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  1. I would've expected Mike Minter to have been a DB coach by now if I had to pick a former player
  2. I like both but man if only Kendall didn't vastly overrate himself Had he stuck it out and stayed here the whole time and LJ not hurt his back we would've gone to the Finals in 1995
  3. I love that the Hornets' GM gets all the blame for being a .500 team and the Panthers' GM gets none of the blame for being even worse than that
  4. The NC General Assembly would block a trade bringing a guy named Gay into our state
  5. Kemba Walker Gerald Wallace Muggsy Bogues Glen Rice Eddie Jones Baron Davis Anthony Mason Dell Curry Cody Zeller Al Jefferson HM: Nic Batum, Jeremy Lin
  6. That would probably be enough to turn me off from the NFL for good. The better part of this past year, between mismanagement, awful coaching, poor effort and the league's blatant disregard for safety has pretty much left me uninterested as it is. As fans, nothing will ever top 2015 because this franchise isn't good enough to ever win a Super Bowl. Its management from top to bottom will never be good enough and its rivals all leave it in its wake. The 2015 season was awesome but we didn't win the Super Bowl and we won't be back for a long time anyway, if ever. Atlanta winning it all would officially make us the NFC South's Philadelphia Eagles.
  7. Bro No
  8. did you go to South Meck, Christian, Catholic or Country Day
  9. How is Cody Zeller, a perfectly fine starting center, a terrible pick? He's better than Noel and Alex Len I'd still love to have Noel as his backup, but Zeller is a better overall player with a far more refined offensive game
  10. Tommy Jone, Laetitia or Pink Flaps C'mere Tommy Jone Don't hurt Jake arm
  11. Generally if you lost to CLE or GS by less than 10 points, you technically won bc superstar officiating will buy them about 10 points a game from phantom foul calls, baskets counted after the shot clock expires, etc
  12. Most teams suck when they play the NBA champions, it's how the NBA champions are the NBA champions But we generally give them a hell of a game even if we rarely beat them
  13. Zeller is the second-best pick Cho ever made and that's not a diss Frank is inconsistent but he's already better than he was as a rookie. Calm tf down
  14. Inconsistent but offensive capability shows the potential to easily justify his drafting. He's getting better
  15. Much love for Jake Great player, even greater leader and person. Always been a fan