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  1. Dolezal

    I don't really care. I find it funny. I find Dolezal funny and pathetic. Warren could easily fall into this. Identity politics is a joke and I take pleasure when liberals are hoisted on their own petard.
  2. Dolezal

    I care because she used it to potentially gain an advantage in employment. Potentially lying on an application. Potentially gaining access and perks not provided to other applicants, employees, etc. All based on stories her grandmother shared? A quick swab to the cheek would end of this nonsense and the fact she doesn't do it, despite being suggested by a liberal paper that she should, she's allowing the conversation to continue. Dolezal was a political activist, SJW, and professor of Africana studies. Unlike Warren, she was proven to have gotten her position on a foundation of lies where Warren's is being seriously questioned.
  3. Dolezal

    Yes, Warren and Dolezal are shining examples. What I said applies in both directions. People tend to ignore and look past issues if the greater political good is met.
  4. Dolezal

    Do they want to kill the unborn, want open borders, free everything to everything? Then it’s ok
  5. Arm our teachers! What could go wrong?

    I'm for arming whoever wants and can legally own a firearm. That fact has not changed. Period. I don't care if you worship a stump and have green skin.
  6. Arm our teachers! What could go wrong?

    I wasn't triggered. I responded that the "right of the people" doesn't have qualifiers then and any interpretation now doesn't either, thus your racist diatribe really doesn't mean a damned thing within the context of this thread.
  7. Arm our teachers! What could go wrong?

    Go back and look at the first quote/response I posted. You figure it out.
  8. Arm our teachers! What could go wrong?

    You're arguing with windmills. No one's talking about this. And drug enforcement tactics weren't a consideration when the Bill of Rights were written. Stop typing. The voices in your head are speaking through your fingers.
  9. Arm our teachers! What could go wrong?

    Read my question before having typing diarrhea. Stay on subject. In terms of right to bear arms, are any of those groups YOU mentioned having their rights oppressed. Laws in states vary regarding felons having the ability to own/purchase weapons, but I can assure you I will fight tooth and nail for any person charged with a felony from ever owning or purchasing a weapon.
  10. Arm our teachers! What could go wrong?

    RIght now. This instance. Who's oppressing the groups you mentioned as those that cannot bear arms?
  11. Arm our teachers! What could go wrong?

    The "State" was the federal government and the amendment was to ensure the rights to bear arms was given to the people. You find instances where Madison's or others intent were because of a racial underpinning. Show your work. What does white land owning persons writing an amendment providing the people the right to bear arms have to do with anything. As I said initially, the Bill of Rights was written NOT to enumerate powers to the federal government. Just the opposite.
  12. Arm our teachers! What could go wrong?

    It's an ignorant assessment because it's what we have. Either throw out the entire document because it's based on what you're stating or deal with what we have. It's not going to be thrown out so your premise is ignorant and not worth discussing.
  13. Arm our teachers! What could go wrong?

    If that's your opinion, the entire document should be tossed. That's an ignorant premise.
  14. Arm our teachers! What could go wrong?

    You bolded the wrong part, "the right of the people". The Bill of Rights wasn't written to enumerate powers to the federal government.
  15. Kill the Boer (white man) Nice. https://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/we-are-cutting-the-throat-of-whiteness-malema-on-plans-to-remove-trollip-20180304 These people are racist. Just like the Hutu aholes during the Rwandan genocide referring to Tutsis as cockroaches. As for your comment PSC...can you pick any whiter societies? I thought whitey was the devil.