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  1. Dude... Philly..... Dude......... Mufuggin Philly..... How? Troll2 AND Rescuers?? Where do you come up with this, I mean how??#%*?? AND make it fit like a glove.... Fuggin amazes me, overly diversified sources, pinpoint association, passive education, and, at the same time, an ennobling call to arms....  Man, thank you, you straight deliver.....             Honorable Mention -pstall for "linguistic bukkake".....  
  2. Superb Owl Push

    Done... I spend too much time on here to not support teh Huddle........
  3. Whats up? Just reaching out to another VB Huddler... Check it out, our local Riot chapter, just getting started... 


    1. beachpub4


      SWEET! Just joined your group through my wifes facebook . Suzy Whelan - My business page cant join for some reason. We own The Beach Pub in Va. Beach

      Were you at the game last week? We drove down - it was awesome!

    2. j2sgam


      Nah, I work for a living, only make about 1 game a year... I just try to meet local Huddlers when I can, been on here for over 10years.... Ill have to bring my wife out for dinner, check out your establishment. I have SB plans already, but are yous hosting anything at the Pub?


      Dont know why this is a status not a message..?

    3. beachpub4


      Small place but we are slow on Sunday nights this time of year so taking half the restaurant for a party. Nervous but excited as hell  !!!

      Let me know when you are coming. I work days but can stop by to buy you guys a few drinks!!!

  4. What makes the Huddle so special?

    It's so many things... Like Darth Biscuit said, the people you meet from here turn into new friends. I still feel weird telling stories about going to games and its "This guy I met online..." I don't get around as much as Biscuit, but I have not met a Huddler I didn't like... Many thanks to Biscuit, boo, Lola, bleys, Hatter, Chaos, Alvarez, JR, Ace, Future, PhillyB, ZCustom and the rest of yous... Its the fact that moments after meeting Panthers fans up here in VaBeach that I ask "Do you Huddle?" Finally got a yes, met Jesse when I took my kids to see StarWars a few weeks back.... Its my go to place for all Panther news, plus anything & everything you want to talk about, where I spend a majority of my online time... Don't know if Roaring Riot would be as big without teh Huddle, and it's undeniable what Zach has done. From the away game trips he organizes, to out of state Panthers fans coming together, to Coach Beame & his family, Zack is making poo happen for us fans.... Zod, PhillyB & SCP, enough said.... theres more, but I'm done, yous get it.... 
  5. Imagine what it's like being a Denver fan... Back in the BigGame again, returning a mere 2 years after getting straight abused, only to have to play a team the potentially, possibly could treat them worse?      ...wanted to to use probable, but nah.....
  6. 39thirty ordered... Cause this 42yo white guy don't wear flat bills....
  7. Seahawks Ring Their Bell About Wilson

    Been on teh Huddle for over 10yrs, I can count on 1 hand & still smoke a cigarette the times I've complained about a thread, post or subject.... With that in mind, can we keep the Seahawks talk to NFL Central? This is our time, time to revel in the culmination of the glory that our season was, is & will be.... Got nothing else to say on this, except for the words of our latest 1st round draft pick..."Seahawks fans, fug y'all, fug the Seahawks..... And Keep Pounding, bitches..."
  8. How about this one?
  9. Douchebags gonna douche.... or something like that.... I agree with Moorgan, its harmless, but most of the time its not what you say, but how you say it....
  10. #ThrowbackThursday "The New Logo"

    Only thing that bothered me, at the time, about the new logo was that they announced it less than 3 weeks after I tattooed the old logo on my leg. Thing hadn't even healed, and it was past tense.... Although now, when fandom/bandwagon question comes up, it is real easy to answer..... i love the old font, but if the logo got changed then the font changing too is par for course.... Regardless, old or new, logo or font, never been prouder to rock my Panthers gear....
  11. Superbowl 50 Teaser Trailer

    Wow.... Just woke up, sitting here doing my best SCP impression, and LilSmitty's done gave me chills & got me all choked up, 1st thing in the AM..... Thanks, Man, right in the feels... Awesome doesn't cut it this time, the old footage was phenomenal & heart felt, well played, sir.......
  12. Wait... what?

    How can yous forget Matt Moore?              Because TRD.....
  13. As I alluded to in another thread, Chico got this... He's 1-1 in the big game, albeit different capacities. Won it as a player, lost it as the Bears DC a few years back.... Make it happen, toot toot mu'fuggers and Keep Pounding.....
  14. Other teams forums: Shock and Awe

    That purefootball guy has a point, just a little short sighted, IMO....
  15. What is Kubiak's SB experience? Rivera has a ring as a player, and also was D coordinator in CHI when they lost to Peyton's Colts.... Riverboat won't let this one slip away....   i agree with the sentiment that DEN has no idea what's coming. They have a chance, only cause they're playing, outside of that its looking bleak........ Keep pounding.....