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  1. Should Byrd Start as our #2

    I just had a sourdough pretzel and it was damn good
  2. Thomas Davis signs contract extension

    Glad this was solved and TD will be a lifelong Panther. Anybody pissed at him isn't a Panthers fan, anyway
  3. NBA 2K18 to have all-time rosters for every team

    I know, but I'm wondering if guys can be put on multiple teams like Alonzo here and Miami
  4. Julius Frazier Peppers Thread

    What is this
  5. So who's on ours? Well if they put players on only one team, and they go back to the 1988-89 team I'd imagine we'll have Muggsy, Curry, LJ, Gill, Glen Rice, maybe Baron Davis, plus Kemba and who knows Won't be shocked if Zo is with Miami...
  6. I hope not, God TRD was a horrible poster
  7. Webb to Byrd is the preseason Montana to Rice
  9. McCaffrey's just so scrappy
  10. Cam Newton Is Bojangles.

    If you love a ton of breading and approximately 0.4 oz of chicken then yes, Popeyes > Bojangles'
  11. Cam Newton Is Bojangles.

    enjoy your new pair of cargo shorts
  12. Do we like our new helmet design?

    looks like a Lamar Lathon Oilers jersey
  13. Should The Panthers Give Kaepernick A Call?

    If Cam had any tattoos we'd still be talking about if we should move on from Ryan Mallett or not