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  1. Conundrum

    you’re in quite a kerfluffle
  2. unless someone is out of the league entirely, I think its hard to label them a bust before their 3-4th year. Even a #1 overall pick like Clowney took a few years to really get going. Calling Butler a bust now still seems premature.

    double your money, double your fun!
  4. noooooooooo!!!!!! no more! I give! you win. make it stop. pleeeeease, make it stop.
  5. oh noes! I've been pooped on! help me mama, I don't think I'll survive!
  6. actually, I'm still getting over a nasty case of bronchitis, but thanks for asking.
  7. I never said newgroups were illegal. I never said all files on newsgroups are illegal. I never said any apps were illegal. What I said was that posting and consuming copyrighted material is illegal, and that discussing how to do that on this message board can potentially cause a problem for the owners and operators of this message board. You said that TV shows are posted within days of their release. That suggests illegal posting and consuming of copyrighted material. Again, I don't give af if you have a library of 8 million copyrighted files, and if you share those with half the world naked, and smoking crack. I also never said whether I ever do or do not participate. What I'm saying is that it should not be openly discussed on here, potentially causing legal issues for people who are not involved in the discussion. Just because a topic was discussed once before, doesn't mean it's not going to cause problems. Note that your original post was deleted by an Admin.
  8. creating a copy of copyrighted material without the permission of the owner is illegal. Posting an illegal copy of copyrighted material is illegal. Downloading, owning, streaming, consuming, etc an illegal copy of copyrighted material is illegal. Discussing how to perform any of these actions on a forum makes the owner of the forum and accessory in that illegal activity. I don't care if you start the next napster, just be courteous to people who don't want to be part of it, eg Igo and his crew. They are legally responsible for the content posted on this site.
  9. some of those would be illegal, and should not be openly discussed as it may cause issues for the owner of said message board.
  10. if you don't like it, ignore it? What a novel concept.
  11. please create a new thread with your superior mock draft, just to piss off LinvilleGorge.
  12. and here I thought all the extra !!!!!! was a dead give away :D
  13. i just use it for live sports, and turn it off in the summer.
  14. you clearly have an agenda with this thread, stop being passive aggressive and spit it out.