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  1. He can retire instead of playing on teh franchise tag... don’t see the team faring very well with out him... back to back to back 1000yd seasons before the injury, how does the games he did play in last year add up ‘on pace to’? Cutting Cam’s safety valve isn’t a smart move, don’t care how you spin it.... but, I did get my son an 88 jersey this past Christmas, he gone....
  2. DG do a damned good job with what he had to work with when he got here. Then when he’d dig out of Hurney’s hole he proceeded to dig himself a new one.. he was good at what he did but he was bad at what he couldn’t... can’t thank him enough for Mitchell, Ginn, Coleman & Norwell, but he can eat a dick for Smith, Norman & the current mess he left...
  3. Regular Season Schedule

    My plans are to make the NYG gam in Charlotte & my 1st away game in DC..... Good to see you Hat, been a while.. Hope we can spill a beer at the Giants tailgate...
  4. How else does a contract go from ‘X$’ guaranteed to ‘Y$’ signed for? Workout bonuses, weight bonuses, games played bonus... howinafug do I know that & yous are discussin reasons why?
  5. Goodbye, Color Rush Uniforms

    got a color rush jersey for Christmas... well, shirt printed to look like a jersey.... feel like I’m wearin one of them tuxedo t-shirts, like it’s a joke... an $80 joke... Oof, thanks panthers55.... CMC is the only available...
  6. Used to get all 3 Sideline hats every year when Reebok did the gear... mostly disappointed with the Nike & all the current hat brands.. except 47Brand, they got the 40 year old white guy hats... was as excited when I saw this thread... then I saw the hat..... dammit, Man...
  7. Panthers says “two states one team”... https://www.google.com/amp/s/247sports.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/Bolt/Carolina-Panthers-2018-official-NFL-Draft-cap-revealed-117196864/Amp
  8. Picks 55, 85, and 88

    I do now... I took the #24 as Bradberry’s jersey #, not as the 24th pick... I got it now...
  9. Picks 55, 85, and 88

    I’ve hada few bev’rages... but you just traded Bradberry in both the 1st &2nd rounds... I know I’m drunk but your math hurts my head.... I’ve hada few bev’rages... but you just traded Bradberry in both the 1st &2nd rounds... I know I’m drunk but your math hurts my head.... nothin but love, nahmean?
  10. I understand you hating on the Empire, but callin them whoers du jour is just misguided. It gets tiring being kings for so long, they took a few years off, rerostered a bit, return to dominance is imminent.... and them Nat's been building, think theyre still on the cusp & not quite there yet, but will be dangerous with a little luck on their side..... Houston deserved it last year, almost as entertaining as the Cubbies previously....
  11. The Saints humiliation...

    My wife covered her ears I was screaming so loud on that play... met her in June ‘03, she’s put up with a lot of my fandom in almost 15yr but never had to cover her ears.... that play... ‘twas glorious....
  12. The rich get....

    SB51? He did this 13 months ago, when Martellus was a Patriot.... Kevin Hart was on the field in MIN but a player couldnt get on the field in HOU??
  13. FA CB - Ross Cockrell

    Hows Gettleman gonna react to the 1st trade offer from Hurney? Would it be civility or a pissing contest? Would Dave bust & show him the power, what could've been, with his new team or does Marty show him the student becames the [email protected]#$%&*??
  14. Watched to see how many times 75 got beat... o/u is 4..... thanks, good few minutes of entertainment.. some were a few years back, DWill was still here & Peppers in Chitown beating 75... hes included in the above 4... hope he’s a weapon here....