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  1. j2sgam

    Don’t ask Cam about the SB fumble...

    I hear the kid say “Stop playin, ill fight him~mumble mumble” that’s when Cam turns around with “you’ll do what?” Kid says “nothing..” and laughs... thats all I can make out....
  2. I’m already going, I’ll keep an eye on the Riot tailgate, looking forward to spilling beers....
  3. j2sgam

    Day 4 notes

    That, and Thieves Ave giving possession & good field position.. unfortunate that DEN found a button that worked & kept pushing it..... ding ding ding ding ding ding...,
  4. j2sgam

    Derek Anderson...update?

    ‘Preciate you holdin teh clipboard as long as you did, I get you take this shyte serious, put in all in everyday, but there comes a time.. there comes a time when riding the pine ain’t good enough, when teh 3% chance that you’re gonna play ain’t good enough, when your ProBowl season in Cleveland ain’t enough to carry your career any further.... thanks but ✌️...
  5. j2sgam

    Curtis Samuel ....

    He doesn’t juant it to come out, prefers to keep it in....
  6. j2sgam

    Cam Jordan vs Matt Kalil

    its no wonder why Jordan called him "Speedbumps McGee"....
  7. j2sgam

    Who's doing these Pads off vids

    Meant to post them a while back but got distracted by beers.... the Byrd one really makes you want teh kid to succeed....
  8. j2sgam

    How ridiculous is the NFCS?

    Toughest division in the NFL, hands down... and there’s only 3 teams...
  9. Didn’t Magic & Co pay way too much for the LA Dodgers not too long ago, 2.2B unless I remember it wrong? It’s a ‘wait & see who does what’, very much like every season in the NFL.. many thanks to Mr.Scot & others who posted valuable info, I personally wouldn’t have known otherwise...
  10. Salty’s kindergarden jihad.... pink flaps & forehead kisses... g.r.i.t.s’ pedophelia...
  11. The Locker Room, $12/year subscription, Jase’s bant stick & Fireball77’s signatures....
  12. Too hard not to see it, that with a ‘no way but up’ mentality and Buffalo is poised... Wish th best for ex-Panthers, & good buddy is a Bills fan so I keep an eye on them. Can’t deny what they’re doing in upstate NY, fixing to try to take the reins from NE. Considering the “turmoil”, they’re in a better position than MIA or NYJ to take that division... Difference is that Da Bears took those we let go or traded, Bills straight gettin at it....
  13. Buffalo is makin a strong case to take the Panthers Sloppy 2nd’s title from Chicago.....
  14. j2sgam

    Easy Question

    Voted yes, hope we have a few develop on it starters....
  15. j2sgam

    DJ Moore Selection Reaction

    liked most of the interview, but a couple of answers stood out... at ariund 6:30 he’s asked why he wanted to come out early.. because he didn’t want senior slump.... wait, what?!?? and about 7min Mark, he responds with “I want to get into real estate after football” when asked about what he’s looking forward to most about an nfl lifestyle... I get havin a contingency plan, but get there first... regardless, I’m looking forward to seeing what this kid can do.... and another of our 1st rounders have stayed home for the draft, I do appreciate them staying home with family....