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  1. What is a TLP anyway?
  2. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    Gettleman could pick a unicorn at this point and I would go with it.
  3. Skip (the master troll) Bayless is leaving ESPN in August

    I like Mike & Mike often because I am crunching numbers at 6:00 a.m and they are good enough. Pretty fluff. Skip is just doing a dumb Schtick. I switch to anything else at 10:00. His and Her's is one of the best. They are both really knowledgeable.
  4. Panthers rescind Norman's franchise tag...

    I think what I see out of G-Man is that he actually takes all the emotion out of his business. That is good business. Game on
  5. Eisen: Nortman to Jax

    Pretty much agree. Only counterpoint is often your best ST players are your next level LBs etc. In other words the best teams in the league have next year's starters playing gunner.
  6. Eisen: Nortman to Jax

    Is punter the most replaceable position in football?
  7. I don't think sexual orientation is illegal to ask.
  8. Making a Murderer (spoilers inside)

    Just finished it. The most compelling items are the expose of the system and process and machine from which you can't get out. This was no surprise to me but it was "fun" to watch it in action. The documentary seemed to get murky in tying anything up with Avery. While they poked holes nobody should really be convinced either way that he was framed or not. Dasseys testimony was the saddest. I don't really care if he was dumb. Even a smart kid probably would have gotten railroaded by that circus. The jury flip flop was also interesting
  9. Kelvin Benjamin carted off at practice

    ACL...out for season
  10. Raiders in discussions with Greg Hardy

    Nope and nope.
  11. Ted Ginn Jr agrees to 2 year deal with Panthers

    Our two "major" signings so far have been guys coming off pretty bad years. Are we going to fix them or is this wasted money?
  12. Panthers Sign Michael Oher

    Seems like a signing with tons of downside potential. I worry that this is our new starting lineman and Gettleman has used this signing to ignore OT in the draft and FA. There has to be better answers than this. And while I assume we are giving up very little money, if for some reason we gave him anything lucrative this would be disastrous. I don't buy that he is going to return to starter quality under Matsko with a new toe but nothing would make me happier if he did.