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  1. yeah, but can he play lacrosse? i have it on good authority that’s the next big sport.
  2. Mother Grabber

    Slow day but rumor is.....

    this would be an excellent move by the Pats
  3. I grew up in Chapel Hill, I'm as far from a dook fan as you can get. The dook reference is making a connection to the myriad of dook fans in this forum, because they may care that their team is playing for a national championship. There isn't a general sports forum, so this seemed like the best place to put it so that said dook fans would see it.
  4. he's being intolerant because he is choosing to enter a thread and act in a hatful manner. If you don't care about the topic, don't enter the thread. Making a conscious choice to come into a thread just to post negative spew is intolerance.
  5. keep hatin @toldozer. soon you’ll be able to run for president.
  6. the full patriots stadium seems to disagree
  7. Mother Grabber

    Post a pic, any pic.

    and intolerance, too, apparently.
  8. you know, you can open your eyes and see that there are billions of people and experiences in the world that are different from you. Can learn and grow from these, or you can close yourself off and go down a path of intolerance and hate. The choice is yours, just like you chose to open this thread. No one is forcing you to stand for the anthem here. It's clear which path you are on right now. It's never too late.
  9. there’s no, generic sports forum. lighten up, francis.
  10. where would you like me to post it? don’t open the post, if you don’t care. jeebus.
  11. Both final 4 games should be very good, any of the 4 teams can win both games. https://www.ncaa.com/interactive-bracket/lacrosse-men/d1 We don't have a generic place to put this in the Other Carolina Sports category, so imma puttin it here. For those not familiar, it's essential hockey on grass. Up and down the field all day. Final 4: Saturday May 26 Game 1 - #3 Yale v #2 Albany 12:00PM ESPN2 Game 2 - #4 Dook v #1 MD 2:30PM ESPN2 Championship: Monday May 28 1:00PM ESPN2
  12. Mother Grabber

    Why don't they make more women like this?

    I'll write to the home office and request increased production on that model.
  13. Mother Grabber

    Tepper flew in to meet with players

    do we actually have an owner who wants to run a foosball team?
  14. Mother Grabber

    A practice facility in South Carolina?

    living in CA, i interpreted the title meaning mexico.
  15. Mother Grabber

    Panthers SB 53 win?

    i hope we win the SB in ATL, and then one in NO in a couple of years. that will be twice as sweet.