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  1. Wasn’t Wilks hired as Secondary/Ass’t HC? Could we not do teh same thing? I know Ron wanted Wilks to begin with but took McD when SD wouldn’t let him go... dont see see it happening regardless, but they’d find a way if they wanted to...
  2. You sure Brandon? NC2184 is pretty close, FoxSports put up a graphic saying Rosario Dawson caught the Game winning TD, it was Dante Rosario....
  3. Is Hurney good as gone?

    Why can’t it be both? Gman’s house on Hurn’s foundation? now its time to renovate, update & graduate... maximize the value, nahmean?
  4. Where do yous think Cam got the phrase “they don’t make bandaids for feelings”? Cam understands them to be words of wisdom, while Gettleman adopted the creed.....
  5. love the game, always was a favorite.... didnt didn’t think it was what I thought was a pancake, but clearly meets the requirements defined by the definition.... regardless, Norwell’s services should be retained.. bad business to let talent like that walk......
  6. What Saints Fans are Saying...

    Got a Saints fan at work, asked me if Luke was going to make it through the game.. “Seems he only gets concussed when playing us...” He says... I didn’t bother to fact check, And refrained from violence, sadly.....
  7. Injuries Galore

    What’s the other side’s injury report look like? Lattimore & the other CB still out? Any chance we can get that photographer from Ohio State to snap some Kamara shots? Can somebody get Brees some gumbo cooked with gulf water?
  8. I get the convincing fashion which we’ve won, our December stronghold, 2 All-Pros returning, all of that & then some.. But looking back at the 3 losses have kept me humble about the wins lately. Was really expecting a return to dominance this year, but losing the 3 the way we did is a much different fashion and has me convinced reality is real... And fug the 1 or 2 seed, if the team is winning then we need to keep momentum. History says a cool down period is detrimental... I don’t know what to think.. I was super chest pounding at 2-0, then smacked back to realty by the NO game. Was excited for the Philly game, then we got owned but not hangin my head on that loss, ‘‘twas a battle. Told my Bears fan Lil Bro that I felt sorry for what was fixin to happen to him before that game, then the game happened... Yeah, not so much.... Team is built to win now, could absolutely run the table & be playing in February.. But which team will show up? I’ll take it like I hope the team is, 1 game at a time... On to NYJ, can’t wait.....
  9. “Funchise” should come to fruition....
  10. 3:26 left in the 1st qtr, Cam runs & slides, ‘Phins 22 goes to tackle 1 & flies over him. Cam stands up & points, jawing at McDonald. MNF shows a slow-mo replay with Cam shimmying in the foreground, camera square on 22, who was jawing back.. 844E7038-A744-4C49-ADE0-53D04B3F989A.MOV BA866560-FB2E-4B80-812A-7C40F31D4E6E.MOV
  11. Nah, 28 just had a bad day.. it’ll be a while before it happens again, watch what I tell ya... I get they waited way too long on Tolbert, but Stew’s nowhere close to a decline like that...