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  1. What about Charles?

    He's not worth close to what we are paying him and we can save $9m by either cutting or restructuring his contract  
  2. Draft and free agency

    not really, they got decent contracts but nothing outside the box.  Same thing will happen, I think we will sign short for $8m ay and will try to sign Norman for $9m ay or tag him. honestly with Norman's play this year I wouldn't be surprised if we offered him a heavily front loaded contract, like $14m this year then drop it to 7 next for example, a little back pay and we have the space this year to front load a contract like that. we take a big cap hit in a year we can, and everyone walks away happy.
  3. Draft and free agency

    Contrary to expectations in the NFL 1 great year doesnt get you franchise money, Norman has had 2 great years, while Short has really only had 1. that matters, norman is going to cost more.
  4. Draft and free agency

    we Should still be $20-25 under the cap after we resign them
  5. Draft and free agency we can gain $5m more if we cut Stewart post june 1st, I know he's our leading rusher, but its time to move on, he's hurt too much. 
  6. Draft and free agency

    I did look into it a few weeks ago, after the Allen and Johnson cuts, somewhere in the range of $38mil under the cap
  7. I feel terrible for Penaut and Allen

    It's been a while since I thought someone would say something so stupid that they should receive a perma ban.  you sir give idiots a bad name.  I literally do not know what verbiage would be appropriate to call you after that post.
  8. NE offense was all-time level great, we were good on offense and defense, but neither were anywhere near all time. I wouldnt even call this the Panthers top 3 all time defenses.
  9. Offseason - Offense or Defense for DG

    Remmers isnt that bad, he's had what 2 bad games all season, and this week was against probably the best Pash rush in football, not exactly straight cut material.
  10. Kony Ealy

    In the NFC next competition for the Panthers will be the 1. Packers, 2. Seahawks. 
  11. Big congrats to the Broncos

    With KB in this would have been a completely different game, I would love to see this offense with a legit game breaker on offense. Do you think we go offense in the draft or Defense? Ealy looked great today, and may have secured one of the starting DE spots going forward.
  12. Big congrats to the Broncos

    I was talking about that during the game, I thought this was going to be a neutral game, but it was clearly a Broncos Crowed.   and Props to that Denver Defense, they got literally no help from the Denver Offense, and still managed to get them the W.  they wanted it more and played harder then us this year, maybe that pounding they got two years ago motivated them as such.  Maybe we will use this as motivation to push harder for next year. 
  13. Laptop recommendations?

    I have a 2010 macbook pro that still runs great, people hate on it for some reasons, but its by far the best laptop I've ever owned. with that said I am currently planning to get a tablet to replace it since tablets are more travel friendly.
  14. Broncos plan to test Thomas Davis "extensively"

    you know the only way the injury will affect davis is how he tackles and peels off blocks(broncos grab cast), and even then it will only be minimal so not really sure why they think its a good idea
  15. Looking for a tablet to replace my computer

    Looking to use it as a computer replacement, and the ability to run some windows programs would be ideal and thats part of why i'm leaning that way.  just waiting on my tax return to come in now.  anyone have any suggestions in regards to the processors on the SP3?