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  1. He pretty much has to be for us to win, unless Shepard, Bersin or Clay make a big catch
  2. Props to Bersin

    Most of us, especially the ones who were there, have a hard time forgetting Bersin's fumbled punt return in the 2014 playoffs against Arizona that could've cost us the game. But he's a reliable receiver who, while he doesn't get much separation, brings the ball in well and is a serviceable target for Cam.
  3. Is Funchess a bonafide WR1 now?
  4. I'll have a bite, I didn't think we'd win at all but that doesn't mean I'm not a fan. I was just wrong thankfully. I was not wrong in my belief that Stewart still had some tread on his tires, though, as evidenced by today's game (his best in quite a while)
  5. Time to Tank

    How are we ever gonna get better if we trade the only good player we have?
  6. I predict four more Huddle meltdowns.
  7. Hornets vs Bulls

    I really do want to know your answer to my question @Shocker so if you can type something besides "Loser," tell me why you think Kemba sucks
  8. Hornets vs Bulls

    I may not have an AARP card but I still know a lot more about this game than you
  9. Hornets vs Bulls

    Do you think Kemba sucks because he shoots three-pointers instead of set shots?
  10. Hornets vs Bulls

    We will finish with the worst record in the East, go 19-63 and get the fourth pick in the draft
  11. Hornets vs Bulls

    That's a horrible idea. You can't let the whole team go. Kemba is the only reason we won't go 12-70.
  12. Hornets vs Warriors

    MCW has to be the worst rookie of the year winner ever
  13. I don't see us beating Tampa. Every year we win at least one game we shouldn't win and lose at least one game we have no business losing. I don't think we have a chance this weekend or against a pissed-off GB. Hopefully I'm wrong, but I'm almost certainly not.
  14. No win is a lock. If we don't do our jobs and make plays we will go 8-8.