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  1. I honestly love this chip on his shoulder. He's gonna bring 110%. Won't surprise me if he replaces Bersin.
  2. ...Okay but this isn't wrong tho? Wilson wanted to play Baseball, hence why he went to the minor leagues after being drafted. Nobody's saying he's wrong for chasing his dream, but when he stunk into up in the minor leagues, he tried to 180 and say "lol yeah I wanna play football still." after he had already moved on from NC State. What would you do, one more year of Russel Wilson after he literally left you guys behind, or two more years of a promising QB who has been putting in the work all offseason? This isn't damning Russ for what he did, but how he obviously, blatantly lied like he just instantly wanted to come back to Football for state. This isn't just Panthers fans saying this, there's a few posts backing this up as well, even audio of Russel speaking on this and never bringing this up. So what if NC state didn't want to go back to Russel, it's not like he did them any favors. The world won't wait on you, you can't go do one thing and expect any old doors to be open still when that doesn't pan out.
  3. Falcons training with Navy Seals

    Maybe Matt Ryan won't poo his pants this year when he gets hit now.
  4. Also worth noting: Knows he can get max deal somewhere else but wants to stay in the Queen City
  5. Only page 5? I'm disappointed..
  6. Enter Sandland

    That experience at Miami means a lot. He also spent some time with Olsen previously, wouldn't surprise me if he put in a good word for him. He can't be worse than Dickson. I'm excited.
  7. You must not understand how kid's psyche's asorb things. She couldn''t keep her ribbon for participating, and only the ones she got for placing. To her, her dad is only proud of her, and what she did only mattered when she placed well. Fun doesn't matter. Trying her hardest doesn't matter. Only winning matters. From a kid that had a lot of fuged up psyche issues growing up due to years of emotional abuse, poo like that matters fam.
  8. She's 4-5. “I took her Field Day participation ribbon & gave it back to her teacher….then in the next event she got 1st place,” At a young age he's straight up telling her "If you don't win or place what you do is meaningless." It's a field day for kids to have fun. But he made it about competition and nothing more, nothing less.
  9. lol I love DLo's thought process on this. His teammate did it and it was big news, even though it obviously fit Harrison's personalty and, honestly, no one was surprised, agree or disagree. DLo? What can he do to get into the news, the same fuging thing James Harrison did. Gotta stay relevant huh bro?
  10. Jno and his new team.

    Quality thread.
  11. A tremendous Kevin Norwood profile/analysis

    Homer googles off, no, he's not. But as Mother Grabber said, I wouldn't trade for him. He's a diva and a punk. Not even against us. Look at te Buffalo game. That catch got to his head.
  12. Luke caddied for Greg at the WF Pro-Am

    I want to hear Luke Rap about fuging girls in the ear
  13. SF 49'er safety Jaquiski Tartt

    Courtland Finnegan also came from Samford so let's compare those guys as well
  14. Zach Sanchez on the radio

    He said himself they've talked about him playing both, and I believe him. He can play both well, although I wouldn't trust him in deep zone very often. In sub packages is where he can find a role immediately.
  15. Zach Sanchez on the radio

    Yeah I don't think so either. I think he'll either flesh out as a back up S or play a Deonne Bucanon-esqe role.