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  1. Happy Panther

    This is the republican party

  2. Happy Panther

    dotards dog and pony show of victims of "illegals"

    And it doesn't have to be at an official station. It has long been understood that if you present yourself to an official as seeking asylum no matter how you got here you are afforded protections. This is from Article 31 of the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees: Non-penalization, Detention and Protection. Here is a description of how things worked prior to march 2018: Keep in mind that along with zero tolerance the administration has also removed gangs/crime from the list of reasons to seek asylum leaving only persecution due to beliefs. Additionally they are severely limiting access to ports of entry or even closing them.
  3. Happy Panther

    Start of Summer means.....

    Strange question. I will eat anything. Moose bear bison boar rabbit goat lamb deer elk pig (black pudding!) frog alligator horse duck goose pheasant quail all the fish all the shell fish (abalone!) snail octopus. I'm sure I am missing some. Pretty sure I had fried grasshopper or some crap when i was little.
  4. Happy Panther

    Start of Summer means.....

    Meh...what counts as pets and what counts as food is pretty arbitrary and usually depends on if the animal is cute. Dogs and cats are fluffy so we don't eat them. Horses are majestic so don't eat them. Cows are dumb (they aren't) and delicious so we eat them. Pigs are dumb (they aren't) and not fluffy and delicious so we definitely eat them. And keep some as pets too. And don't even get me started on goats.
  5. Happy Panther

    WTF have we become

    Yes that is why it is bad journalism. Time should have vetted that statement.
  6. Happy Panther

    WTF have we become

    The picture takes one of the most iconic images from the current immigrant crisis and juxtaposes it with the head of the administration that ordered the no tolerance policy resulting in thousands of children being separated from family (and some never being returned. Cat summed it up better though...its the pain on the child's face staring at the heartless President. While the photograph itself doesn't suggest the fate of the child (the original photograph described it as a family facing possible separation) Time dig suggest that the child had been taken away from the mother and that is bad journalism. It happens and you can criticize the media when it does.
  7. Happy Panther

    WTF have we become

  8. Happy Panther

    Cabs vs Uber

    Sorry OP but Uber is simply way better for me. I don't know why taxis exist where I live. The last time I had a taxi was to a Panthers game like 6 years ago before Uber was available in my area. I did set it up ahead of time so didn't have to wait an hour after I called. But the car was a pile of crap and smelled. The lady was Ok but wasn't a very good driver. Never had a bad Uber driver and it allows us to have a car in front of my house in 10 minutes (Lyft says 5 minutes right now.) Which also means if my kids says lets go out and watch a game at the pub I don't have to worry about having a couple of beers. If you are in NYC sure cabs are still an option.
  9. Happy Panther

    Trump trolling America??

    "One reader summed it up better than most of them. She talked about how the season is winter, the occasion was business and a sleeveless dress was the wrong style at the wrong time," said Chicago Tribune style reporter Wendy Donahue. She said the paper's Web site has received hundreds of online responses about Obama's outfit. "Most of the complaints centered on the dress conveying a sense of informality on a serious occasion," Donahue said. "She's kind of faced some criticism for that in the past where people have said maybe [her clothing is] distracting from the central point, from what is going on." Even some Washington insiders were surprised by Obama's wear because of the frigid February weather. "When she was at the non-State of the Union address and had the sleeveless dress on, that was a bit of a surprise and I got some e-mails from some folks who were, you know, they work on the Hill and they were like, 'Wow she's sleeveless,'" Henderson said. "'Nobody else is sleeveless here and it is the winter.'"
  10. Happy Panther

    Trump trolling America??

    Agree that she knew what she was doing. It's not as if it is her first time in the public eye. It's not as if she didn't understand that anything she wears will be on the front page of something. It's just another do whistle in a vile series of dog whistles. My real question is what are the logistics of this. Is Miller somewhere in the depths of the Whitehorse saying "here is our next plan to divide the nation?" Did Trump ask her to wear it? Did she buy it on her own and wear it? Whole thing is bizarre.
  11. Happy Panther

    WTF have we become

  12. Happy Panther

    WTF have we become

  13. Happy Panther

    WTF have we become