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  1. Black Panther shirt - 6 bucks.

    reminds me of a velvet poster i had on my wall in 6th grade
  2. I'm guessing we have a sub-basement filled with Cams in fluid filled, glass vats, with under-lighting, bubbles, and fancy tubes. We just need to pull out Cam #3, and keep on rolling.
  3. Panthers continue to hold out for Hurney

    you hope. you have no proof of that, yet. You're more of an "area 51" than those who say Hurney will suck, because we actually have a history of him doing that for years. You can't point a history of outstanding success for Turner to back up your claim, as he's been inconsistent throughout his career, and downright crap at times. So, it's all just blue sky dreams until we get to September.
  4. my takeaway from this thread is that I realized we're only 2 years from 2020.
  5. Peppers just had surgery?

    he has better recovery options than us normal joes do.

    Bully shut the fug up quick, when get got punch in the face with a loss.
  7. Hurney needs to stay for the draft

    my question is whether Ludwig will fight someone who disagrees with him.
  8. yeah well, i expect my wife to do anal...one guess how well that’s working out
  9. So Tom Brady didn't shake Foles hand?

    I think the real lesson here is to be mediocre at everything you do, then you'll never be in the situation where you'll need to shake the hand of the winner or loser of the superbowl. Problem solved.
  10. Teams without a Super Bowl (updated list)

    when Dyson reached out a foot short? they were the Titans then. that was an awesome game.
  11. Teams without a Super Bowl (updated list)

    Houston A and Houston B, both on the list.
  12. Hats off to Mr. Scott

    I'm not wearing a hat, sar.
  13. 312 million chickens

    vegetable lives matter!