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  1. The New One Percent

    The democrat party figured out after McGovern got destroyed that in order to prevent rogue/uber liberal politicians from running with no chance at winning...create the superdelegate process Blame Jim Hunt for it.
  2. No one has ever stated that good guys always win PhillyB... Sacrifice is a manifestation of a philosophy that IS praised...not ridiculed.
  3. I'd much rather see men like this step in and attempt to help in situations than sit in a car or around an incident with a phone cam.
  4. No...he wouldn't have been responsible. Only one person is responsible. But would he feel like he could've done more? Absolutely.
  5. As I said, let's say he just let's the man loose and he tends to the woman. Perp drives 2 miles down the road, pulls into a house, and kills a grandparent and the child they're babysitting for the troubled couple. You don't know what went through the man's mind...the anger he witnessed in the man with the gun and the fears he may have had him leaving doing further harm. Monday morning quarterbacking in addition to speaking patronizingly to the descriptions in the MSNBC article should be made fun of.
  6. Selective use of logic: Guns and Bathrooms.

    Nanuq why are you posing?
  7. Pretty certain if you read my post you can figure out the people choosing to mock are the "you people". NM...just looked who I replied to.
  8. Man has just shot two times..striking a woman in the foot. Antrell, not knowing if the man leaving would put someone else in danger, chose to put himself between the man and leaving. You don't know if he's leaving to go kill someone else...a child...another relative...another person. Yet some in here chide the man for being a CCW owner, a Crossfit gym owner, etc. Yes...you people are the problem. Was he trained to do it? Probably not. Could he have called...followed...etc? Sure. He made a quick decision that ended up costing him his life, but not out of bravado but out of concern for others. Otherwise...he'd just cower in his car and wait the x minutes for police to arrive/respond.
  9. Jury Duty - What Would You Do?

    You need to move.
  10. GOP 'Family Values' Is Hypocritical Bullsh*t

    Because I don't remember there being such an issue...and you have douches like this making crap up. http://abc11.com/news/city-of-durham-refutes-transgender-womans-claims/1317008/ As for Hastert, scumbag is getting what he deserves.
  11. Update on the toddler body count

    Negligent homicide is a chargeable offense.
  12. Update on the toddler body count

    My long guns are locked up in a safe. My handgun is trigger locked. Been meaning to buy a biometric hand safe to mount on side of the nightstand. Might take me 10 seconds to get the key, unlock trigger lock. But biosafe will get it out quicker with nothing else to unlock. Is CWG suggesting that toddlers are such a risk to society they should be banned from purchasing/owning hand guns? Or just ban people that have kids from owning guns?
  13. Religious Freedom at home

    Alternative medicine nutballs are just as dangerous and borderline religious.
  14. Religious Freedom at home

    Put the emotion aside and understand what this could mean from a litigious perspective. Do you being to allow children to sue parents due to damage caused from pre-natal alcoholism or drug abuse? They didn't have rights then, but the damage is no less the same. Do you allow these suits in cases where kids born with drug addictions have recourse? As much as I agree with how stupid these parents were, you have to think of the consequences of the precedent it would create in courts. I don't think she'll have a case unfortunately. Now if she was of age that she could've been emancipated through the courts...I'm all for it and she could've gotten help and who wouldn't be except stupid alternative medicine/religious idiots. Kids born into crappy homes where parents are just dead beat POSs...preventing them a better/easier chance at success in life?
  15. Religious Freedom at home

    I toddler couldn't...she's (now 20) wanting prosecution for neglect during her early years (haven't read when the initial heart issue was originally caught). That's how I'm reading it.