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  1. Mike Remmers

    Leaving Mike Remmers alone on an island to try and deal with Von Miller all fuging game long is the reason we lost this game. You can say what you want to say and look for any other reason, but IMO that right there is the one thing that we just could not overcome. There is not a QB alive that can operate successfully when he is being pressured like Cam was last night. You just cannot win that way, period. Remmers has been a massive overachiever since he came here, and kudos to him for that....but he was fuging exposed yesterday, time after time after time, and Shula/Rivera did absolutely nothing to try and fix it.... oh, and Oher was not much better. Number 1 priorities this offseason - upgrade the tackle position if at all possible. Upgrade the DE position if at all possible....add a CB or 2.
  2. It's looks to me that the Panthers are chomping at the bit to get out there....and still, the only thing anyone can come up with for the Broncos to win is some kind of bullshit magic. It's not fuging happening. Just too much talent on our side of the ball. Panthers 35 Broncos 10
  3. Ron wins coach of the year!

    The Year of the Panther continues!!
  4. NFL Honors #CAMVP

    Cams pretty much a lock for Offensivr Player of the Year and the MVP. Rivera is the Coach of the Year.
  5. Am I dreaming?

    Get used to it!!! The Carolina Panthers will never fly under the radar again. We have become the dominant big boys on the block. No more of this underdog, we're just happy to be here, mamby-pamby bullshit. We are here to kick in the fuging door and take whatever we want...and there ain't poo that anyone else can do about it!!!!!
  6. This team will come to be known as one of the greatest ever...the team that set the table for the greatest dynasty of the Super Bowl era.
  7. Definitely at least a hat and t-shirt. Have to see what else they have at Dicks tomorrow after the game that tickles my fancy.  
  8. 3 For 3

    Cool story bro 
  9. Well there is no earthly, logical scenario where I can see the Panthers losing, so something supernatural or magical will have to happen for Denver to win....sounds about right.
  10. This bitch
  11. Review of the Broncos' Last Two Games

    Our offense is just too dynamic....too multiple.  Is there even a proper description for what our offense has evolved into these days? Can't call it a west coast offense, can't really call it a spread, has some E-P principles....but could we be seeing the birth of a completely new offensive system? The Shula Option? There's definitely no other offense in the NFL that compares to the Panthers offense.
  12. I'll just leave this here

    MJD is the only person to pick Denver and he has them scoring like 42 points. It should also be known that TJ Ward is his cousin, lol.
  13. Madden NFL 16 Simulated Super Bowl....

    I played the SB on Madden earlier today actually. We won 30-10. Actually sounds about was funny, I went up 30-0 at halftime and then ended up winning 30-10. Pretty realistic.