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  1. Daeshon Hall

    Call her, get laid tonight. Switching four lanes, got payed tonight. I hit the highway. Making money the fly way. But there's got to be a betta way...
  2. Bill Polian said this

    Dude got sued for not promoting black employees and for offering up segregated seating until the late 80s. Panthers fans need to get their head out of the sand. Go back and read what he said about Cam leading up the draft, it is dripping with antebellum racism.
  3. Anyone else a new Bear's fan?

    As of right now, your boy Timid Mitch of the (mid)west is still looking up at Glennon on the depth chart. Also lol at a UNC fan brining up the time we had to release a super bowl winning QB from his scholarship because we had another starting NFL QB waiting in the wings. 9078 yards and 55 TDs by NC State QBs in the NFL last year. Go Pack Go! #QBU
  4. Anyone else a new Bear's fan?

    As a Wolfpack fan, if I had to pull for every NFL team with an NC State QB on the roster, my Sundays would get really complicated. #QBU
  5. Gary Barnidge

    ... Huh? Care to elaborate? Sent using the amazing CarolinaHuddle mobile app
  6. Russell Wilson gave me nano herpes.
  7. I was a 3 year old orphan when I met Luke Kuechly. He found me on the side of the road, and nursed me like his own. 3 years after suckling from the teet of the chosen one, I am now a 28 year old man with chest hair and razor stubble. @Stumptastic87
  8. PP facing real problems now

    As someone who is pro life, I am thankful that there are organisations like PP who are fighting tooth and nail to make contraceptives available to all free of charge. I do not agree with their stance on abortion, but the work they do prevents more abortions than they facilitate. I can accept abortion being a necessary evil in life or death situations. I cannot accept abortion as a form of contraception. We have condoms, pills, IUDs and surgeries that can do the job in a safer, healthier and more morally reasonable way. It is a crying shame that the pro life agenda is so singularly focused on outlawing abortion, that it ignores (or vilifies) the most promising avenues to curtail the practice that it rails against.
  9. The Nominee of the Dem Party

    Link? I'd love to see this. Was it her support for the Iraq war, fighting tooth and nail to go to war with Syria and Iran, her (previous) stance against gay marriage or her unwavering support for all things wall street that lends her such impressive liberal creds? Something tells me this was put out by her own campaign to try to convince democrats to vote against their own beliefs. She has always been a Pub in Dem's clothes. It's exactly why a moderate (Obama) was able to torch her in the primaries last go round, and it's the same reason a true liberal (Bernie) is about to do the same this time.
  10. Confederate Flag.... Hate or Heritage?

    Because unlike England and USA, the Confederate States of America was created for the sole purpose of continuing a barbaric practice that was outlawed by the afore mentioned parties. I'm as southern as they come; born in Savannah, GA and moved to NC @ 10 yo. I've been steeped in confederate history/lore my entire life... GTFOH with that heritage bullshit! It's about hate, through and through.
  11. Is your last name Galette?
  12. Misunderstood Musical Lyrics

  13. Misunderstood Musical Lyrics

    This isn't exactly misunderstood, but after watching Old School, I can't sing Total Eclipse of the Heart without throwing in some random f bombs.