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  1. Why did we go for 2?

    Nah it's really just a chart. The chart says if you are up by 25 you go for 2 (you can google it). They did. Nobody screwed up.
  2. Why did we go for 2?

    I think Rivera addressed this and basically said we did what our worksheet said. Converting two results in a tie if somehow the Cards scored 3 TDs and 1 FG (with 3 2 pt conversions) while a PAT results in a Cards win. Of course Arians went for it on 4th down while up 40-7 over the niners this year having said at halftime: "If you relax, I'll be looking for new people. Put your foot on their throat." Yet the panthers are the bad guys: "The Carolina Panthers added insult to injury by going for 2 late in their blowout win over the Arizona Cardinals There are already a lot of people out there that dislike the Panthers and what is perceived to be their cocky ways. This is not going to help." http://www.businessinsider.com/carolina-panthers-2-point-conversion-arizona-cardinals-2016-1
  3. Shaq Thompson's video message for Seahawks (NSFW)

    Classless and useless. 
  4. Snow Storm Saturday?

    OK how do New Yorker's drive in ice?
  5. Are blankets allowed in Bofa

    Thanks. No I don't need a blanket but my wife and kids might (who I am not sitting with cause stuff)
  6. Are blankets allowed in Bofa

    That is all.
  7. NFC Championship tickets on sale- tonigh 7pm

    Has anyone seen one off tickets released? This has happened in the past but I haven't seen any.
  8. NFC Championship tickets on sale- tonigh 7pm

    Got 3 up top around 7:07
  9. Proehl will pound the drum

    Maybe Marty Hurney is available.
  10. Proehl will pound the drum

    Let's get Dale Earnhardt Jr. to do it
  11. Dale Earnhardt Jr is Benedict Arnold!!!

    His Daddy would never have done that...
  12. Making a Murderer (spoilers inside)

    Just finished it. The most compelling items are the expose of the system and process and machine from which you can't get out. This was no surprise to me but it was "fun" to watch it in action.  The documentary seemed to get murky in tying anything up with Avery. While they poked holes nobody should really be convinced either way that he was framed or not. Dasseys testimony was the saddest. I don't really care if he was dumb. Even a smart kid probably would have gotten railroaded by that circus. The jury flip flop was also interesting 
  13. I would have gotten him here, had a black car waiting and everything plus decent hotel with the condition he did the undies thing and got some time with WFNZ in some capacity. This would have saved him face and probably made national media (with a short interview of me of course) I never saw that he wanted playoff tickets. In any case based on his twitter someone has sprung for transport and he is asking for tickets. Whoever it was don't just make this a free vacation...make him stand around in his knickers and have cameras ready.
  14. If anyone has his contact info let me know or I can try to find it tomorrow.