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  1. Found it... Lidz exclusive..... https://www.lids.com/nfl-logo-elements/carolina-panthers
  2. j2sgam

    His Name was Todd...

    ..forgot about refusing to kick when Kasay got hurt unless he didn’t have to pay a fine for being overweight.... rhyme that poo......
  3. Like it or dont like it, learrrrnn to love it, it’s teh best thing going today.........
  4. One game dont make a season, ‘specially teh opener.... chatter on both sides gonna be completely different by the time we see them.... real talk aside, I revel in their misery.....
  5. Need it in my life.... matches my tattoo....
  6. j2sgam

    Sunday Broadcast Map

    You in 757 too?
  7. Can’t call either game vs ATL or NO, the PHI or PIT games... at least a 10 win season, then it depends on those 6 games above... or 9 wins with consideration to that 1 game like CHI last year...
  8. j2sgam

    NFL Turning Point

    I placed a $100 bet on NE in teh 3dr qtr..... made out like a champ...... gotta love drunken indiscretions.....
  9. Already got the greatest uni in history, ask Dave Dameshek....... so white on white? Like the Dallas color rush? Nobody’s that stupid.... No, wait.... silver jerseys as the alternate..... blue on blue is gone, black on black is king, has to be silver jerseys.... ooooh! And black helmets... gots to haves the blackened of the helmets..........
  10. j2sgam

    CJ Anderson

    Trade CAP & Hood to NYJ for Bridgewater, cut GG & stash Heineken on the PS.... Roll with CMC, CJ & Armah.... Of course, I’m talkin from a 4:30 6-beers buzz.........
  11. j2sgam

    Secondary logo??

    IIRC, somebody put a crown on that cat & got it tattoo’d... regardless, it’s cool......
  12. Sunday Ticket gives you the games regardless, I’ve been paying that bill for almost 20yrs.. I live in VaBeach, it’s worth it to me to see the games I want & not have to worry about streaming, VPNs, legalities & such.... Sunday Ticket now includes mobile viewing, if you know somebody who pays for the ticket & is willing to give you their DirecTV login...
  13. Never woulda happent if his boy Vontaze was there...
  14. j2sgam

    Shady McCoy

    I’ll wait for a bit more info before passing judgment.... left pic is very NicoleHolder-ish, right pic looks more like she was in a car accident than a fight... That being said, there’s absolutely no place for beating women, and should he be guilty then he should get the same attention from his cell mate..
  15. Nothin but love for the dude just because of the jersey he wears, but he’s JaG.... ain’t done enough for me to feel some kinda way about him not on teh roster.....