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  1. This now brings our comp 3rd back for Norwell and a trade of Butler for Apple a possibility
  2. This offseason is off the charts

    Maybe you should take some of your new found wealth and buy a full page Huddle ad in the Observer proclaiming a Super Bowl guarantee in honor of Kalil, Davis and Peppers final year.
  3. Solder’s 15/yr now makes Kalil’s contract look cheap and actually tradeable next year
  4. J-Stew to the Giants

    Kind of expect us to get one of Norv’s former players to act as “coach in the locker room”
  5. Remember, signing any A contract FA will likely cost us Norwell’s comp pick. So add the salary plus a third round pick in next year’s draft, then decide if it’s worth it. If we’re signing any “ big “FAs this year, they will be street FAs who have been cut and don’t count against comp formulas, or FAs after the comp period has expired.
  6. After we re-sign Star, Hurney trades Butler to the Giants for Eli Apple and their 4th rounder. Butler never has fit into this D and Apple is immature. This gives each a new start at a need position for each team.
  7. Current CAP Situation?

    You want more cap space..... Cam’s P5 salary is $14.5 million....gaurantee it and spread over the three years left on contract and....viola almost $10million in cap space. However, then dead money becomes an issue down the road.
  8. RTP and PTR is too simplistic a concept for today’s OCs. They’re playing chess now, not checkers. The idea now is to take advantage of the mismatches. If the D is in nickel you look to run and if they bring 8in the box you pass. This is why so many teams are going to no huddle. It keeps the D from subbing and the play call takes advantage of this. This is also why the term RPO has become so pervasive. Teams call two plays and wait to see how the D lines up before chosing the best mismatch. It also easy to see that runs are not just handoffs anymore. RBs are catching more passes, but it is essentially a running play.
  9. GM Candidate Profiles

    The Panthers are making a big mistake by not interviewing 6-8 canidates, even if Hurney is the choice. Interviewing for a GM position involves an indepth outline of what personnel decisions would be addressed. This is the time to pick their brains on if they would resign Norwell or Star and and how they would replace them or deal with the cap implications. Getting info on who they would draft or sign as FAs can help guide us in looking at different approaches or confirming our thoughts.
  10. Turner didn’t come here with hat in hand begging to get back into the NFL. He needs to be convinced with more than a contract and money. I’m sure that this included demands of running the offense as well as player releases, FA acquisitions and draft choices. While RR could give assurances on some of the, he may have been blocked by MH on others. So this may end up being a powerplay between RR and MH on who runs FA and the draft.
  11. The Panther use BPA like many other teams, they take about 5 players who they think will be at their pick, rate them 1-5 and take the BPA when pick. Gman said so much last year when explaining the trade up for Funchess said they had 5 players they were looking at and when they started to quickly go off the board , they made a move up. If it happens that a player that is rated well ahead of their 5 falls, like Ealy, they will take them regardless of position need. The theme of last year's draft was versatility, for no huddle offenses. Shaq for staying in base or nickel w/o substituting and Funchess for moving around the los depending on what the defense was in. With KBs injury they couldn't do much of this, but I would expect much more often this year. In fact, i still think that we are looking at him as a Aaron Hernandez complement to Olsen. From lining him up at TE (he played at Mich), in the slot , or even in the backfield. If this happens, I doubt we look for a first round TE.
  12. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    It's really not all that complicated, the Panthers are just better at what they do than Denver is at what it does. We will be able to Impose our will on them on both sides of the ball
  13. Amazing that Gman is so nondescript that he has to wear a field pass...at home.
  14. Panthers Trade for Jared Allen

    It only seems right that since Hurney overpaid CJ to keep him away from Atlanta, Gman would get a deal on JA and keep him away from the Falcons.
  15. Buh bye Stephen Hill

    NFL policy is extremely lenient on illegal drugs. Each player (who is not in the substance abuse program) is only tested once a year between April 20- Aug 9. After they pass that test they can do as much pot, coke, etc. as they want without any worry until the next April. This assumes they do not actually get caught by law enforcement. I doubt this stop would put Hill in the substance abuse program unless JR insisted in order to stay on the roster.