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  1. Probably Good

    I answered your question. "You went full stupid" -Tacitus...or maybe not
  2. Probably Good

    A novel...lol. That's cute.
  3. Obama kills...

    Somebody has to make the tough decisions.... wait...this wasn't one.
  4. Probably Good

    No...he'd look like a person of the time period.
  5. Freddie Gray

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/officer-could-take-stand-to-testify-in-colleagues-trial/2016/05/16/f911064a-1b33-11e6-82c2-a7dcb313287d_story.html Yes...sounds like someone that had all intentions to seeing that Gray severed his spine. TheRed loves to go all half-cocked on every SJW issue. There will be persons prosecuted in the Gray case...such as the person responsible for prisoner security in the van...UNLESS...the prosecutor chooses to go some idiotic route of murder one.
  6. Freddie Gray

    Why don't you answer the farking question. Let us know what you feel Nero did in this instance during the arrest of Freddie Gray that warranted his prosecution on the charges brought against him. You can either play the emotional bs schtick, or debate like an adult.
  7. Freddie Gray

    Do you know Nero's role in the arrest?
  8. Trump vs. Hillary

    As for Bill Clinton being picked to fix the economy by his wife? http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/no-bill-clinton-does-not-know-how-to-fix-the-economy/
  9. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/opinion/editorials/article77475147.html So, young girls/daughters...you're just going to have to "overcome discomfort" from seeing male genitalia. Genius!
  10. Dem Party fractures

    LOL...are you kidding me? If that were the case and he was adament about his cause, he would've maintained his independence and ran as an independent from the get go.
  11. RIP Decision '16

    Looks fake...or just bad scan.
  12. Much Ado?

  13. Much Ado?

    Then the WashPo has some explaining to do.
  14. Much Ado?

    I'll remind you of sampling sizes when you're establishing a fact based on one.
  15. Much Ado?

    Or talk with Nate Silver on sampling sizes.