The big news here is that Blank had to escrow $100 million upon signature since teams must set guaranteed monies in an account per the collective bargaining agreement.
  15. You work with what ya got, and we’ve got plenty of diverse packages. The one I can’t wait to see is usually described in pass rushing defensive terms...our NASCAR package, 11 personnel with three wrs, 1 te, and 1 rb. Moore 4.42 Samuel 4.31 Smith 4.36 Olsen. 4.51 CMC 4.48 That’s goona keep DCs up at nite.