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  1. Nice job by Kemba in the 3-point contest, made the final and finished third
  2. No way to win a playoff series? We were e missed Wade jumper from probably being in the East Finals
  3. You think going 6-76 with shitty rookies is better than going 44-38 with veterans? Go be a GM lol, it's one more team dumber than us
  4. Ironically, taking me out of this forum would be like trading Kemba, the thing would be a vast wasteland of futility and embarrassment
  5. Are you saying I'm Rich Cho?
  6. This is a nice collection of the worst ideas of all time
  7. Where's the "trade Luke and Cam for picks" post
  8. I swear to God some of the most ignorant people on the planet inhabit this forum
  9. Actually trading Kemba and Batum could theoretically get you to 0-82, but something like 3-79 is more realistic
  10. Trade Kemba and the team is halfway out the door to St. Louis, Seattle or Las Vegas
  11. This was the Rich Cho of posts
  12. rekt
  13. We're not tanking. We're just a bottom-four team. No team with Brian Roberts as the backup PG is going to lose less than 50 games. No team with Frank as its starting center is going to lose less than 50 games. We have: an All-Star PG (Kemba) a third-option swingman playing as the second option (Batum) an oft-injured C who is a decent starter when healthy (Zeller) a three-point gunner who plays too many minutes because others can't shoot (Belinelli) a defensive specialist who is decent on defense and awful on shots outside three feet (MKG) and a bunch of garbage We'll probably pick 8th-10th in the draft. People on here need to learn the difference between sucking and tanking. We're sucking. Not tanking.
  14. We were probably the third-best team in the East last year. Not now though