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  1. Things that trump says

    Yes. And it has never been the presidents job to act as a judge or juror. But Trump has routinely tried to get others to fire or punish private citizens.
  2. Things that trump says

    Presidents have always had a duty to negotiate the release of overseas prisoners. Trump has already done that successfully this year many times. He simply did his job. He has a duty to the American public and to actually not help get these kids out of jail would be a dereliction of that duty. But his comments have nothing to do with his role as a public servant and his responsibility to the American people.. It has everything to do with him being a narcissist who thinks the world should kiss his ass. He is suggesting that if you don't bow to him he would happily shirk his job to screw you over. That is scary and disgusting at the same time.
  3. RIP Kelvin Benjamin('s knee)

    Hope he is OK.
  4. Things that trump says

    Um you just did call him that. And you are old.
  5. Things that trump says

    Trump says something awful almost daily. Nasty or divisive or a fat out lie. This thread shall be a repository of hist greatest hits. For posterity of course. I'll start: This black guy didn't kiss my rich white ass so i should have left some American citizens in a Chinese jail. Classy.
  6. Work place drug test question

    As others have said I don't see anything illegal about this. Every company that has a drug testing program had to start it at sometime. As far as signing something, if that is required in his/her state I'm sure it would be a matter of "sign this or you are fired." Not a lawyer.
  7. Roger Goodell wants a 40% raise

    Goodell does not have an easy job. Just keeping 32 Billionaires relatively happy is a mountain. He and the NFLPA don't really get along and are constantly battling. Despite that resided as an owner friendly CBA was negotiated. He has to manage CTE, protests, domestic violence. Despite all of this he has ensured that the owners are getting richer through TV deals and global expansion and everything else. Goodell is effectively the CEO of a $14B company which is making its shareholders pretty happy. Jones is pissed that Goodell suspended his player. Nobody is going to take this job without being paid a huge amount of money..
  8. Trump is sending our tax money to Duterte

    Trudeau: We are concerned about your human rights violations Trump: Have some money.
  9. Yep Senate can rewrite and if I recall the house would even get a revote. I have no thoughts that this would ever get passed but I have my accountant on speed dial. Adding the ACA in is a hail mary and I think makes this all undoable. Thing for me is if this were to get passed I would want to get as much income deferred until next year where I could presumably have it all taxed at 20% or whatever the law becomes.
  10. https://www.cbpp.org/research/federal-tax/republican-leadership-tax-plans-pass-through-tax-break-would-provide-massive
  11. I'm not sure of what version of this whole thing we are on but parts of the tax bill really affects Sole P's and S-Corps. At one point I stood to save a massive amount of money. Haven't had a chance to see what the latest bill does for pass through entities.
  12. Welp looks like we got another one

    Fine, victims.
  13. Welp looks like we got another one

    Of course they have. However the statute of limitations will be up in many of these and for many others its he said she said. What I am hearing from you is these women need to shut up and keep quiet.
  14. Welp looks like we got another one

    Ignoring any women who make false claims (which is very important too but just ignoring it for now) the reason women are coming out is because sexual harassment has always been a crime where the victim feels shame to come out. It has been historically easier for the woman to keep it a secret for fear of being blamed or shamed or even attacked because the male is often in a position of power. Just this week we learned that Weinstein hired a PI to help get Rose McGowan arrested for her alleged drug crime. And she gets arrested just days after she came out with her allegations of sexual assault. What a coincidence. And keeping it bottled is psychologically damaging. So yes there are often very good reasons for women to relieve themselves of such a burden. Claiming that someone is doing this to create melodrama is pretty petty. May as well blame it on PMS.
  15. Welp looks like we got another one

    If you repeat "crooked hillary" and "20% of USA's uranium supply" enough times it sticks.