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    2012...just sayin. And Putin was killing people back then too.
  2. Another School Shooting- Let's Review Latest Gun Legislation

    Are there any pure Libertarians?
  3. Trump literally admits...

    Yep, all Trump had to do was caveat that he was speaking about goods...which is what he seems to care about. He is a buffoon.
  4. Trump literally admits...

    Depending on the source and what is measured, some put us at a trade deficit. We are basically trade neutral.
  5. Trump literally admits...

    Beat me to it by 2 minutes. The dude is deranged. But not as deranged as the people who i presume were eating this crap up.
  6. Interested in 2016 Super Bowl half-time show?

    https://www.cnn.com/2016/02/08/politics/beyonce-super-bowl-black-lives-matter/index.html Totally forgot about this but I do remember Giuliani being outraged. Sorry OP I see your angle now. It seems the same people who are outraged by black folk kneeling during the anthem would have been outraged by this. Racists I mean. We have some on this board, maybe they will show up.
  7. Interested in 2016 Super Bowl half-time show?

    Oh poo 2016...googles.
  8. Interested in 2016 Super Bowl half-time show?

    Yeah the only drama I recall was that they showed a hologram of Prince and people thought Prince would not have liked that. OP I have no idea to what you are referring. Justin Timberlake sang a bunch of bubble gum pop songs.
  9. Dem holds early lead in house race for Pa seat

    I always found Warren to be extremely charismatic and sharp in interviews. It would have been fun to see her run but unfortunately a woman is not who we need to get demonized by the right.
  10. Sec of State Rex Tillerson fired

    I'm almost getting to the point that I don't believe what the WH says.
  11. Sec of State Rex Tillerson fired

  12. Things that trump says

  13. Things that trump says

    Just for fun I googled the Center for Immigration studies which describes itself as an "independent, non-partisan, non-profit, research organization." According to wiki:
  14. Sec of State Rex Tillerson fired

    trump never fires anyone face to face apparently...