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  1. Ban all Seahawks fans from America, send them all to Canada
  2. The Best Team Ever (For every NFL franchise)

    falcons best team in franchise history got blown out in the playoffs lulz
  3. Broncos should double team Olsen and...

    start updating my resume
  4. Broncos to Wear All White

    After watching Palmer in the NFCCG, Peyton Manning officially requested that he be allowed to wear brown pants
  5. For the Cardinals training camp next season, I wonder if Arizona fans are going to bring a REMEMBER CAROLINA banner?
  6. That's Russell Wilsons couch...

    the whole point of being a game manager is to have a high passer rating. take the easy stuff the defense is willing to just give you which leads to a high completion percentage and limits INTs. this is basic football stuff but you're a seahawks fan so we can't expect you to know any of that
  7. Finally we've identified the problem, you and thinking.
  8. So we meet again

    Panthers win 45-7 and after the game Cam bangs Ciara.
  9. See you guys Sunday

    45-7 Panthers
  10. AFC Wild Card games thread

    A lot of poor play from the chiefs offense as well. Both offenses playing like garbage TBH, that's why I said this game is so painful to watch.
  11. AFC Wild Card games thread

    god this game is boring af
  12. todays practice tweets: Kelvin Back!

    give him Brenton Bersin's jersey, nobody will notice
  13. there are companies that will take a digital version and make a hardbound book for you
  14. lol

    I'm just gonna leave this here