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  1. TNF - Saints at Falcons Thread

    maybe he meant the würst case, and is going to grill up some brats.
  2. Taints fans are going to bet like crazy on a -2.5 line
  3. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are gone...

    everyone knows oats don’t have titties!
  4. you can't plan for a concussion, but you can plan for a torn ACL, or a broken arm.
  5. Falcons vs Seahawks Monday Night Thread

    claiborne has an octopus on his head
  6. Falcons vs Seahawks Monday Night Thread

    blowing a 28-0 lead would make this the best game ever
  7. Falcons vs Seahawks Monday Night Thread

    5’11” lives matter!!!
  8. Robots

    i work for a big data company and deal with data scientists every day. i know exactly what AI is being developed...and it has a long long way to go. they can’t even make a recommendation engine that works well, forget about trying to make a moral decision. giving a computer instructions is easy, teaching it to make decisions on right and wrong is very very hard.
  9. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    Thor is doing an awesome job providing insight on a very deep level, but also keeping it simple enough to understand.
  10. Robots

    that’s all, just AI. go pick one up at Target, and we’re good to go.
  11. Tasty meal for you porn addicts

    sooooo....chicken tacos. got it.
  12. Chances of bringing back Steve Smith?

    i think to serve Dr Pepper. he has mad skills at that.
  13. it was windy as fug up there that night. i know people who live there, and were evacuated during the fires. also, long before this started, it was documented that this is the worst potential fire season on record. we had a very long rainy season, which was great, but also led to massive amounts of dried fire fuel when it all died over the summer. downed power lines were reported all over the area that night, and given the amount of kindling, it’s basically like throwing a match into a pool filled with gasoline.