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  1. #3 Scoring... QB, Offense, Defense

    #1 in wins bitches!!!
  2. #3 Scoring... QB, Offense, Defense

    #1 in wins bitches!!!
  3. Next Time...

    This whole we haven't beaten anyone good poo is just ridiculous. What team out there HAS beaten multiple great teams? Hell, there are barely that many great teams in the entire NFL this's not like we can play them all. If we did we would probably beat them too.  All we can do is destroy whoever they prop up against us. On to the next one...
  4. FOX Quick Calls NE victory tonight

    They are still undefeated at the time that commercial aired.
  5. Wow that girl is fuging incredibly hot. I think I'd have to think seriously about burning in hell for eternity for that goodness.
  6. Olsen on Pace for Another Career Year

    Third leg Greg is an absolute beast! We are lucky to have him.
  7. James vs. Newton

    I bet Cam can throw down some nasty ass dunks... Dude has calves like tree trunks. He probably has a 49 inch vertical.
  8. yo girl how bout dis panthers d

    Wait, what? thats one of those sentences that you never thought you would ever see. "fug a pig on national tv to save his daughter from terrorists" thanks obama.
  9. yo girl how bout dis panthers d

    Well hopefully I don't have to take it up the ass in order for the Panthers to win the Super Bowl...we have a pretty good shot this year, and without the buttsecks.
  10. Watching first take (skip Bayless)

    If we only had KB we would be undefeated right now!! oh wait....
  11. A hot take from the Patriots message board

    So yeah...according to them all you have to do to beat us is double Olsen and keep Cam in the pocket. Easy peazy right? LMFAO!!! One dumb ass said just make Can beat you with his arm...he can't do it. Lol right buddy, keep telling yourself that. Did he not see the fuging lazer beams Cam was launching yesterday? And that was a tame passing game.
  12. Look closely...

    That's Big Motherfugin Mike.
  13. People outside of Charlotte are loving the Panthers....or more specifically Cam Newton. I'm in GA, and there have been about 10 people tell me how much they love Cam, and how the Panthers are their team because of Cam....and this is in prime Falcons country,
  14. Let This Soak In

    Tony Dungy is officially on the 16-0 train for us...
  15. J NO ... Respect him and show him love

    Dez was fuging non-existant this game. Norman just completely erases whomever he's matched up against. He's a true shutdown corner.