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  1. yo girl how bout dis panthers d

    Wait, what? thats one of those sentences that you never thought you would ever see. "fug a pig on national tv to save his daughter from terrorists" thanks obama.
  2. yo girl how bout dis panthers d

    Well hopefully I don't have to take it up the ass in order for the Panthers to win the Super Bowl...we have a pretty good shot this year, and without the buttsecks.
  3. Watching first take (skip Bayless)

    If we only had KB we would be undefeated right now!! oh wait....
  4. A hot take from the Patriots message board

    So yeah...according to them all you have to do to beat us is double Olsen and keep Cam in the pocket. Easy peazy right? LMFAO!!! One dumb ass said just make Can beat you with his arm...he can't do it. Lol right buddy, keep telling yourself that. Did he not see the fuging lazer beams Cam was launching yesterday? And that was a tame passing game.
  5. Look closely...

    That's Big Motherfugin Mike.
  6. People outside of Charlotte are loving the Panthers....or more specifically Cam Newton. I'm in GA, and there have been about 10 people tell me how much they love Cam, and how the Panthers are their team because of Cam....and this is in prime Falcons country,
  7. Let This Soak In

    Tony Dungy is officially on the 16-0 train for us...
  8. J NO ... Respect him and show him love

    Dez was fuging non-existant this game. Norman just completely erases whomever he's matched up against. He's a true shutdown corner.
  9. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Wow Romo is made of glass...
  10. Pregame Cam n original Superman colors

    I bet Cam is a great kisser.   oh wait....damn.
  11. Who else feels like this?

    I'm in Georgia at my girlfriends grandparents house. In the heart of enemy territory.  I will be representing proudly...hell I already have been. In the drive down yesterday I had my Panthers hoodie on, and like 3 separate people made a comment about our team. Most people seem to think we will be going to the Super Bowl. Go Panthers!!!
  12. I'm in Thailand. HELP

    How is that sad?
  13. Cam Newton compared to Pablo Escobar

    Imperial Grand Dragon Raymond Earl Knight Jr.
  14. Not so much the Cowboys, but the Cowboys fans. God they fuging suck. Especially the ones from Charlotte who have never been west of the Mississippi.
  15. Bulletin Board!!!

    I've been thinking about this game a lot today...the more time goes by, the more I think we are going to fuging destroy the Cowboys on Thanksgiving. Looking back to the last game, they are playing at such a high level on both sides of the ball....Thursday could get ugly.