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  1. So what pronoun should Kristoff have asked Olaf be referred to as? http://www.nyc.gov/html/cchr/downloads/pdf/publications/GenderID_Card2015.pdf
  2. It never happens

    No....in this case in particular, it's ensuring that number of votes does not invalidate that same number of valid votes. You know...their right.
  3. It never happens

    Since when have liberals worried about statistical non-issues to throw a political grenade?
  4. too late... http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/frozen-elsa-girlfriend-religious-right_us_57348595e4b077d4d6f23290 Olaf is asexual...unless you're into stereotypes
  5. You identify as a resort spa owner in the mountains?
  6. It never happens

    I would bet there are more instances of voter fraud like this than say....transgender discrimination kerfuffles. And mandating bathroom remodeling would be a lot more expensive. Just saying... SC issues were due to, I think, birth date issues defaulting to 1900 year of birth. If anything, it's more of an indictment to the poor use of technology to avoid these sorts of things. Absentee, mail-in, internet-voting, registration processes, et al should all have a complete top to bottom overhaul.
  7. Which companies are the leading innovators in fast food automation?
  8. Trump vs. Hillary

    Heard this this morning and got a good laugh out of it.
  9. Freddie Gray

    Stirs, dead on.
  10. Freddie Gray

    One thing I have learned in life, you don't argue with crazy.
  11. SF 49ers join fight against HB2

    They going to forfeit their game? Did their organization come to the owner's meeting this week?
  12. Trump vs. Hillary

    Yeah...a news organization. There goes her foreign policy street cred.
  13. Trump vs. Hillary

    Bern...see this?