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  1. Kathy Griffin

    Yes KG is a hack so it shouldn't surprise you when she does shock comedy. Yes its wrong but she is tasteless. We knew this. Trump is the frigging president.
  2. Mueller must be hot on Trump's heals...

    http://www.businessinsider.com/obamacare-repeal-graham-cassidy-bill-gaining-steam-2017-9 Just noting that there is quietly another bill ready to go for repeal and McCain says he may vote yes this time.
  3. Yeah TNF is basically a participation trophy.
  4. Are there any good cops out there?

    This. My buddy who spends his life grilling cops on the witness stand maintains that 95% of them are good people doing the best job they can. He is in a medium sized city not LA/NYC.
  5. Clinton Is Having A Mental Breakdown

    Did a trump supporter just call Clinton narcissistic?
  6. I mean conducting a revolt. Like actually criticizing Trump and not getting banned.
  7. Bill Polian said this might be a home game for the Bills lol. Anyway years ago I went to every game religiously. After too many bland experiences I am much less inclined to go if the weather isn't nice. It's just a long day and sitting through pause in game-play after pause in game-play is tedious when there is the appeal of sitting in front of the big screen with all your fantasy stuff and the option of switching over to a good game when the Panthers lay an egg. Of course i bought two more PSLs this offseason...
  8. The Donald was revolting this morning.
  9. Meh if there is some evidence that he is being shady then that's important. It looks like he is either the last of the three to settle his debts or the only one that is being transparent about it. Trump has a long history of shirking debts, making people sue him etc. Bernie does not. So it is funny that this sort whataboutism continues.
  10. Is this some kind of a joke?

    The president has very little direct effect on the economy. Economic policies are on a pretty long lag and the President himself doesn't make many policies himself that do much. Obama didn't pull us out of recession, he simply did what his advisors told him (and bush put the wheels in motion). What the president has done is promise infrastructure spending and tax reform while increasing our debt immensely. Trump will end up being terrible for the economy because when the economy is booming is when you cut spending and increase taxes (imo). We have given this moron a booming economy which he takes credit for and he is a kid in a candy shop. I assume the $4B you mention (link please) is related to the stock market. And yes CAT and CMI and the like are up 50%. If Trump can't get his tax or infrastructure deals done they will go right back down. I guess my question is what exactly, in your opinion has trump done to spur the economy? Specific answers please.
  11. Is this some kind of a joke?

    This conservative deflection device is new since the election. It's similar to "it's just words" and "why you so mad" bro. I think the fact that the leader of the free world so to speak is a pathological narcissistic liar who has no political knowledge is very dangerous. We are really just hoping we can get rid of this bozo before he truly fugs something up. I guess that makes me a progressive loser. Maybe one day I will be edgy and aloof and not care.
  12. Is this some kind of a joke?