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  1. USA Today ranks the NFL head coaches

    Mike Zimmer is a real head scratcher, Zimmer may be getting a lot of love because of what he's done with the Vikings who have been horrible for years, but Ron didn't exactly inherit a dream scenario at the time he started here, though luke and Cam did help a lot.
  2. WTH's going on on Bald Head Island?

    2 quick thoughts, 1, Nice that the video starts right as they started to arrest her, not showing anything that happened before hand. considering how much she's screaming and resisting the officers I'm more then willing to side with the officers that she was drinking/intoxicated. if she was sober and explained herself peacefully she's getting a warning or a citation, not getting arrested. believe it or not but even police officers working a kush resort jobs have better things to do than arresting Soccer moms. 2, If she was intoxicated and let her child drive(doesnt have to be above .08), it's considered reckless child endangerment. And could also be interpreted as child abuse, they were well within their rights to arrest her, also the police cannot always know how far she was driving, they can only account for what they observe, so if they see drunk mom letting her kid drive her home, they have to assume that is what is going on.
  3. credit card problem

    Do you bank with wells fargo? I got hit last week, and another person I know did too.
  4. I lol'd

  5. Huddle Workout Warriors Part deux

    I'm about a month in now and have lost 8lbs on mine, but I was workingout regularly before I started this diet and routine.
  6. If the panthers get to win a super bowl in atlanta before they get to win one...... I may be able to die a happy panthers fan, nothing could top that. mwahahahaah
  7. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    can someone please hold the door for me? I'm in a awfully big hurry
  8. Huddle Workout Warriors Part deux

    anyone have active person calorie calculator that they know of? I'm trying to figure out how many calories I've been burning while I've been biking this past week, and from what I'm finding sounds awesome, but I've not seen the weight loss that would coincide with this many calories being burnt and I'm not nearly as hungry as I should be for burning 2000 calories today alone. so I'm wondering if because I've already in decent shape if I'm burning a good bit less than what its telling me.
  9. Tom Clancy's The Division video game

    BTW anyone notice how the gear score on some weapons is broken? my 204 Socom M1A that I spent 830 PC on < 162 First wave M1A that I had randomly dropped to me recently..... skills are better on the First wave, more damage based. where the Socom's skills are all skill based. Its damage(not DPS) was a little less but a +12% weapon damage magazine fixed all of that tho, and even its damage was better in the end.... so my 162 weapon is hands down better then my only 204... makes sense
  10. Tom Clancy's The Division video game

    "hey, people are already leaving the game in droves because people are being assholes in it. I have a excellent idea! let's help them be bigger assholes!!!! - ubisoft probably
  11. Tom Clancy's The Division video game

    I'm really hating that I spent $100 on this piece of crap right now, I've been continuing to play occasionally to see if it gets better at some point but I'm just about done, but I spent $100 on it and cant cut my losses yet, but I'm running out of things to do, DZ included
  12. Tom Clancy's The Division video game

    The bold is a terrible idea! it's hard enough to extract without getting your poo stolen as is, I was running with a group of randoms earlier today and I was the only person to extract when a group of LVL 99's came in and ass raped us as soon as the line dropped. I popped my security OP and that was the only reason I ectracted everyone else got fuged.
  13. Huddle Workout Warriors Part deux

    So my work schedule has pretty much caused me to scrap my ironman 70.3 plans for the summer, may try to get back on training and run the on in augusta in September. but will see. On the flip side for progress being made weight wise again finally, started a strict no carb diet and a new workout plan, already 10 lbs down in basically 15 days, 207-197. so we shall see how this goes!. goal is to lose about 22 more pounds and down to 175 by august. I'm not expecting this initial rate of loss to continue, after I finally plateau I'll be doing good if it's 1-2 lbs a week. but good progress for summer not being here yet!
  14. So, I'm seeing a lot of people on here acting with the Butler pick is a slam dunk draft pick just because Dave Gentleman drafted him, honestly I think it was the single most questionable pick of our entire draft. Here is the big secret about the draft, it's completely luck at times, especially when you draft as late as we did this year (30-31). Not every draft is a 2001, or a 2014 draft class, that's why those years are special, because they are rare. Usually in any given draft there is about 15-20 day 1 starting level talents in a draft class, the rest require some level of development. Meaning, anything from 20 on is a maybe and to just goes down from there the further the draft goes on. This is also why the Panthers drafted 3 CB's in this draft. and why drafting all those CB's is the best part of our draft this year hands down. Gettleman knows all 3 will not workout long term, he drafted 3 CB's because odds are maybe one of them will workout. and if by some miracle 2 work out? Jackpot! Gettleman knows how to hedge bets on players development, and that's why he's been cleaning house with everyone else since coming to town.
  15. I will say I have no idea why anyone would hate norman, he gave us 2 great years on a peanut salary, and then left and got paid. cant blame him, and thanks for the memories josh. I only blame DG for not forcing him to play with the tag which he would have done. he wouldnt have been happy but because of his age he was in a no win situation if we forced his hand. would have sucked for norman but I have a hard time feeling bad for someone who was going to make more in a single year then I will in my lifetime. just saying.