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  1. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    Hey it is You Fusion going to the Ravens.
  2. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    It means "You fusion" in Indonesian. Does that help?

    I guess he will start the season in the drug program.
  4. Predict Gettleman's Day 3 WTF pick?

    That German WR.
  5. Just gained a ton of respect for Drew Rosenhaus

    I think it is a girl. Most people would not name a boy Elle.
  6. Skip (the master troll) Bayless is leaving ESPN in August

    he is going to officially be the voice of the Dallas Cowboys now. Not that he wasn't before, it just never was official.
  7. Star's 5th year option picked up

    They had announced the intention of doing it, but now they made it official.
  8. Yes, and they will go ballistic because we did not replace both Smitty and JNo with the first round hybrid Receiver/Corner that would have answered all of our problems, and only wanted to play for the minimum salary, because he only wants to win championships, and money means nothing.
  9. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    So who still wants to go to bed with the red witch?
  10. Cam Signs Deal With A Danish Mobile Game Company

    Not quoting you but the article. So it has finally happened. Cam's statement has come true.
  11. Mike Tirico is going to NBC, and he's leaving ESPN.

    Dennis Miller? I am sure he is available.
  12. Trade down with the Jaguars...

    I just don't see it happening. Unless the trade includes a first next year, the 5th year option is just too much of an advantage. The other problem is that if they stockpile picks, then you will have more draftees than roster spots. The odds of multiple5th, 6th, or 7th round players making the roster are slim this year, due to the fact that there are not really that many holes to fill. We did not lose a great quantity of players. Why trade for players that are not going to make it?
  13. Trade down with the Jaguars...

    How many times must people be told that trading out of the first is not a smart move because you lose the 5th year option. G-man will not trade down out of the first. Certainly not for a player who got demoted because he was beaten like a redheaded step child.
  14. Better Call Saul!

    Chuck is a douche. that is all.