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  1. Damn good point, Columbus... pie more than 1 beer if I could..,,
  2. Didn’t Tre Boston post something’s gnsimilar just before getttin cut ? Deuces....
  3. It’s the stuff Peanut taught, not just his patented punch... they’re takeaways, not turnovers... probability of winning is like +60% with 1 takeaway, like +80-90 with 2-3... while its its not a ‘step on their neck’ aggression, it’s absolutely a ‘keep you foot on the gas’ aggressive attitude he brought & taught..... Peanut is missed, Wilks should hire him....
  4. Yeah........ No...... Just no.............
  5. I’d rather him be 1st on this list.... Superb Owl Rings: M.Vick -0 R.Cunningham -0 S.Young -1 C.Newton. -yet
  6. Mayo is lost?

    Mayo was decent out there, certainly not Luke but decent.... Peppers was absolutely brought in as a specialist, they called it “situational” when he most recently signed... Don’t know what’s up with CJ, either, be awesome if he gave us a few signs why he’s out there.... Thats Jennifer Lawrence....
  7. I’ve gone to the Riot tailgate last couple of games I made it to, did not disappoint.... don’t know where it’ll be but somebody can I’ll tell you, just saying it’s a good time.... been a while, AK, hope all’s good with you... IIRC, it’s Joe? And you started the petition way back, yes?
  8. Unique fact about this game

  9. Sam Mills

    Good lookin our.... and Keep Pounding...
  10. Tampa loses...Dilly, dilly

    Can I give thebigcat his tour through the pit of misery? Don't know if it's the pic of him in the jersey or the slightly accented voice I read his posts in that have me lookin into anger management......... dilly dilly?
  11. Kalil's guy gets by him... Laursen's guy gets the better of him... Norwell's guy gets the fug outta there.....
  12. I'm not normally one to pie you, Igo, but well played.....
  13. Good looking out…